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The Stormbird and the Raven

- - - - - Get-together Training

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Holding up the parchment for a hundredth reading, I read the address again. Keeping it to myself as my feet carried me onward. I dressed nice, but not formal. Just a black leather jacket with a pair of dark jeans and boots. The bright white t-shirt had no collar per say. Why? I was supposed to be meeting with a woman today. 


Jairdain. I followed up on the message board from the lady. She wanted to receive more training with combat. We briefly messaged back and forth. Just enough to get the main ideas, and for her address so I could meet up with her. It was different than what I was used too. Normally, I have trained others on a field, or within the confines of a room designed for combat. However, coming here, was something I needed as well. 


I may not seem like it, but I have not had a real fight in a long time. Or at the very least, one that made me have to sweat or actively challenge me. I was hoping for one such venture. While I was on my way here, I did some research. A lady that had moved around quite a bit. Findings on Commoner, with the Silver Jedi only recently. It piqued my interests to teach this lady. Maybe it would show the Council that I was to be trusted. Either way, I reread the note again as I looked up. The address was correct and I found myself moving without any thought to her door. 


I held my hand up, preparing to knock on the door, rapping it with my knuckles, but stopped. It has been quite a bit since I have done anything like this. Nervous was a word too soft for how I felt at the moment. I really did not want to screw this up. Secondly, my daughter has been telling me that I needed to make more friends and allies. Maybe this Jairdain could be one of them. An ally. Strange as it may be to think that, I had to try. 


A rapid knocking on the door with knuckles. The blows softened ever so slightly by a singular glove. A hand reaching up to the metallic choker around my neck. Barely showing underneath the shirt. Adjusting it and scratching an itch as I waited for her to come to the door. Muttering all to myself. 


"I really ought to not wear this as often." 


I shook my head with a smile. Looking up as a moment later the door opened. I put on a faint smile as I bowed my head ever so. 


"Hello, is this the residence of Jairdain Ismet?"



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There had been a few times in her life when Jairdain had set about attempting to learn how to fight. Either with a lightsaber or physically. However, none of it had seemed to really stick in her mind. She could use her lightsaber in a very rudimentary manner and focused more on defence than offence with it. When it came to physical fighting, everything she knew was natural. Having lived on Iridonia for several years, she had learned from them how to fight. However, she hadn't been keeping up and most of the muscle training had left her.
She wanted to try to learn again and maybe having a different person teach her would help. Wearing something that would be comfortable to spar and learn in, her clothing wasn't revealing, but it was form fitting and well made. A short sleeved shirt and pants that were tucked into her boots. Nothing adorning her hair or ears. Nor did she had her lightsaber at her side. Today, she didn't feel it would be needed and expected it to be more of a question and answer session. 
Before any lessons could be taught, he would need to learn what she already knew and plan from there. At least that was how she went about teaching lessons of the Force. She was waiting for Zephyr when he knocked on the door. Not wanting to make it look like she was in any hurry, she answered the door after a few moments. Not long enough for him to knock again though.
"I am Jairdain. Please come in."
Making sure Marcus was taken care of, they wouldn't need to worry about her son getting under foot during any of the afternoon. 
"How are you today?"
Deciding to make a little bit of small talk, she lead the way to an area set up for sparring or meditation. 
Zephyr Priest