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Darth Morbus' Lightsaber

- - - - - lightsaber sith weapon

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Darth Morbus

Darth Morbus

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  • Intent: Create a unique lightsaber for Darth Morbus.
  • Image Source: saberforge (edited by Morbus)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber


  • Manufacturer: Darth Morbus
  • Affiliation: Darth Morbus
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Limited; both crystals & power cells can be replaced on depletion.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Guerrerite hilt, plating and button finishes, lightsaber components.


  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light


Utilizing the resources of the Sith Empire, Darth Morbus crafted his own lightsaber through Force channeling and intricate adjustments with telekinesis. Being a Sith Lord capable of delving into the murky and dangerous dark arts, this weapon has been steeped in excessive corruption and despair, not unlike other Sith artifacts or items, and consequently gives off an evil aura. To increase usefulness in various situations, Morbus added non-dimetris circuitry components, as well as a locking activator, ensuring his weapon would block cortosis and remain activated when he desired it.
The most prized component, by far, is the complex multi-crystal setup used for the weapon. It took Morbus almost a year to develop the appropriate internal systems, and to seek out the three crystals he desired to use, which means the weapon has become highly attuned to him. The primary blade crystal, a velmoriate type, allows for an incredibly thin blade that is perfect for graceful and fluid wielding; the reflecting crystal, a lorrdian type, offers an improvement on Morbus' defensive capabilities, affording him an increased ability to read opponent's movements in combat, while also improving blaster bolt deflection and general defensiveness; and finally, the internal power crystal, a katak type, allows the blade to mildly siphon the life force of those in close proximity of the weapon while it is active. And while the siphoning effect won't immediately fatigue a victim, with continued exposure throughout a long battle, the effects can begin manifesting physically as unnatural fatigue, lack of focus and general illness (not too dissimilar to a form of Malacia).
The state of the lightsaber shows it is a corrupted, evil creation, being pockmarked and damaged and rusted - almost like it's a living thing that has degraded over time. Still, for Morbus, his lightsaber is well-suited to a practitioner of Form II lightsaber combat, with a focus on graceful movements, defensive flourishes and dueling fluidity; while also providing him much needed life force energy, albeit in small amounts, to sustain his damaged and frail form in battle...


  • Can cut through many materials with relative ease.
  • Allows resistance to cortosis, and instead of shorting out the blade, it blocks.
  • The velmoriate crystal creates a strong, but thin, blade excellent for dueling.
  • The lorrdian and katak crystals provide an increase in defensive capacity and a siphoning aura of nearby victim's life force.


  • Some materials, like Phrik and Beskar, are resistant to the blade of a lightsaber.
  • The katak crystal affects all beings in close proximity, regardless of whether they are friend or foe.
  • The siphoning of life force is mild initially, but does increase in effect with prolonged exposure; fatal draining can occur after several days of consistent exposure to the weapon (such as captives or torture victims).
  • The thinner duelist blade can be an advantage in some circumstances for opponents.
  • A multi-crystal weapon setup offers more opportunity to fail or not function, being far more complex than standard lightsaber setups.
  • Due to the dark side corruption of the weapon, there is a consistent aura the lightsaber exudes, making it very difficult to conceal its presence.
  • Lightsaber blades are weaker at blocking solid projectiles (slug rounds, etc).
  • Cannot function underwater.

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Tom Taff

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