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We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

* * * * * 1 votes ORC TSE Rhen Var invasion Outer Rim Coalition The Sith Empire waaaagh

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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Objective: Artifact searching on hold, lesson time at the fore

Equipment: In signature

Allies: (just tagging nearby for now) Romi Jade Adenn Kyramud

Enemies: (just tagging nearby for now) Coren Starchaser


More Force Light, honestly? Honestly? He might say things are different now, but by the balance, the Jedi were using the technique way too much now. Did they really think the Sith hadn't adapted to it by this point? At least Coren was throwing his protection bubble at her as a projectile to distract her from the Force Light heading for Romi. She could use her own command of the Force to take control of the projectile of energy, but it was much easier to just not be in the way. She disappeared into black smoke again and reappeared in front of Romi now, the blazing energy of the light heading directly at her now...


And as she had done with Veiere, Taeli called on the teachings she had learned from her travels. Holding out her arm that was wielding her lightsaber to draw the light into it, she used the neutral and balanced teachings of the Baran Do, the hassat-durr, to channel the light side through her and out through her other hand. For the moment she was doing so, her yellow eyes resumed their natural purple, the light escaping out of her fingers into the ice and stone of their surroundings to dissipate. Like water flowing through a channel. But she started to swirl it, harness it...


From her free hand, arcs of white lightning erupted out towards Coren as the last of the light side energies were converted into a Baran Do style of Force Lightning. Purple eyes slowly turned back to yellow as the attack left her hand, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips.

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    defy the tyrannous stars

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Darth Prazutis | Elani Zambrano



"Luminous beings are we," Zark calmly intoned, allowing the whisper of a smirk at the Parasite Lord's rage, "Not this crude matter."


He raised his hand above his head, forming another shaft of Force light with which to finish off the elder Zambrano's spirit. A claw covered in pitch reached up from underneath him to grab his wrist, interrupting his throw. The celestial lance winked out of existence like a torch's flame suddenly snuffed. More anthropomorphic tendrils of smoking black ichor wrapped around his limbs, and although the Jedi spirit could now sense something terrible was coming he was for the moment powerless to intercede. In his desperation, Prazutis had used what abominable knowledge his corrupted mind had pieced together from the Gree, and opened a Tear.


"Palestar..." otherworldly voices started to whisper, just barely decipherable over a slowly building murmur, "Palestar..."


"No!" his voice shook the chamber, and the Jedi Master's entire form began to glow.


The oily tentacles recoiled as if in pain. Zark pulled one arm free, and then another.



His eyes went wide, and Zark's image barely managed to conjure a shaft of light in time to block the sorceress' sudden attack. He had been expecting something of the sort, but not for her to be quite so fast. Sparks flew as if her exotic katana had made contact with an energy sword, and the Jedi spirit raised an eyebrow when his lance did not slice neatly through. So it was a Force imbued blade, that was unfortunate. Just like a kyber crystal, Elani's katana was attuned enough to the realm of spirit to cause his immortal soul harm. Pressing the clash, he tried to angle her sword down and away.


"I'm trying to help you..." he managed, his weakened spirit's lance of light still vying for momentum against her blade, "Let the past die."


Finally their clash broke, and after a flurry of blows and counters Zark found himself on the defensive. She was a better duelist than he was. In life, the Jedi sage had only ever mastered the Way of the Rancor. He was no expert with a blade, but to the young Sith on the other hand it seemed second nature. The more she pressed, the more it drained his concentration, soon it would begin to weaken his other half. He believed he could restrain her with a thought, but he was so focused on avoiding impalement the thoughts wouldn't even come.


Darth Prazutis' physical form slumped to the ground, as if he had just been knocked unconscious by the invisible force he contended with. Zark took advantage of the distraction this would cause Elani to disengage, slapping her katana away and floating backwards through the air like a wraith. Deftly adjusting his grip on the lance of light to hurl it like a projectile, it flickered out of existence suddenly in his hand.


"No!" he cried out at the same time as his other half, and when Prazutis split the room both he and Elani also experienced its effects.


Driven back to the edge of his anchor to the Light, where the meditation chamber was bisected there was no trace of the circle on the other side. Nothing endured the Dreaming Dark for long. Already where once there had been the almost comforting shadow of a corrupted nexus, somehow the dead forest from beyond seemed even darker. As if it drained the color from their skin and left the world a dreary greyscale. Closer to the Shadow Hand's throne, a glowing figure appeared, and for the first time Elani caught a glimpse of the other Zark. Illuminated by his image's inner spirit, a Force shade that could only be Prazutis' soul recoiled at the Light.

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Anden Fancelo

Anden Fancelo

    Sovereign's Shard

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Rhen Var, Dreypa's Peak

Objective: Maintain defense of Peak.

Allies: TSE | Keira Cerdulan

Enemies: ORC | Scherezade deWinter | Celessa


As blood was being spilled on the walls and floors of the massive fortress. The Captain and his communications operative were down on a knee, taking in a moment to recover their stamina. Vaak slipped his helmet off and coughed out some blood. An unusual hue but the comrade was from Rattatak. Fancelo, now brandishing some charred marks over his chest plate gave a soft pat over the man's shoulder.


"You good?" The superior officer asked, somewhat concerned.


"Yeah... I'll manage." With a nod in confirmation, Vaak followed with more. "I'm green."


The Captain passed the unequipped helmet over to his comrade. Rising up with him. "Alright, let's move." As Vaak secured his helmet, Anden was taking point. The pair walked around the corpses that was their former opposition: a squad of Coalition forces. It made Anden wonder to himself, could some of these criminals be ex-military? Could they actually coordinate with each other? It seemed that way, underestimating the opposing forces was a risk, that almost cost him a man. The mistake was somewhat amended as Vaak was treated for the moment with what little they had.


But it can hinder a soldier's function. Small factors such as injuries or pain can cause a soldier to falter in their combat efficiency. Making the mission harder. The thought process the captain had as he advanced along the corridors was interrupted by the words of jest by his comms operative.


"It ain't an Onyx mission without getting shot in the gut."


The motivation, brought a grin to the captain. It was funny too, as shown by the silent chuckle from Anden.

Eventually the two made it over to a walkway overlooking the courtyards of the facility. Looking over the conflict that continued brewing. Anden called in on his commlink.


"Teams, give me a check."


"Copy, wait one." Maxevan chimed.


"Affirm, Besh is green all around except ammo. Ammo's yellow." Carmine answered hastefully.


"Copy. Waiting on you, Aurek."


Patience was expected. After all, Aurek's positioning was placed against heavy opposition. As Vaak was coordinating with other long range operatives on comms, Fancelo was tracing his gaze over the edge of the Peak. Curious of any stragglers.

Romi Jade

Romi Jade
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Rhen Var

ALLIES/ENEMIES: Coren Starchaser Taeli Raaf

OBJECTIVE: Make a choice...






Through the sudden torment, she'd inadvertently took a trip through her memories. Pulled through the empyrean, the sudden flashes of what once was came full circle in her quest to fight through this.


"Never let your fear decide your future..." She soon heard the words of the ancient Bendu she met prior to this...She ran her fingers through her hair, pushing it from her face as she calmed herself. "I never understood what fear was until recently...and how easily one can fall into the trap."


And she fell hard...she set herself up. She thought she was doing the right thing ever since she'd left Deneba, but she was really running away from responsibility and everything else that would force her to grow past her insecurities. She didn't know it then...


Everything had led her down this path. The events on Mon Cala wasn't where it all started. She'd led herself astray long before that; she'd lost faith in herself.




It wasn't her choice. Romi hadn't chosen to step away from the light, she had been coerced by Taeli's deception and Sith magics; "It's not your fault..." Veiere told her.


It wasn't her choice no, but she allowed Taeli's deception to bring out her inner darkness. Romi had never been one to give in, she was always the one to keep throwing herself at it until her last breath. So why had she gave up so easily?


It wasn't like her...


“Romi… what … happened to you?” His eyes found hers, and he was reaching into the meld, immediately working, as natural as breathing for him, to push the light into it. Finding the darkness, the suffering, and pushing in calming feelings, and compassion, love, the emotions she invoked in him. And working to shield the meld from the shock.


What happened to her?


She had to make a choice.


And she did.


Her breathing picked up, letting out a profound sigh. She grimaced as if steeling herself for an unpleasant task, and then reached deep within herself. Romi had a natural affinity for molding and manipulating melds - she never went beyond they're most basic capabilities until now. Who knew what it would turn into later... A sudden spark of understanding flashed through her spirit, followed by a sense of hurt and shame; she wanted to rid herself of it completely. 


Romi pulled on the pulsating energy that Coren had been pumping into her and into their surroundings. He'd pushed hard, pushing into her shield, and into her very aura. The protective, caring aspect of the Force.


Using what energy and she had left that wasn't of a dark nature, Romi began to use a hyper-focused form of ubiquitous energy on herself. Saturating herself with the feelings of hope and bolstering her strength, she simultaneously began to erode at her feelings of doubt and despair - thanks to the aid of Coren's Force Light.


Romi burned away the ominous powers that twisted her will through subtle influence. She'd freed herself from the nightmare she'd been a victim of over and over. She was able to root out Taeli's influence, combating the dark siders use of the Force by pulling the dark womans powers away from her; it caused great pain.




A metaphysical burst would erupt from her person and she fell forward, catching herself with her hands as she dug into the stone of the bridge. Seemingly gasping for air, she felt lighter...lighter than ever.


Forcing herself to look up through the shock, she saw Taeli redirecting Coren. The shadowy figure standing over her.


Romi did not have half a second to think of anything else, she looked over and reached for her lightsaber just on the floor next her. Fighting through the convulsions of having over extended herself on the force-end, she simply threw herself all into this. She rolled down onto her right hip, then came around, slashing wide and level with her scarlet lightsaber at Taeli from behind. Her blonde hair shone with reflected highlights as it lashed from one shoulder to another. Her blue eyes blazed with another sort of light, one that matched the feral snarl on her face, betraying no sense of weakness from her recent display.


She made a choice.


Rekha Kaarde

Rekha Kaarde

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Location: Inside the Fortress, extreme lower levels

Objective: Find ORC Forces and provide support

Equipment - Merr-Sonn Blasters| Taozin amulet | paint ball rifle with balls

Allies: ORC - Kingsley | Andan Solo | Cyran Vaas |Arcanus Sunstrider | LadroVeiere Arenais | Ardasz Verd 

Enemies: Sith| some Mandalorians -  Kaine Australis | Darth Carnifex | Darth Morbus | Janick Beauchamp | Ao Xian | Keira Cerdulan


Warmth had finally made it back into her fingers and toes. She followed through the dimly lit halls the figure which had opened the hatch. She had her reservations about this person he or she had yet to reveal their face.


She wasn't sure what to expect but she knew from the way the tiny hairs on the back of her neck were still standing up that something was coming, whether it was a good something or a bad something she did not know.


"So um how long you been on station?"


"A lifetime it seems" the voice was raspy and old as if he had been smoking too many death sticks. "Where you taking me?" She figured if she was being taken as a prisoner her guide might not want to pull that gundar out of a hat until he had more friends about.


"Where you need to go"


"Well that's real cryptic don't you think. How about we just..." She realized that her tone echoed too much impatience, "I could use a hot drink." She hoped she had not given herself away yet.


Her guide half turned, "this facility does not support 'breaks' I would think you would know that."


"Nope, not really. Usually where I work the lights are brighter and I know where I am, and what I am doing." Her free hand motioned around, "Right now I got none of that, even Bespin offers a break. Maybe that's the problem here no breaks." The miners that came to the Underground provided lots of little details that she could use to fit in.


The figure chuckled but kept moving.


The melting snow turned to water leaving a small stream behind her as she moved. She looked back aware that if anyone else found that trail they would eventually find her, or with any luck she'd stop dripping soon and the trail would disappear.


"the junction is ahead."


"Great, then we can part company and I'll head back to my work area." Yep....yep....would she slip out of this easily, or would there be a security detail waiting.






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Keira Cerdulan

Keira Cerdulan

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Location: Dreya’s Peak

Allies: TSE and Allies

Enemies: ORC and Allies

Tags: Anden Fancelo Celessa Scherezade deWinter


There had been complications.


And those complications now meant Keira was running through the halls of Dreya’s Peak with her blaster pistol drawn, tubes running while behind her, and her helmet somewhere further within the depths. She had abandoned when part of the peak fell down the mountain.


Oh by the dark side, force, commerian brandy, or whatever the spry Corellian actually paid homage too. She wasn’t getting paid enough for this, or much at all for that matter really. But here she was, her head pounding from a pleasant night of partying, a pistol drawn, and her ship nowhere in sight. The fighting that had now popped up throughout the entire peak had prevented her from reaching the hangar and her beloved TIE.

Well, not like she didn’t make the attempt at least. There just happened to be a lot of big scary men with big scary guns fighting when she opened the door; Keira then proceeded to close that door as fast as humanly possible, before running the complete opposite direction as fast as her legs would take her. Unleashing by far, the most “colorful” vocabulary this side of the Galaxy while she did: you never got between a girl and her ship. Never.


Now, she wasn’t afraid. Keria didn’t get afraid, she merely understood how to gamble to a reasonable degree. And she didn’t have enough armor or ammo to try and rush it over to the hangar and take it to space without losing an arm...or a leg...or maybe her head. And she liked her head a lot.


And that had been how Keira spent her time, hauling it to wherever she presumed was the safest part of the peak right now. Sounded reasonably the quietest portion, less big scary guns to hurt the tiny not scary pilot.


Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    Keep Hope Alive

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Rescue Romi and Push Taeli Back

Taeli Raaf

Romi Jade


Force Light was the way to block out the darkness. But the way he was using it? No, it wasn’t about to slam into a dark sider and ruin the way the Force worked for them, this was different. Years since the events on Coruscant, Coren had a time and the chance to learn a few new tricks, and modifying the way Light worked, and what he could do with it, became a huge focus for him. The man was the warrior of the Light, and yes, it was a slippery slope, but discussions with people like Tiland Kortun and Arcanus Sunstrider helped him feel more tightly, the correct direction for someone with his skills.


Even his connection to the Silvers and the Covenant that found its way into the Coalition. Today he had one goal in mind, and that was breaking the stranglehold that the Sith had on Jade. But Jade was a Jedi, calling back to conversations with Veiere Arenais that it wasn’t Romi’s choice, but what were choices were how Coren went about handling it. Now though, now he had the chance to save her. Bring her back to the light side.


The Light would rise.


He could feel it as Taeli moved, and he threw all he could into that without draining himself fully. This was essentially a reversal of what Jade was good at, the connection of the Force. He was reaching out to the other Jedi on the planet, hoping that their essence would touch his, the remains of Argis Volmir, Zak Amroth, even @Jend Ro Quill and Vorhi Alestrani. Anyone who he knew were here for the right reasons. They were going to need to lend to the minds of Starchaser and Jade if they were to break the hold here.


The Trash Family, and specifically Yula Perl was going to feel it too, whether he could make a connection or wake her up, he was going to try his best. They needed to push the darkness, exorcise the Sith from one of their own. And he could only get it started, because in that fraction of his own pulse to the forces, he was already turning the rest of his energy into folding space off to the side of Taeli, but close enough she’d need to give her attention to Coren rather than Romi.


All he could hope for was that his pulse to pull the dark side out of Romi before the blast of lighnting racked his body.


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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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He felt resistance as his blade cut through fabric and flesh, emerging with a fine smear of fresh blood along the sharpened edge. The Jedi danced away out of his reach, a grievous wound oozing life fluid down his side; leaving droplets of scarlet to mark his path. Comparatively, the Emperor had suffered little in their lightning-fast exchange. Turning to face the Jedi Master, the Emperor flourished his blade again as a trio of crimson Crownguard emerged from the corridor bisecting the main thoroughfare. Pikes energized with plasma energy, they struck fearsome stances to block the Jedi's retreat further into the fortress. 


"Do you feel that Jedi?" The Emperor took a step towards the Master, another distant explosion vibrating the metal and stone beneath their feet. "Fear and hopelessness, your friends are dying all around you. Are you prepared to join them?" Another twirl and the Emperor was poised to launch another fearsome tirade of blade and fist against the Jedi Master, but as the Emperor took a second step, the Jedi Sunstrider answered in turn.


The ground groaned under the immense strain, duracrete rippling like water out from the impact made by the Jedi's boot. The walls began to distort and bend as the structural integrity of the corridor was compromised. Entire segments of the upper deck began to cascade down around them as the floor beneath their feet gave way to empty air. With nary a cry of surprise, the Emperor disappeared as a fissure opened up between his feet. His descent was followed by large chunks of duracrete and beams of durasteel and turadium. The Crownguard that had joined him suffered a similar fate, tumbling forward into the pit before being buried by tonnes of broken metal and stone. 


As the dust settled, much of the fortress' entryway had been laid low. Plumes of black acrid smoke billowed from fires, the groans and cries of trapped and wounded men and women rose up like a choir, all the while the sounds of fierce battle continued unabated. A large collection of stone and metal began to stur, and a hand gloved in black emerged to grasp for purchase. More and more debris was displaced as the large body buried beneath it rose to the surface, like an ancient golem long buried now finally awakening. 


The Emperor of the Sith, dazed but living, arose from the rubble. The unarmored sections of his body had been pierced with rock, metal, and glass. Black blood oozed from obscured wounds, pooling at his feet. Hands rose to grasp the metal of his helmet, which crackled and sparked from several deep lacerations in the metal. A sigh of pressurized air heralded the helmet's removal, which was then unceremoniously thrown at his feet. Black blood coated half of the Emperor's face, pouring freely from a gaping fissure where there had once been an eye. The other, glowing balefully with hate, glowered menacingly at his surroundings.


He could sense it, the Jedi was still alive.


All he had to do was find him.


Arcanus Sunstrider

Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

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Enemy: Jerec Asyr


Vanessa would continue to crush on the corvette as though it were a tin can. The destruction of such a vessel would, one would certainly hope, at least discourage their associates from getting any closer for fear the Sith would actually turn their guns on their compatriots. As it currently stood, it was 120 fighters against 200 bombers and fighters - bombers and fighters that would have their targeting systems disrupted as well given the broad-spectrum effects of the EM probes. This would making locking on to critical systems of any of the XoXaans difficult.


The approach of the X1 corvette persuaded Vanessa to change her target, once more sparing the crew of another one of the ships as she focused on it. Unsure as to whether there was a secure communication channel the corvette had to the pilots that was not stymied by the jamming, perhaps on some special ultra high frequency band or using some unusual technology, she focused on the other vessel and began to squeeze on it, having given herself a brief moment of respite. Crushing vessels with the power of the Dark Side, even mere corvettes, was not something she had regularly done, even during her time in the Unknown Regions, though she had done it before.


The XoXaans would shift the fire from their solar ionization batteries to the squadrons as they were at long, then medium range. While the weapons were hardly as capable as the anti-fighter beams typically found on one of Vanessa's ships, they did possess shield-piercing capabilities and as such could prove problematic to the enemy fleet. Visual targeting systems would allow for at least some degree of accuracy against hostile targets. The fighters in question, ignoring the qualifications of their pilots as the Empire's finest, were also incredibly powerful - five squadrons of Eightgun-class assault fighters and five of Forge-class interceptors.


The Eightgun was, as its name suggested, a fighter possessing eight primary weapons - the HL-7 xaser weapon, to be precise, a weapon with a higher rate of fire and effective shield-stripping capabilities in concert with slightly below average hull damage and modest subsystem damage. Its firepower was the greatest of any vessel available in the Sith Empire, great enough to effortlessly cleave through even a heavy bomber. The Eightguns would take lead, being backed by the Forge-class interceptors. While not designed for speed or gifted with heavy firepower, the Forge possessed extreme maneuverability, allowing it to turn within any fighter or bomber its opposition possessed.


The squadrons of fighters would stay near the capital ships, waiting for their prey to come within close range. Each Eightgun would have a Forge located behind it, ready to snap around and get any ship off the back of the assault fighters in question if it came into the area. For the time being, as Vanessa crushed down on X1, the XoXaan IIs would continue to fire at M1, albeit with reduced damage potential given their solar ionization batteries were not unloading on it.


Crimson Command

Class | Name | Length | Shields | Hull

Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Sceltor | 1000m | 91 | 100 (closing on M1, opening fire with all forward weapons at moderate range, engaging fighter squadrons with solar ionization batteries at long range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Corrupter | 1000m | 80 | 100 (closing on M1, opening fire with all forward weapons at moderate range, engaging fighter squadrons with solar ionization batteries at long range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Achilles | 1000m | 96 | 100 (closing on M1, opening fire with all forward weapons at moderate range, engaging fighter squadrons with solar ionization batteries at long range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Harrow​ | 1000m | 100 | 100 (closing on M1, opening fire with all forward weapons at moderate range, engaging fighter squadrons with solar ionization batteries at long range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Titan​ | 1000m | 100 | 100 (closing on M1, opening fire with all forward weapons at moderate range, engaging fighter squadrons with solar ionization batteries at long range)


Enemy: Dax Fyre, Tsubasa Kira


The Heresiarch was beginning to recharge its larger weaponry, both its forward gun and starboard guns. The secondary weaponry of the Heresiarch would continue firing upon the Rigor, while the secondary forward-mounted weaponry would fire at the Verdict as well. The battlecruiser would shift position to bring its portside weapons to bear on either of the other two remaining vessels - whichever one came over into place first.


The corvettes, two of which were destroyed, would essentially get back to back in groups of four and one group of three, allowing them to defend each other from attacks by the swarming escorts and ensuring their backs were always defended by another corvette. This would allow them to fire off shots with their SBeams at the passing enemies and focus their baradium missiles on incoming corvettes.


Battlecruiser and Associates

Class | Name | Length | Shields | Hull

Sovereign Elite-class Battlecruiser | Heresiarch | 5000m | 100 | 100 (Attacking Verdict with forward weapons and UBeam, attacking Rigor with starboard weapons and LRBBeams)

Massassi-class Corvette | Aurek 1-25 | 23x200m | 100 | 100 (Engaging Shimushu and Hadate, suppressing fighter squadrons with anti-fighter beams)


Enemy: Kimiko Taiyo


The two battleships would jump in, launch their pods, and immediately open fire with broadsides from their LRBBeams at close range on the sides of the enemy ships. The pods would smash into the bridges of the enemy vessels, with some dumping troops in elsewhere. The Dark Troopers and their variations would immediately exit the pods, beginning the intrusion - they just needed to capture Ki herself.

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Darth Ledgermayne

Darth Ledgermayne

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Location: Jedi City, Center of the city.

Objective: Claim the Fell Star... 

Equipment: Dual-phase Lightsaber, x2 Creeping Lignan crystals, rest in sig ((Dnitizus doryumi not included))

NPC's: None x12 Oblitus Bellatoria armed with Bowcasters, Buried and left behind.

Enemies & Allies nearby: 


It began as minuscule and from there it spread. Barely noticeable to the naked eye. Dust jolt from the mid section of a wall, a structure of detailed beauty and architecture all cast around jedi design. It had a singular flaw. A crack. A simple crack located at its outer edge. The outer layering of the wall vibrated lowly unsettling dust, snow and ice. It disturbed the once still nature of the object and brought it to life. Ancient jedi markings and pictures seemed to come alive as that simple fissure grew within a instant. Ripping across the scene of what could of been called serenity itself. Then a tremor errupted shaking the entire foundation on the other side. Resonating waves pulsed outward rattling the structure and like a slave boy running his nail across a chalk board, so did the sound of tears skimming across the walls continue. Left, right, up, down, side to side and all over they traveled. Arching about in a unpredictable dance of destruction and vandalism. Chucks of the wall fell off in globs to the floor three feet below only to shatter and crumble like glass. Weak and fragile as the lightside truly was. More and more, an increase of chuncks and globs from the structure fell as the tremor intensified and then... Silence. 


Quiet as the snow.


Returned to its slumber and very uninterrupted nature. The wall was at peace once more, for a time at least. No peace lasted in this galaxy. Peace was a Lie!


Snow, debris and stone blasted forward damaging other internal structures and objects within the inner of the center chamber. Its cause a en massed boulder of ice and stone that was shot forth from behind and within the earth. It rolled out and crumbling slowly apart as if the life that formed its unnatural form was taken away with a mere glance. A sinister glance. Red eyes were the first to appear from beyond the shadows on a collapsed tunnel, They lurked from behind walls in ruin. A red and black trim robe and finally the red hue of a crystalline humanoid figure. The room and chamber itself was large and held many various pieces of Jedi art, artifacts and other such objects. Ledgermaynes gaze willfully neglected everything. His gaze was on his main objective, the purpose he was there and the prize the the Sith Empire sought to have. The Fell Star. A force imbued object of great power and a rumored map or key to a weapon or artifact of even greater value. It laid before him. Dead ahead on a iced over stone pedestal. The Sith Lord wasted no time exiting the tunnel and stepping into the chamber. Extending a hand the Sith Lord exerted his iron will over first the ice and then the artifact itself underneath. The Fell Star, Oh how it called to him even now this close. Heaving and lifted from its sedentary stay the Fell Star lifted with the assistance of an invisible hand and zipped across the room to a red crystal hand. 


Ledgermaynes stoic expression shifted into surprise and then pure ecstasy. For the first time in the three hundred years of living the Gutretee felt as if the force itself touched him in full. Catching him in a state of shock and awe as the power of the object flowed through him. Slamming the Fell Star against his crystalline chest and harnessing the disciple he had to ensure the artifacts safety Ledgermayne ripped open his very torso with his exotic powers. Earth Shaping. Making a whole just big enough to place the Fell Star inside his chest where his heart would have been. Watching the hole close over the Sith lord shook his head as if he could have exhaled deeply with none existent lungs. The touch of the force on his mind and body could not be contained and so Ledgermayne gave into it. Willingly he felt as if he was in another place although he was still aware of his current physical surroundings. 


What is this?!


A top a the summit of a great mountain, feeling the winds viciously tearing about him.

Buried alive. Entombed within a stone that could not be willed to move. Helpless and found alone.

As the sensation grew Ledgermayne found himself knowing what he wanted to say to describe the feeling. The touch of the force itself, But the words fled from his very thoughts and mind.

Ripples in a pond without a source, endlessly repeating itself. Listening and hearing teachings without the comprehension of meaning. What did it mean!?

Crystal knew no age physically and yet the blanket of youth was felt apon Ledgermayne only to quickly be removed and exposed to the cloak of aging years and knowing how insignificant and fragile he himself truly was!

He could see and feel everything around him. The mist the binded each and every living creature together by its will alone. The force.

It was the student of many years that he had taught everything only to watch them leave and never return in the same way. To be forgotten as a whole and left behind.

It was a current of unbridled continuous flow throughout which everything was touched. Dark, Light and the voiding elements the surpassed the Siths now feeble understanding.

The calm before the storm. The eye of the raging inferno. It was the combined passions and love of all life. 

Turned into pure energy. But beyond this the call of new dark mysterious arose from secret places. The promise of power for powers sake and the strength to subdue millions.

A cancer seeking to spread with the shaky hope of immortality attached. 


This was the sensation and vision branded into Ledgermaynes very soul and psyche. 


The touch of the force given to him briefly by the Fell Star. 


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Vorhi Alestrani

Vorhi Alestrani

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Location: A localized disaster area

Objective: Righteous fury

Allies: Orcs, but especially Yula Perl and Coren Starchaser 

Enemies: A very upset cyborg, and feth knows what else.







As he plummeted, wrestling with the dashade, of fething course Coren had to interrupt him. A new vision, and this one was actually important. Yula was a good kid. But in the force, that wasn't what he felt. That isn't what he remembered. What he remembered. Was Roche. Aaralynn Rekali. Her death. He face, locked in pain from the vacuum of space. And Ember's rage. The rage of a man who had to bury his family. The rage of a man who spent hell to burn down the people who had hurt his kids, who had broke his heart enough times to shatter it. 



He remembered the Nightfather.



He couldn't let it happen. Not again. He couldn't let another man bury his family over some worthless squabble between the Sith. No. Feth that. Feth the artifact, feth the sith. Kark this whole forsaken ball of ice that passed for a planet. Then again, maybe this was the same anger that flowed through him when he couldn't save...no. No time for that.



The line between life and death, between this realm and the nether, was thinner to Vorhi Alestrani. To him, he'd already seen his end. A field of flowers. Tea. peace. On days like this, he could smell it. He would not let a child move towards death. Not today.



Coren had linked them. All of them. Argis' had the audacity, Coren had the strength, Yula had the pluck. Vorhi, Vorhi had one skill. One real talent when it was said and done. He couldn't heal, he couldn't rescue. But he could focus the body, and the power. The grandmaster grinned as the Dashade threw him. His mind in too many places. Fine. He'd have to lose something, after all. 



Those buried, those linked, would feel strength. Strength and will to fight. The will to fight of a man who's only solace was war. Light, dark, these did not matter to the blind monk. Conflict drove him, it spurred him. But finally, he'd gotten what he wanted. Someone to pass it on to. Several someones, actually. They would be heirs suitable to such a legacy, given that they could wield the power.



Unfortunately, after releasing his strength, he was drained. He fell to his knees. Smiling. No force left. Not ground. Shattered mountains. Broken buildings. The one-armed monk was tired. However, the Shadow Killer, a beast of fangs and claws, eager to strike--had no intention of letting him rest. At least he'd lost the vibrosword in the fight. Now it was just a gigantic cyborg with razor sharp claws. Vorhi smirked, obviously less powerful than he was a few minutes ago. Did he have enough to keep this up?




"Shall we begin your death, little one?" the Dashade said, claws ready.



The old monk grinned, raising a lone hand in front of him. "This should be a good lesson."



Truth is, this was pretty even. The Shadow Killers were far more experienced at hunting Jedi, who'd use the force directly on opponents and duel with sabers. They preferred to engage in stealth, which was already a lost cause here. The monster was superior to Vorhi physically in every way at this point, but he wasn't the better fighter. He'd already been disarmed. Of course, Vorhi was also disarmed, but be he was used to fighting with just one hand at this point. Still, he couldn't empower his strikes against the Dashade, their force resistance was a bit too strong for that. Only one play here. Well, two, really. In for a wupiupi, in for a trugat.....











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Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

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Enemies: Argis Volmir (A Pity), Coren Starchaser, Zak Amroth, Racket, [Trash Family: Yula PerlZef HaloMav Vohaloveer]
Allies: Kyrel RenTaeli RaafAdenn Kyramud, Romi JadeVereshin,

Potential Friendly Fire: Darth Ledgermayne
Followers: The Coven of Gluttony, including the Lady Envyand the Savant Wrath




The only thing that the Lady Envy could be aware of, was a sense of perpetual vertigo, and miserable pain. The weight of every soul the Coven had brought to the battle this day, began fighting for her mind, crushing it against her consciousness, so much so she couldn't even see the hellscape her master deftly waded through. The haunting screams and the belligerence of Ligier poured over her, but she was as good as unconscious could be without ever reaching a point of reduced awareness.


So much death was left behind, but it paled in comparison to the millennia of ancient deaths which now surrounded her, and for the first time it was becoming overwhelming. Is this what her master experienced every time he ripped open reality for something as mundane was travelling a short distance across a planet? For the first time, it felt as if crossing the blood-wastes was taking days, weeks, perhaps even as much as a whole year in this decrepit state of lame-bodied mind torture. How her master remained functioning was beyond her now clearly mortal understanding.


Her hopes of ever surpassing him in her pursuit to become the most beautiful creature left alive were eroding quickly to the hunger of the ascended Chaos-God of Gluttony...




"I̛f you̢ ̧ar͟e ͠loy͜al̛ ͏t̶o͞ ͡t͏h̛e Émp͘e͝r̡oŗ ͠a͞n̸ḑ ̛v̸al͞ue͜ ̛t̵he͏ ́sánct̴i̸t̀y ͞of ̛y͞o͢u͠r o͘wn so͟u̷l͜,͟ y̵o̧u sha̡ll̢ cede your tri̶n̵k̀e̛t̷ in̡t̷o̷ ̧m̶y h͝a͜n̶ds̸."


Voracitos spoke in his full glory, a dark maelstrom in the presence in the force, all consuming in his approach. Haunted shrieks filled the chasm on his arrival, the tear in reality closing up behind him as the supine form of the Lady Envy was hanging in his hands, held aloft in the air by the dread artifact clutched in the Sith Lord's hands. The Fell Star was powerful surely, but where it granted its wielder an enhancement in the force... the Iris of Ligier stripped all things of the force, a chaotic implosion of unequaled death, a wound maker in the fabric of reality which bound all living things together. The Bane of Existence in the living world.




The Sith Lord commanded his servant, who gasped beneath her alchemical mask, hands out stretched in horror. She began to scamper away from the clutch of her master, who relented to her scurrying animal behavior. She then looked to the crystalline creature, where she felt an immense power. Her arms collected her tattered robes over her chest, where the Iris of Ligier now hung freely, exposed to the chilled dead air of the Jedi City.


The demonic form of Voracitos outstretched a hand towards Darth Ledgermayne, and gently commanded the force around the Fell Star, the new heart of the Sith Lord. He was attempting to summon it to his hands with the least amount of force his form could muster. Like gently asking for something in someone else's hands, while placing your own hand over it.

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Janick Beauchamp

Janick Beauchamp

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Objective: Penetrate the Sith network

Location: Lower level network access facility

Equipment: Scramble key, datapad, data spike, armorlightsabers

Allies: ORC Ladro

Enemies: Sith


Poodoo! Why is that vision of some artifact located in some lost city somewhere else on this planet suddenly flashing in my mind? Did any enemy IT security personnel also either get killed in the upper levels, or just chased the artifact? Janick thought, while also sensing that Darth Toboggan (Vorhi Alestrani) was falling further and further downhill. She started to feel as if she was the only ORC presence, and maybe even the only living presence, on that level since much has collapsed around them. Also, she lost some concentration because of that vision so as a result, the code she relied on her Force-powered mind-machine interface to write may well contain some bugs that, upon deployment, may carry side effects that were unlike what she desired. She initially wanted the sensitive data to be destroyed should someone attempt to delete any given user with the same permissions as her dummy user profile, as well as usage logs regarding both new users with those permissions. Based on the permissions required to access the files in question.


But she'd rather not deploy these "updates to the password management system" until the "emergency backup copies" of the data have been made. Speaking of which, she patiently waited until the datapad's memory was as full as was feasible since she'd rather have entire folders and the process of making such backup copies made use of data compression on a folder-by-folder basis. Because she knew as much: encryption and the file content were but two of the variables that affected how much compression was available, and therefore how much data she could store in the datapad. She was under no illusion that, even with the best data compression technology that was available to encrypted information, she couldn't copy all of the contents of the network, so she chose to have only the most restricted data in this emergency backup copy. Once that was done, she deployed whatthe Sith would view as a patch to the password management system, with patch notes indicating that it promised better support for a wider variety of non-human biometrics. Yet she's in for some unpleasant surprise, as that so-called patch began to hit the PA system, blaring a loud, automated message all over the base's speakers:


"Alert! Structural integrity compromised! Collapse imminent! All personnel, evacuate the base immediately!" the PA system blared.

Elani Zambrano

Elani Zambrano

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Throne Room

The Goliath



Elani continued on, striking her katana against the Jedi spirit's defense. Relentless and unending, she would not rest until her blade tasted the spirit's form and drank it in. With each strike, she growled and roared with vicious intensity. She moved with a wicked grace, like a hawk gliding down to it's prey. Her violet eyes glowed with an intensity not seen in Elani in a long, long time.


"Die, jedi!" Elani hissed. In the corner of the witch's eye, her uncle fell to the ground. For a brief moment she peered over then returned her attention to the spirit as it retreated. "What..is going on here...?" Elani questioned. She had not seen such a thing before in her life. Whoever or whatever she faced was a being of great power. So resistant to the darkness that her uncle struck against it. She shielded her face from the light before her and waited for something to happen.


Darth Prazutis | Zark

|| Bobo | Koren Merr | Lieri ||

Darth Ledgermayne

Darth Ledgermayne

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Location: Jedi City, Center of the city.

Objective: Despair and DIE!

Equipment: Dual-phase Lightsaber, x2 Creeping Lignan crystals, rest in sig ((Dnitizus doryumi not included))

NPC's: None x12 Oblitus Bellatoria armed with Bowcasters, Buried and left behind.


Enemies & Allies nearby: 

 Mav Vohaloveer Romi Jade Ahani Zambrano Vereshin

Taeli Raaf Yula Perl Zef Halo


Engaging: Darth Voracitos




"I̛f you̢ ̧ar͟e ͠loy͜al̛ ͏t̶o͞ ͡t͏h̛e Émp͘e͝r̡oŗ ͠a͞n̸ḑ ̛v̸al͞ue͜ ̛t̵he͏ ́sánct̴i̸t̀y ͞of ̛y͞o͢u͠r o͘wn so͟u̷l͜,͟ y̵o̧u sha̡ll̢ cede your tri̶n̵k̀e̛t̷ in̡t̷o̷ ̧m̶y h͝a͜n̶ds̸."



A Dark monstrous sound grumbled from what seemed like distant outside realms as Darth Ledgermayne's period of breakthrough began to fade. His epiphany and enlightenment brought to him by the force itself was interrupted? The blank expression continued to lay across his ruby red eyes in till the final words were spoken over him. It broke the spell to reveal the source of each horrific sound, growl and scream that echoed not only physically somehow but also through sheer energy alone. And like waking from a dream the Gutretee had instead entered a nightmare. Despite the other artifacts in the room of Jedi origin, it was not till this new monster arrived that the Gutretee noticed the frozen skeletons that layed about where the Fell Stars Pedestal was. Was the force speaking to him? Could it speak at all?!






This was none other than the lord of gluttony himself. Darth Voracitos. Oh how his form was revolting to behold and boggling to the mind. The interruption caused not only suprised Ledgermayne but sparked something within him that tiered on anger and hate. Not at the mans presence, his appearance nor his company but rather his very request and words he had spoken at Ledgermayne. A glance fell down to the crystalline torso below briefly to see the Fell Star within once more. The blank stoic expression masked the dark lords emotions well once again as it was set into place. A stone set in its original resting place. 

Its still there... And so is this abomination. There no reasoning with this man... this thing. Just by his words alone his intent was revealed in full. Lord of Gluttony was not a title nor moniker by jest or without purpose. The crystalline sith lords head bowed down as the invisible hand of the force beckoned the Fell Stars figure from within his chest. This foreign pull was violating to withstand even at its weakest state. The darkside within enhanced by the Fell Star roared. Shaping into a metaphysical chill that quickly plunged into temperatures beyond sub zero within Ledgermaynes soul. The taint of the darkside wafted in the area masked by the stench of Voracitos's own for mere moments. Perhaps his follower could feel the difference and a difference there was. Psychic screams of terror wisped throughout the inner city.


Ledgermaynes voice reverberated in unnatural tone as he spoke.


Resistance against the telekinetic pull was now present with Ledgermaynes own to cancel it out in the form of a shield with a step forward. The grip on his dagger the Jin' Kisasiyina was shifted in hand as gloom irradiated from the crystals within it. Vexxtal, Qixoni and Lignan. The effects of battle mind remained on his inner mind as a dark hole was ripped open. The very shadows in the room moved surrounding the trio. Crystal man, abomination and his fearful follower with oozing globs of pitch black darkness. Sprouting up! Given dark life to animate in form. They whipped up at Voracitos and his follower the Lady of Envy. Their tentacles seeking to bestow true void that was the Darkside of the force. 




" Oh... How quickly we can become savages when the object of our very desire rests outside our very reach!" He shouted as the darkside tendrils obeyed his wims. " So sith! As a disciple of a crooked deity, a false god. Do you find consolation in the same tongue of lies, forbidden knowledge, ignorance and subversions your master keeps you in? Despair and die!" He spat seeking to destroy morale. 

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Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

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Objective: Duel the Son of Zark

Equipment: Vader's Bane Lightsaber, Raiment of the Vigilant, Kyrel's Harbinger Saberstaff

Allies: Taeli Raaf Romi Jade

Enemies: Zak Amroth Coren Starchaser





Weather his droids were alive or dead by the time they reached the artifact, it did not matter for the hot blooded Master of Ren, he was locked in a duel to the death. The artifact now a side thought as the two men begun their duel. His task at the moment was to deal with the drunken fool before him, his connection in the Force familiar as if he had felt it, known it all too well. Even so he kept his eyes locked on the young kiffar, studying his movements and regaining their bearings after being revealed the sight of the artifact. While the artifact was his reasoning for being here, hunting Jedi was a guilty pleasure that he always enjoyed relishing the thrill of the combat, and the exhilarting euphoria a kill brought to him, boosting his own power in the dark side ever so slowly. 


Recognizing the weapon that was ignited, a shocking resemblance to the one he had taken years ago when he had killed the Jedi Master known as Zark. For a moment, he had thought that it was Zark who had come back to haunt him, but such crude notions were banished from his thoughts. Dawning on him that the young man was the spawn of Zark. Letting out an almost cruel laugh as their blades momentarily entered into a lock. The boy spoke as if he could beat Kyrel, yet even he knew that in itself remained to be seen. "I recognize that weapon you know, You're father was a Jedi named Zark wasn't it. I enjoyed gutting him down, watching him die painfully like the restof you..." 


Before he could even make his strike, his senses triggered him to what was coming, with his saber barely deflecting the next shot towards him, andwithout even thinking, watching as a landslide was heading towards them, Kyrel used the Force to gain some slight distance between himself and his enemy, as it cascaded down creating some measure of separation while Kyrel contemplated his next attack. A slight grin on his face enjoying the recent revelation and wondered how it could be more fun than gaining his prize. 



Mav Vohaloveer

Mav Vohaloveer

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Location: Jedi City
Objective: *angry cowboy noises* 
Retinue: Pops (”Zef Halo”) & the Kid (”Yula Perl”)
Not to ruin this touching, over dramatic moment or anything,” Mav murmured from beside Zef, a battered hand tentatively coming up to tug the pistol away from the old scoundrel’s neck.His expression somewhere between bemused and just downright bruised at this point. “But it ain’t even loaded. You wanna off yourself, use your gonna have to use your own piece.” 
Right about now, it sounded like the right idea. Kark it all if his body didn’t feel like it had gone twelve rounds with an irate Wookiee shockboxer with something to prove. His joints cracking and clicking as he struggled to pull himself into an upright position. His Firrerreon heritage would do what it could to take the edge off, but he’d be definitely feeling this one for few hours. The last thing he remembered was that Sith seemingly collapsing in on himself, vanishing in an impossible swirl of vacuumous space.Then nothing but crushing wall of white.
Hopefully the karker was gone for good now, but…. 
No, one problem at a time, cowboy. 
Where’s the kid?” He scrubbed his face with his free hand, brushing the loose bits of snow and ice that clung to his features. After ensuring his hat was still in place, Yula was the next obvious and pressing concern. If nothing else, and as much as he hated to put himself at the mercy of the force, she was their way out of this frozen poodoo situation.“I saw her go down hard, she okay?” 

One thing was for sure, he sure as oisk wasn't explaining it to Joza if the kid got herself iced.


Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

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Location: Rhen Var, Orbit

Objective: Do what we can

Allies: ORC | Kimiko Taiyo | Jerec Asyr

Enemies: TSE | Vanessa Vantai


The flash of a soundless explosion filled the viewports as the Rigor went out in a blaze of glory, hull torn to pieces from the inside out before even having the chance to fire off its second-volley. The Marshal put his hands in the pockets of his jacket as his jaw clenched in frustration, anger, and sadness. He could only hope that the men on-board had made it to their escape pods. At this distance he couldn't tell. He doubted it.


Dax could send condolence letters later, right not he had to focus on the fight at hand, and hopefully not add anymore to the list of the fallen. The Verdict's 804s and turbolasers continued to fire barrage after barrage, at the Heresiarch, taking every moment is could as the vessel recharged its weapons. The 804s fired a volley of its shield shredding ammunition, then the turbolasers would fire at the exact spot that 804s had as the cannons reloaded for their next round of fire. The pattern repeated over and over again as the Verdict moved forward, head on towards the Heresiarch.


Both the Azalea and the Erso fired their weapons towards the massive Sith vessel, riddling its shields with ion and turbolaser rounds. The closer the Erso got, the better its chances of the Tyrvald doing its thing was. The turbolasers quieted, but the Tyrvald was only just getting ready.


Taskforce Umbra

Class | Name | Length | Shields | Hull | Action

Modified Dar Itah-class Grand Battlecruiser | Verdict | 3000 m | 78% | 100% | Alternating fire with ACS-804s and SORCE Turbolaser batteries, Bastion targeting system firing at smaller craft with quad lasers, auto-turrets and using anti-missile defenses (Long range with Heresiarch, closing distance)

Modified Razer-class Frigate | Azalea | 186 m | 100% | 100% | Closing distance, firing ion cannons, prepping heavy turbolasers (Mid-close range)

MC70 Ackbar-class Star Cruiser | Rigor | 950 m | 0% [Recharging]| 0% | [DESTROYED]

Arendal-class Heavy Cruiser | Erso | 800 m | 100% | 100% | Closing distance, firing heavy turbolasers, prepping Tyrvald-class Pulse Turbolaser (Mid-close range)

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