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The Sunderer

- - - - - Personal Space Home Space Yacht

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  • Manufacturer: Blueprints - Madeline Kievra | Created by - Nubian Spaceports

  • Affiliation: Madeline Rose Kievra

  • Model: The Sunderer

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Durasteel / Transparisteel / Circuitry / Durinium / Quadanium / Gold


  • Classification: (Corvette, Personal Transport, Envoy, Scout, Assault, Freighter, Patrol Ship, Dropship)

  • Length: 120 meters

  • Width: 50 meters

  • Height: 30 Meters

  • Armament: Low

  • Defenses: Extreme

  • Hangar Space: None

  • Maneuverability Rating: Low

  • Speed Rating: Average,

  • Hyperdrive Class: Fast: 1


  • 4 Light Laser Cannons (Two on top | Two on bottom)

  • 4 Point Defense Cannons (Two on top | Two on bottom)

  • Advanced Deflector Shields

  • 4 Medium Engines

  • 1 Heavy Main Engine

  • Life support systems

  • Navicomputer

  • Autopilot

  • Docking ports

  • Computer systems

  • Basic computer systems

  • Landing gears


  1. Cockpit

  • Controls

  • Navigation

  • Gunnery

  1. Guest Quarters (4 beds in total)

  2. Cargo Hold

  3. Engines Room

  4. Advanced Science Bay

  5. Generator Room

  6. Life Support Room

  7. Docking Bay (Two of both sides)

  8. Captains Quarters

  9. Medical Quarter / Brig

  10. Communications Room

  11. Kitchen

  12. Top Observatory

  13. Bottom Observatory / Living room (Bottom of ship)

  14. 2 Bathrooms


  • Advanced science systems

  • Long lasting fuel cells

  • 2 Secondary generators

  • Heavy Defensive systems

  • Long Distance communication systems


  • Tank - The Defensive capabilities of the sunderer match that of ships twice to even quadruple its size, however this comes with the price of a lack of any offensive capabilities.

  • Mobile Home - This ship allows Madeline to be able to make her home wherever she wants in the galaxy as long as she has her ship available to her. With all the commodities of a typical planetary homes and with the availibity of transportation, she has it all.

  • Modification Focus - Being that Madeline knew that she would want to edit the ship in the future she made sure to make the ship available for upgrades later in its development. Making sure every portion of the ship is replaceable.


  • Horrible Maneuverability - Sadly, to increase its defensive prowess cutbacks were made in that there is a lack of maneuverability in the main engines, and thus turning and avoiding any incoming attacks is near impossible.

  • Average Speed - The speed of this ship is nothing impressive, yet nothing horrible. However compared to most other corvettes, it does lack the engines to do its job. Thats why its mainly made as a flying tank.

  • Lack of Offensive Capabilities - Finally as said before, with its defensive capabilities came a price. And this most fatal price is its lack of offensive weaponry. The only notable cannons are 4 Light turrets meant to fend off any incoming fighters, likewise, being no threat to any ship larger than a fighter or a light freighter.

  • Ion Weakness - Like any ship’s shields the Sunderer has a weakness to all Ion attacks and could possibly fall victim to a good combination of heavy ion cannons and turbolasers.


Description: To Keep this short and sweet, the Sunderer was commissioned near the end of Maddy’s college years as a gift from her family. They compiled a large fund of money, and used one of Madeline’s old blueprints for a dream ship to then commision a new vessel for their daughter to keep her safe in her travels around the galaxy. Finally the ship was finished a month following her graduation from college prompting the beginning of her galactic journey. Moreover, this ship has served madeline well and has only improved more over time.


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