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Gerulus-Class ESC/01

- - - - - Carrier Emergence

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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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Intent - Provide The Emergence Navy with a Carrier


Image Source: Deviant Art




Manufacturer - Exapo Shipyard / EEC


Affiliation - The Emergence Empire


Model - EGC/01 Gerulus-Class


Production - Minor


Materials: FrasiumUltrachrome, Transparasteel, Alusteel, Microcameras


Outermost Layers - Frasium, Ultrachrome, 


Deeper Layers - Alusteel Alloy


Technical Specifications


Classification - Support Carrier


Length - 1200m


Width - 700m


Height - 350m


Armament - Low:


  • STA-H04 - 10 (Down Central Line)
  • STA-01 - 20 (Nestled into Sides)
  • Ion Cannons - 10 (5 each side)

Defenses - High:


  • Heavy Double-Strobe Inline Shield Generator (Behind Bridge)
  • Back-up Deflector Shield
  • Thick Alusteel Hull
  • Ultrachrome Plate
  • ELO-WS - (40 Evenly Distributed)


Maneuverability - Low


Engines - MT-DP (1)


Speed: Low


Hyperdrive Class - 1.8


Hangar Space: 15 Squadrons


Hangar Allocations:


Standard Features




Hyperspace Tracking


Deep-Range Sensors/Scanners


Escape Pods


Holding Cells


Retractable Bridge Cover


Backup Hyperdrive 


Belly Docking Bay


Electronic Redundancy


Auxilliary A.I (Functional in absence of Admiral or capable Bridge Officer)


Advanced Features






Defense - Sacrificing weapons systems for heavy defense, the Gerulus-Class Carriers are floating bunkers


ELO-WS - An advanced Anti-Ordnance Weapon System, the ELO rapidly targets and fires against enemy Torpedoes, Missiles etc. 




Tower-Bridge - The Gerulus-Class Carriers do not have an inline bridge, making it more exposed


Armament - Offensive Armament has been severely reduced for the sake of defense


Engine Redundancy - There's only one engine. Knock it out and its a heavily armoured sitting duck




Gerulus-Class Carriers are lightly-armed and heavily-armoured. With four different hangars and space for 120 Droid Fighters plus bombers and support craft, they and others provide the necessary Space-Superiority to any skirmish. The Droid Fighters can be swapped out for Transports in the case of Planetary Invasion, making Gerulus-Class Carriers an important part of any major Emergence operation.

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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

    The Mad Philosopher

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  • 1,158 posts



Whoever fancies it, pls move this and the other two vessels to Factory :)

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