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Spy Gear

- - - - - Armor Vera

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Intent: To Sub a standard Light Armor

Image Source: https://www.google.c...ieve-marie/amp/

Canon Link: http://starwars.wiki..._absorbing_cell



Primary Source: Light Armor


Manufacturer: Castle Morpheus R&D Labs (http://starwarsrp.ne...e/#entry1788101)(Where it was made)

Affiliation: Vera Mina

Model: N/A

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Synthetic Fibers, specialized electronics


Classification: Specialized Protective Gear

Weight: Very Light


- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): None

- Kinetic: None

- Lightsabers: None

- Lightning: Extreme

- Microwave: Extreme

- Vibro: None

- Cryo: High

- Flame: High

- Ion: Average

- Sonic: Extreme

- Acid: None

- Paddle Beam: None


Specially made infiltration suit designed to protect Vera against non conventional threats

Extremely difficult to detect Stealth field

Strengthening underlay increases Vera's physical strength to five times its normal limit.

Increases the speed at which Vera regenerates by drinking blood or Biot Nutrient

Kerestian Light absorbing cells create darkness in a forty meter radius around her.

Onboard jammer disrupts Enemy communications on a twenty meter radius.

Emits pheremones that can disrupt attempts to use the Force and increase fear in Organics


The fancy threats: High quality shielding systems protect Vera from a wide variety of non-conventional threats, with the highest protective elements reserved for Lightning, Sonics, and Microwave energy, with a secondary and tertiary focus on Cryo, Flame, and Ion

Stealthy: Geared more to keeping Vera hidden as long as possible, it comes with a stealth field that is extremely difficult to spot for both organics and all but the most sensitive military sensors. It also can create a field of darkness around her, aiding her in both ambushes and staying hidden. It also comes with an onboard active Jammer to disrupt many civilian and military grade com-links she is within a twenty meter radius of. Is also somewhat revealing in certain sections, allowing Vera's masquer skin to shift over it to blend into the environment and lose her thermal signature

Defensive Pheremones: Can emit pheremones that can increase fear in organics even of very great mental strength, as well as potentially disrupt the focus of Force Adepts in range as well as increase their fear should they fail to mentally resist

Can I have a straw?: Increases the rate at which Vera's body repairs itself by a factor of three

Bodybuilder: A strengthening underlay increases Vera's strength five times past its normal limit, allowing her to grapple an individual three times her size and overpower them.

Mobile: Allows for full mobility in combat


Anti-Conventional: Absolutely useless at defending against basic threats.

The better part of Valor: The suit is meant mainly for stealth and unexpected encounters. It is ideal that one will not get into combat unless absolutely necessary. If faced with large groups, it is best to flee and resort to hit and run tactics, and if faced with a Force Adept, it is meant more for fleeing and surviving more than winning, though it is possible to score a win, if highly difficult.

Ion: Though it has some defense against Ion, if overloaded, the systems will be rendered useless

Recharge time: Once the stealth systems are exhausted after twenty minutes, it requires ten minutes to recharge

One or the other: The stealth field, the light absorbing system, or the shielding, only one at a time can be active, and if Vera's masquer spreads over the gear, the systems shut off automatically, though they can be turned back on immediately after her masquer is done being used.

Paddle Beam: Contact with paddle beams utterly destroy the electronics.


The Spy Gear is the stealth gear worn by Vera for high risk infiltration missions as a vampire spy for hire in the underworld. Geared to defending against nonconventional, one on one threats and keeping her hidden as long as possible, as well as drastically increasing her strength, Vera can easily overwhelm and pick off lone sentries though due to her bloodthirst, this is not as satisfying to her as open slaughter. Vulnerable to all forms of standard damage the suit serves to remind Vera of her vulnerability, even as she revels in uninhibited murder and the destruction of others when possible in her guise as a spy.

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