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creation droid assassin

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Name: KRD-26 (assassin droid)

Faction: sith

Rank: Assassin

Species: assassin droid

Age: Approx. 3 years since programming

Gender: Male voiced (obviously no real gender)

height: 6" 3'

weight: 123 lb.

eyes: Red

Hair: none

Force sensitive: No

Strengths/weaknesses: Extreme strength, Precise shots, quick reflexes, stealthy/ little armor, somewhat dumb, clumsy

Ship: "quick Silver" Skinny but long. Shaped similar to a naboo starfighter and the millenium falcon combined. 4 engines in the back and 2 on the side. Mounted with 1 Turret and a Thermal detonator launcher

Weapons: a sniper rifle, dual blaster pistols, 8 thermal detonators, a repair kit, a short dagger

Biography: KRD-26 ( or KR for short) was created by the Sith in hopes for a more advanced battle droid. KR went through intense training but failed his battle droid training. He was then ordered to be deassembled for his parts. KR still equipped with a knife attacked the man leading him to the chamber and fled. He escaped the main corridor of the ship found his way to the Hangar. KR stole a prototype ship which he uses to this day. He was found on Naboo by the Republic and trained as an assassin.

KILLS: none

Bounties: NONE

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"][color=#ff0000;]DEATH [/color]comes CHEAP[/font]