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[Netherworld] The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten

- - - - - Netherworld Purgatory

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  • | Intent | To submit an interesting location in the Netherworld for potential people looking to either overcome their fears or be lost to the mists.

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  • | Landmark Name | Valley of the Lost and Forgotten
  • | Classification | Valley
  • | Location | Netherworld
  • | Size Large

  • | Population Sparse
  • | Demographics |

​The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten is a place sparsely populated by the souls or bodies of those lost to its mists. It is a place where spirits unable to find peace are drawn to, and typically where they come to permanently reside. For those who still possess their physical forms, it is a place where they wander endlessly for those who come to the Valley meet, some being mere husks of what they once were, or often just shambling bodies wandering about aimlessly without sanity.

  • | Accessibility

​The Valley is a place that one would wander into by chance or mistake most of the time. It is only until it is too late that one realizes they have stumbled upon a place of purgatory and limbo in the Netherworld that can become extremely difficult to both navigate and escape. Only those with a strong willpower and strong enough resolve seem to be able to navigate the Valley with little issue.

  • | Description

​The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten is an enigma in and of itself. Upon finding themselves in the Valley, individuals are often greeted with a mist, not unlike any found anywhere else in the Galaxy. As one progresses through the Valley, or rather the longer they stay in it, the mist thickens until one can barely see more than a few feet ahead of themselves, at which point the effects of the Valley begin to take effect. The Valley is filled with a number of trees and different kinds of shrubbery nestled between sheer cliffs, and due to the thick nature of the mist, even travel in groups can quickly become difficult. The mist itself almost seems to actively attempt to separate individuals from groups.




  • | The Endless Mist | The defining feature of the Valley is the presence of its mist. While it appears as ordinary mist, it is infused with a powerful hallucinogenic that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It more or less is impossible to detect or perceive. The mist's effects intensify from extended exposure and immersion to it, building up to semi-real manifestations projecting themselves before an individual. The effects of the mist draw out the deepest, darkest thoughts in one's subconscious, bringing their greatest fears and despairs into a reality, very similar in a way to Chagrin. The mist also echoes whispers of the lost, adding to a paranoid environment. This effect gradually wears off once an individual is no longer exposed to the mist.
  • | Spiritual Possession | As the Valley is a place that beckons for nearby spirits to come to, it is not uncommon that the spirit of a particularly powerful deceased individual is found roaming. For those who have been lost to the mist that still possess a physical form, the spirits are often able to take possession of that body, though this typically only works on those who possessed a weak will and have lost their minds completely from wandering the mists.
  • | Mirrored Alignment | Though it is technically 'neutral' as far as Force alignment goes, an odd quality about the Valley is its ability to mirror the alignment of anyone who is able to perceive its atmosphere. Those attuned with the light side of the Force are beckoned by the light that it radiates whereas those attuned to the dark side of the Force are enticed by the dark energies that it emits. This likely is the reason why the Valley is a beacon for wandering spirits in the Netherworld, and why many are often drawn to it.
  • | Time Distortion | The Valley's mists seem to distort time, though likely as a result of the hallucinogenic atmosphere it possesses slowing the mind's perception of time down to a crawl. Hours in real world time turn into days while within the Valley, thus warping the perception of eternity while one is in the Valley.




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  • | Gate | Not Applicable - Internal Netherworld Access
  • | Lucidity |

Nothing about The Valley comes off as supernatural or odd at a glance from a distance, rather it appears as a safe haven for individuals of either side of the Force. However, once exposed to the mists, and found wandering its depths, everything that one seems to know can be distorted into a horrible reality. Their mind projects manifestations in the mists, hearing whispers all around them like a paranoid schizophrenic. Friend can become foe very easily while exposed to the hallucinogenic effects of the mist as the individual that one fears or hates the most can be projected on anyone else within the mist, the words of friends becoming warped to evil sayings of those that reside in the deepest, darkest parts of one's mind.

  • | Hostility |

Varied - The denizens of the Valley are...Odd to say the very least, bordering either totally insane or just completely inert. Some may attack newcomers out of sheer desperation, or they'll simply mumble warnings to those who find themselves in the mist. The spirits of particularly powerful individuals caught in the Valley may lash out angrily, particularly those attuned to the Dark side, angry that they have been trapped in a place where there is nothing to gain. It is instances such as these that the Valley can become a very, very dangerous place to be.





The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten - a peculiar and dangerous location within the Netherworld. Characterized by its appearance as a misty valley from afar with few treetops barely able to poke through the mist. It is an oddity as far as its alignment to the Force and everything around it. Many mistake it expecting it to be a safe haven or a place where perhaps hidden secrets may reside due to the atmosphere it gives off to those who can perceive the Force, generally speaking it gives off the essence of what one would hope to find. In this regard it functions much like a predatory plant, luring in unsuspecting travelers of the Netherworld as well as wandering spirits. By the time those who venture into its depths realize that it is a very dangerous place to be, it is often too late.


The Valley brings forth the worst in a person's mind, unlocking the depths of their subconscious and bringing forth their fears into a semi-corporeal reality. This image that it projects can apply itself to any other individuals that still possess a physical form within the mist; a friend may appear as what a person fears or hates the most, their words being warped to further solidify an image that causes them to run or fight. Spirits, while unaffected by the properties of the mist, are capable of possessing bodies of those who have lost their sanity and minds from extended exposure to the mist.


Many who come to the mists find themselves losing their minds to it, and their bodies just shamble around till they wear themselves down and eventually die, becoming permanent residents of the Valley. However, those who are able to persist through its effects, overcome their fears and conquer it, generally come out of it with an even stronger mind and spirit, while being unaffected by the properties of the mist.

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