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We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

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    defy the tyrannous stars

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Darth Prazutis | Elani Zambrano


"The more you tighten your grip," the Jedi spirit's form continued to radiate positive energy, now visible both to Braxus and Elani, "The more systems will slip through your fingers."


Zark wielded a blade of pure light, hacking away at the Filth closing in all around them. Unspeakable creations were driven from his wake, and all the while visions of burning Coalition worlds filled his mind. The Parasite Lord sought to play on his material affections, but he had witnessed the birth and death of all creation. It would be a great tragedy if the Shadow Hand made good on his promise, but the Jedi Master was prepared to sacrifice trillions if it meant locking away the evil Prazutis had unwittingly unleashed upon them forever.


"Spare me your delusions," Zark shook his head, and with a wave of his hand the visions were replaced with a burning Ravelin skyline, "This is what it will come to in the end, Braxus. This is what it always comes to."


Prazutis brought the eldritch maul down, and the Jedi Master reached out with his free hand and caught it.


A thin layer of Force barrier sparked and crackled, necrotic energies of the Dreaming Dark already eating away at its edges.



"Do you think he'll stop with us?" the image of Zark asked her, "Now you see the true Lord Prazutis. Enemy of all life."


He circled Elani. The sight of a powerful Lord seemingly laid low had forced her to hesitate. Would she understand what she had seen here, he wondered. Maybe it didn't matter if she was too far gone to see him as anything other than a hated enemy. The Jedi in him still had to try, everyone was deserving of compassion.


"Strike me down and I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."


His words resonated so that even Prazutis could hear them. Zark closed his eyes, and waited for the inevitable. He felt the katana pierce his form, and the spirit image burst in a flash of light.



Zark could feel the sharded consciousness fill his spirit, and a renewed psychic vigor halted the progress of his barrier's decay, even allowed him to push back against the Shadow Hand's maul. The last of his light anchor's reservoirs were rapidly drying up, somehow the vile abomination before him was siphoning away its power directly. He was running out of time, if he didn't find a way to end this Prazutis would quickly overpower the specter bolstered as he was by the Goliath's nexus.


"Seek me out, slave to the shadow," he grimaced against the strain of their clash, "You'll find my holocron in the light of dawn. Let us see if the great Hand of the Triumvir has the courage to fight without the cover of darkness."



It had taken all of his skill at illusion to shield the third mirror image from Braxus and Elani. Even now, the Shadow Hand's servants were frantically attempting to override the star dreadnought's controls which had seemingly taken on a life of their own. Orbital bombardment cannons locked onto the coordinates of the buried Jedi city at no one's command. All Zark hard to do was initiate the firing sequence, and the Sith would be denied their ultimate prize. A pyrrhic victory, to be certain, but a necessary one.


His hand reached out to seal the Fell Star's fate, and began to disintegrate before his eyes.


"What are you doing?" he asked, eyes wide, "Let me go. You know its right."


It is not our place.


"They broke the rules first!" the image snarled, and he reached out with his other hand but it was already fading.


You have lost perspective.


"You've doomed us all," Zark hung his head, nearly gone now, "So be it."



"I'll be seeing you Braxus," he narrowed his eyes at the Sith Lord, "Whatever happens next, know that you are watched."


The Jedi spirit was violently pulled away as if by some incomprehensibly vast cosmic cord. Prazutis' maul came down, shattering the faded lance and eradicating the lightside beacon into oblivion. The visions faded, of the outer rim, of the Bastion. He and Elani were now alone in the Goliath's throne room, as if Master Zark had never even been there at all.

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

    Immortal Sith Emperor

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Displaced, the rubble around him tumbled to the ground as the monstrous monolithic warrior-king wrenched himself free of his duracrete tomb. His armor had weathered the brunt of the fall and collapse, but his lightly armored midsection had been speared through by a rod of turadium running through his body from his back left to his front right at a slight angle. Black blood, smoldering and acidic, hissed with smoke as it bled along the winding edge of the rod, dripping down into the ruin where it condensed into pools of putridity. These droplets quickly took on mass and substance, growing organic as the black blood continued to profusely pour from the Emperor's body like a broken faucet.


Gripping the turadium with his right hand, the Emperor slowly freed the rod from his torso inch by agonizing inch. Not that he felt any of it, he had long since been deprived of such luxury. When at last it had been removed, the Emperor did not relinquish his hold upon it. In the calamity of the fall, his original weapon had been buried beneath tonnes of rubble too costly to move without leaving himself exposed to the Jedi who yet lived.


So, he would have to improvise.


Wielding the jagged piece of turadium like a spear, the Emperor stalked the ruined crag for his prey. All around him were the broken and bleeding bodies of friend and foe alike, gurgling pitifully as their life energy seeped out to stain metal and rock. For those who had served him, he ended their suffering with a sharp thrust and twist of his makeshift weapon. For those that had stood against him, he let them lie where they were. Their suffering suffused the air around him and he drunk deeply of it, intoxicated by the horror and slaughter. 


Movement stirred in the periphery of his remaining eye, his head swiveling around to focus in on it. It was a man, struggling on his stomach to clamor over the fallen corpse of an Imperial Legionnaire. Smoke and dust obscured his vision, but the Emperor could reach out with his determined will and taste the essence of the lone warrior.


He could sense it now, it was the Jedi!


Heaving the turadium rod over one shoulder like a javelin, the Emperor flung his weapon with the greatest force his strength could muster. Sailing straight and true, the turadium spear was on a clear and direct trajectory with the crawling Jedi Master's center mass. 


Arcanus Sunstrider

Rekha Kaarde

Rekha Kaarde

    Ms. Sarcasm

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Location: Inside the Fortress, extreme lower levels

Objective: Find ORC Forces and provide support

Equipment - Merr-Sonn Blasters| Taozin amulet | paint ball rifle with balls

Allies: ORC - Kingsley | Andan Solo | Cyran Vaas |Arcanus Sunstrider | LadroVeiere Arenais | Ardasz Verd 

Enemies: Sith| some Mandalorians -  Kaine Australis | Darth Carnifex | Darth Morbus | Janick Beauchamp | Ao Xian | Keira Cerdulan


She didn't stop running until she got to the lift it was a questionable move to get into it, afterall for all she knew the whole place could come down on her in one moment.But. Being who she was she got in, her head bobbing around a bit as her mind worked through things.


She really couldn't think about....him..it...whatever from below....it was an image she had only seen in holos. Oh man wouldn't it be a kick in the pants to suddenly wake up and find all of this had been one nasty dream. oh...goddess.


Her heart still thundered against her chest, and she washot. She began to peel off the parka. Yeah yeah she knew she needed it and probably a lot quicker than she realized but she couldn't move and she hated that feeling of being overwhelmed by heat. It was like having her own personal summer all contained in the coat.


She checked her weapons, eyeing the paint ball gun. It was stupid to have brought it, but feth she never knew when something stupid would come up that she could use. The doors opened and what met her eyes was chaos. Running, someone barking orders. She stepped out so far no one was paying attention to her, it seemed the fields were in place keeping the wind out..but not a lot of the cold. 


She ran like she knew what she was doing up behind towards what she hoped was supplies and tools.What she wanted would be near there....right?Suddenly someone shoved her, "where you going"


Shocked that she had been caught off guard she laughed, nervously of course, "I'm saving what ship supplies we have..." Yeah..right...sounds good.


"Get to it then...where's your gear?"


"I don't have any except this" she raised the paint gun, and then put a hand to the blaster.He looked at her she tilted her head ever so slightly, would he she wondered. Was it that important right now?


The building shook again. She didn't move she couldn't really not from fear but in knowing one more and he'd like pull his weapon.


"Resistance Scum." It sounded more like a question than an accusation.


"Sometimes, this week I'm playing at being a different kind of scum.....want to play too?" She grinned, "I got a bar, and a boat...far from all this....start over.." She wiggled her foot but did not move her hand. "They'll just think you died here."


She wished for a few minutes she could see his face.


"you think its that easy?" His voice faltered.


"yeah, sometimes when the time is right...yeah." She relaxed he as thinking on it, "Course we'll need a ship to get off this ice cube"


"Get what you came for, then go over there." She could see the ship it was loading, "But make it quick, I'm leaving with or without you."


"got it" Rekha turned and ran, damn what luck was that! She reached supply row and began looking through the doors, nothing, nohting, a mess, damn had they gotten everything that was 3 rooms. Two more looked like that building had shaken everything off the shelves she pushed inside looking. She only needed a few, just a few.


She began pulling boxes, containers, whatever she needed to look into. Dammit nothing. She ran back out...ok...back up plan. She headed towards the first ship.She'd pull the bugger out if she had to.One...she'd settle for one.

Come see me sometime at The Underground Bar or The Lucky Lady, and The Little Gem



Darth Ledgermayne

Darth Ledgermayne

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Objective: A simple proposal and trade

Those around: Yula PerlTaeli Raaf Mav Vohaloveer Zef Halo

My new Sith frenemy?: Darth Voracitos

Equipment: Dual-phase Lightsaber, x2 Creeping Lignan crystals, rest in sig ((Dnitizus doryumi not included))



Such resistance. 


The power of the Fell Star felt ... goood. A grimace spread clear across the Gutretee's crystalline face as his concentration honed in on his opponent. With a clash of darkside shadow the dark tendrils halted in place as if being held by the forgotten specters of times long past. They did indeed how the whipping masses of dark sinister energy in hand, but not without struggle. This was most impressive. The wave of taht pressed again Ledgermayne through the force barely moving his heavy body. Despite the large Sith lords power and obvious hunger for an artifact such as the Fell star, he seemed rather reluctant to actually engage in the offensive. Instead his play was of words, demands and assumption of control. Every sith had their ambitions against their own brothers and when they did not they were either lying or not a sith at all. The darkside exacted a price with its journey for greater knowledge and power. At first this was seen as a weak tactic but this was wrong. It was not.


"To mistake O͟b̵e̕die҉n̕ce.̵ to the Emperor's government, for Ha҉rm̨,"


What exactly was Voracitos playing at here? Using his own position. A position that Ledgermayne himself very myself lusted after for a time. In the end it seemed the "better" sith was chosen. But was he? Maybe Ledgermayne was indeed weak minded under the influence of such power, maybe he was paranoid and unwilling to give it up. But through it all he was not a fool.  This man. How long can he hold his fantasia up for before unleashing himself and displaying himself to be the true hypocrite?!  I know of all people know the look of obsession and ripe ambition. The gutretee sith lord glared at Darth Voracitos tilting his own head some and could see through his own perception at least the face of someone desperate to get what they wanted. Someone who had nothing to truly lose? 


"I grant you but one opportunity to S̵u̸b͘͡m̧̢͢iţ҉̡,' "The Fell Star to the Triumvir of Knowledge," "Ḏ̩̪̮͗a̤̘̤͓ͫ͟rͯt̻̮̣͇͋ͫͨͅh̵̾ ̸̮̩̙̱V͒̊̂̈ͯ̚ô̶̜͚̱̓͌̓̽͂̈́r̼̬̳̯͙͚̱̍̀̄ͥ̀āͭ̈́̋̆c̴͇i̳̙̊t̼̣̭̿ͩͤͅơͨͣ̓̐ͤs̶͍̺͓͈͍̫̚ͅ."


Or I shall make you, the traitorous savage," "S̸҉̴̨͘Q̵͞U̵̸͟͜I̢͜͠R̷̵̛̛M̴̧̛͡."


And like that it was as if a dagger had found the smallest and weakest fissure in Ledgermaynes body. Mere words in the shape of a dagger. Blinking hard Ledgermayne could feel the cold of the darkside shifting rapidly to its polar opposite. A red giant burned intensely within him now but it was not displayed in power nor emotion. He was no longer in control and how he longed to be in control again. It was true. An all out brawl and display of force abilities would favor him but at what cost? Ledgermayne had much to lose at this point in time and the Fell Star was not worth the legacy the Gutretee was working so hard to retain for his true apprentice. He could submit and play the card of being the lesser but somehow that did not at all sit well with his own pride. 


" No my lord. Apologies for my sporadic... uncontrolled... reaction. Yes yes." The words came out with a fight and doubt in tilloddly a dark peace washed through making everything seem fine. Split behavoir. Night and day. How a person could go from aggressive or passive was amazing when threatened. " I do not wish to further test nor unsettle you Darth Voracitos. There is no need to speak ill of my name. I am loyal to my Emperor Darth Carnifex and his established rule." He said as if reminding both parties. " I humbly accept your offer and will give you the Fell Star if you would but honor me and shake my hand." Ledgermaynes visage was that of bitter humility but with a shine in his eyes. With a frigid breeze the darkside tendrils within the immediate area fell apart with the Sith lords command and reaching over to his chest with his left red crystal hand a hole opened up the surface area the Fell star rested under. It was exposed. A token of Ledgermaynes word being true. Taking the artifact out Ledgermayne sheathed his dagger wielded in his right hand and placed it on his belt near a lightsaber. After which his red crystalline hand extend outward with a open embrace as his left hand held the Fell Star itself in hand in expectation. 


" Take it. Use it as you see fit." he added. 




Thats what it was all about and Ledgermayne if his hand was shaken was going to be and feel back in control. Little in the galaxy knew of the Gutretee as a species and how they survived on their native home of Isis. Tribes of these Crystalline beings passed on knowledge through via memories. The process was culturally done by ritual combat by such bizarre times had passed for this sith lord. The ability to copy all the memories of another sentient mind apon touch, outside from the influence of the force. The only sign of such a "download" occurring was the physical sensation of a tingling on the skin and body. If the Gutretees plan succeeded then he would soon know Voracitos as well as the Lord of hunger knew himself. All that knowledge within would be his. In the end there was no loss of power giving up the artifact. 


Knowledge is power. 


Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

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Location: Jedi Ruins

Objective: Give chase to Zak

Allies: Taeli Raaf Romi Jade

Enemies: Coren Starchaser Zak Amroth 


While although managing to get away from the avalanche that rushed towards them, Kyrel took a moment to gain a look at his surroundings, it was all a mess with the avalanche running downhill into the ruins. The Master of Ren focused on his prey, he could sense the boy was conflicted despite what he was told. He hoped to use that to his advantage, but not to count on in the slightest. Facing down his enemy as he was now racing down the slopes of the Avalanche, prepared to give chase as the kiffar shot his weapon, launching more electricity towards Kyrel, he had little time to react holding out a gloved hand, concentrating with the aid of the Force he started to absorb the energy making it his own, his own gloved hand burning at the attempt, the shot burning as he used the energy as his own.


Kyrel was annoyed at having his prey run away so soon, he had hoped for a duel between warriors, a game of chase is not entirely what he desired. Than again he also found himself enjoying the thrill of the hunt, in past duels it was what always savored a good kill that is. Watching carefully as the avalanche continued, he hoped not to lose sight of the boy before long, making his move and jumping on board the ruins of what looked to be a speeder, he was now chasing after the Kiffar. 


While originally come to gain hold of a powerful Force Artifact he now found himself given over for his lust of dead Jedi. Even their children for it was in his nature to destroy all those that served the light. The dark knight would not fail, at least that is what he tried to tell himself. The avalanche rushing through the once great ruins, with the Force Kyrel tried to throw his saber staff towards the Kiffar in an attempt to cut the man down if not an attempt to stop the chase. 



Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

    Chaos-God of Gluttony

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Enemies: Argis Volmir (A Pity), Coren Starchaser, Zak Amroth, Racket, [Trash Family: Yula PerlZef HaloMav Vohaloveer]
Allies: Kyrel RenTaeli RaafAdenn Kyramud, Romi Jade, Darth Ledgermayne

Followers: The Coven of Gluttony, including the Lady Envyand the Savant Wrath


Just as the crystalline entity appeared to completely switch in its behavior, likewise the heavy presence of Voracitos seemed to lose its density, spreading out across the Lost City, his concentration diminished but his reach in the force every present. It was good that Voracitos did not need to resort to any other means to persuade the Sith Lord, as he eyed the Iris of Ligier briefly in his minds eye. To have used it would guarantee victory for him, but at what cost? Already the Sith Lord had lost so much, and while the death of the Jedi trapped in this labyrinth would have been delectable, the Fell Star itself might have been destroyed in the process, along with favored allies of the Emperor. He would be as much of a traitor as the Sith Lord before him had almost become, before he too saw reason.


It opened itself up to the Sith Lord, quite literally, and the Fell Star was not so soon within the Master of Gluttony's grasp. It offered a hand in exchange for the artifact, and Voracitos quickly calculated the cost benefit of humoring this creature with physical contact... and quickly did not see any true downsides. It was as natural a thing for Voracitos to do as he had always done, as a business man it was a regular activity despite his repulsive presence to his "equals" of the time. His mind eye briefly cast its vision into the future, scouting for danger... and found none. The offer appeared wholly genuine, he had no reason to suspect treachery any more than he usual did for his own ilk. If he conducted treachery, it would be so minute a detail it would hardly classify as above ordinary. In small personal moments such as these, eventually with enough time, every Sith Lord is a traitor... even the Emperor himself was not absolved of this rule Voracitos has observed.


"It is good that reason prevails, Chwayatajak, is preserved."


Voracitos' once disgruntled face relaxed into a neutral state, satisfied with the proceedings. The ruble that once surrounded him now complacently resting upon the dusty ground, the Souls which had fought against the tide of darkness, now rested lamely in the air, slowly approaching their masters to rejoin the collective they held. Voracitos raised a hand above his own to accept the artifact, while his other reached to shake the crystalline Sith Lord's hand. A mild shock would course through his alchemical flesh, but at such a low level it could hardly be perceived by the Sith Lord as significant, just as easily mistaken for static discharge.


"I am grateful that this transaction has transpired this way."


"I was prepared to enact measures that would ensure all things lost in this temple."


Voracitos said, Fell Star in hand, as he looked down upon his writhing servant, who still pawed at the Iris of Ligier. He could feel her treacherous thoughts even underneath the din of the maddening souls now pressing down upon her weak mind. Even now that the threat was over, she still contemplated the use of the Iris in destroying her master, now believing herself too weak to ever overcome her master's power. Believing even her own life was slowly becoming not worth living if she could never best her master, and with the dread artifact in hand, she contemplated sacrificing her life out of spite to destroy her master. Even if she should succumb however, Voracitos had in his power the ability to nullify even this greatest of weapons, revealing her treachery. He predicted, however, that even if he had called her to use it this day, she would have been too weak of heart to do it... her loyalty was too deeply ingrained herself to subject herself to sacrifice. It was a gamble to have used her as a threat, but all the same, it seemed to have paid off even without mentioning her in the role of causing Obliteration.


"Today extracts a heavy toll."


Voracitos now looked down and spoke to the Fell Star, his eye wide with wonder. He tallied up the lost souls destroyed or loosened from his grip by Argis Volmir, the lost opportunity to rip his souls from his body, the Starved Subjects abandoned within the Lost City, and the physical death of his first and most loyal Hungered Vassal the Savant Wrath. Even his transformation into a superior being of the dark side was a loss of the identity he once was. The souls which remained pressed down upon the mind of Voracitos and the Lady Envy, creating mental abrasions as they tried to erode their consciousness under the collective madness of Chaos. Every moment cut at the focus of the Sith Lord the longer he went without adequate servants to host his collection of Sith spirits. Voracitos could not remain of Rhem Var for long, or else the toll would increase.


"But with the Fell Star in our hands, the burden of our losses are lightened."


Indeed, with the growing collection of artifacts in the grip of the Triumvir of Knowledge, the limits of power were quickly widening. The firmament of reality every day became the stuff of make believe for the Sith Lord, to shape it as his mind saw fit to do so. The Fell Star was but one more step on the path to greater reach, greater power, and greater hungers.


"I will not forget your cooperation."


"To surrender something of such power is no simple task."


"I assure you, this decision will not be one of regret."


"Say your name, such that you may be commended for your efforts."







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Operation: Deal with a stand-off

Allies: Kingsley, ORC by association

Enemies: Those trying to capture him!


Andan began throwing as much as he could onto Kingsley's hoversled, adding random boxes and crates to the growing pile. Whether any of it was worth anything remained to be seen, but it was better to grab whatever he could while rushing out of the warehouse. The Jawa drop team did as well as could be expected, but they seemed to provide enough distraction to allow the gathered non-Sith to make good on various escapes. It also seemed another individual was raiding the warehouse, the humanoid female unknown to Andan, but seemed to be in a similar situation - escaping.


"Head east, head east!" Andan called as the Kingsley led hoversled reached one of the exits. "Bay seven-seven-three."


Along the way, Andan scooped up the unconscious Jawa that had fallen from the roof. The little thing was alive, dazed, but breathing. The robes absolutely stank though, which caused the Corellian to cringe and scrunch up his nose. Hopefully the smell washed out later, because it was all over his front now, whatever it was. Bursting through the exit behind Kingsley, Andan followed the avian at top speed, the pair making through the underground corridors and passages as best they could. Generally wherever the enemy wasn't seemed to be the right way, the fight happening in the other direction (mostly).


Along the way, the group reunited with the Jawas, and also tangled with scattered Sith forces. Blaster bolts were exchanged, but the smuggling crew managed to get through the few encounters without too much trouble. It was amazing what a pack of crazed Jawas could do to throw a fight into utter disarray. Still before long, there was another realization...


"Rawk! What about that shield?" Kingsley cawed.


"Priority list: Ship, then shield," Andan snapped back to the avian. "The shield isn't shooting at us!"


The rushing escape lasted another dozen minutes, before the landing bays were in sight. The Luck, the YT-2400 freighter, was under cover and didn't appear to be damaged, much to Andan's relief. And since Kingsley's hauler had been damaged - and was undergoing repairs - it fell to Andan to offer the smuggler a ship to call temporary home. Nonetheless, the group approached the smuggling vessel, and boarded the lowering ramp way controlled from within by Andan's droid co-pilot CeeCee.


"Strap in, we'll make for space as soon as that shield drops," Andan said as he pointed toward the cargo area. "You can access the cargo lift from in there, get that sled locked up and secured. I don't know how much time we have, but we won't miss our window."


Meanwhile, the Luck was put into a low power mode. As soon as the shields were lowered, or destroyed, the smuggling crew would be making for space and jumping the hell out of the Rhen Var system...


What a day. At least it's over now.

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Darth Ledgermayne

Darth Ledgermayne

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Location: Center of the City

Those around: 

Yula Perl Taeli Raaf Mav Vohaloveer Zef Halo


And so the trade was made. An exchange of crystal, alchemical flesh, of ancient power and of knowledge. On the outside Ledgermayne seemed lost in thought, He had just given a artifact of immense power away from the mere shake of a hand. Perhaps his brief pause was one of regret? Or maybe it was something much deeper in scale. On the inside, deep within the Gutretees mind a network, a legion and entire lives unfolded before his eyes in seconds.A synchronizing flow of genesis to death, to rebirth and rebirth again. A life a promise, pampered and importance from a young age wit the expectation to rise in power, wealth and fear. The mind of a analytical, massively ambition businessman as large as he may be and the embodiment of hunger itself. A sith lord. This was only a silver of what Ledgermayne could process mentally from the briefness of a simple handshake. The entire life history, A memoir of Jonathan Boke, Lord of Hunger and the Pillar of sith knowledge. Darth Voracitos. Stored inside the Gutretee's mind and body to be viewed and experienced as his own for later times. 


It was now that the exchange was over, now that the conflict had ended did Ledgermayne now see everything as it truely was. His own supision about Darth Voracitos was indeed valid and warranted. The sound of his voice as deep and unnatural as it was seconds before now was dwarfed by the immediate over-standing that was transfered directly into the Sithlord. Instead of solely seeing a Lord of the sith, Ledgermayne could see Johnathon not only as his current self but also as a youngman, a child and a middle aged adult. Perspective always changed the situation and broke social boundaries. All this knowledge.




"I am grateful that this transaction has transpired this way." "I was prepared to enact measures that would ensure all things lost in this temple."


" Indeed. I believe you speak for the both of us with that statement, as wrong as I was to engage it. This outcome is far...superior." A sly smile was gained by the crystalline sith lord. It was of his own belief now that the both of them could of died if a agreement was not found.Ruby red eyes shifted to the necklace or object on the Lady Envy's neck. Tilting his head and shifting his eyes back to his now reputable equal. There was mention of the cost of such victories for today. Ledgermayne could see little for himself but this was a different case for the Lord near him. Like Hyperspace-rapture Voracitos's mind felt in now passing present memories. His irritability and impatience was now explained. He too seemed to have much to lose. In fact the two sith lord were more alike that Ledgermayne could of ever expected which briefly shocked him. Was it a true surprise though? 




"I will not forget your cooperation." "To surrender something of such power is no simple task." "I assure you, this decision will not be one of regret." "Say your name, such that you may be commended for your efforts."


Rhen Var had been a fortunate exchange. The Fell star now rested in the plump hungering hands of Darth Voracitos himself to be used... well, as he wished it to be used. A piece of the puzzle Ledgermayne himself knew but was wise enough not to reveal out loud or publicly. Now was no longer the time to fight, The day had been long and despite all that had occurred not a tad of regret could be felt. The only feeling that was primed in his red hued crystalline vessel was the feeling of control. Control over the past, present and potential future of another being through a vast sea of life or lives of experience. This would not be the last time the two would meet. There was no mistake there. They would seen each other again. 


" You would honor me even further?" he muttered to himself taking in such recognition. Recognition was a tool to be used and gained. As a sith lord he himself had remained within shadow gaining more and more power in order to build his legacy and serve the Emperor. Being seen now was a positive notion. " I am Darth Ledgermayne. The crimson elder of Isis." His voice spoke out arrogantly and with a stoic visage the Gutretee stared up at his new Sith ally ready to poke and prod with subtle throws in the mental. All it took was words after all what could they really do? 




" The Fell Star within Empires grasp will benefit the Emperor and his rule excellently. Would it not, Johnathan." The face was blank but something in the Crystal aliens red eyes revealed a new found perception, something was shifted. Saying the sith lords past name was odd, it felt unnatural and that was the point. Maybe the name was uncommon information to the masses but how would the Lord of Hunger react to hearing it here and now from a being he just met? Ledgermayne observed intently. A Mynock looking for the perfect place to rest and pull more strings from a unknowing or suspecting host. The ground below Ledgermayne began to move. Very slowly his figure sank into the ground allowing enough time for a reaction or comment to be hear or seen. 

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Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

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Enemies: Argis Volmir (A Pity), Coren Starchaser, Zak Amroth, Racket, [Trash Family: Yula PerlZef HaloMav Vohaloveer]
Allies: Kyrel RenTaeli RaafAdenn Kyramud, Romi Jade, Darth Ledgermayne

Followers: The Coven of Gluttony, including the Lady Envyand the Savant Wrath


For a moment in the revelry of acquiring the Fell Star, even at such cost, the infant body of Voracitos experienced its first happiness. It was an emotion new to this body, and one his spirit had not felt truthfully since before his death. It was like the first of many birthday presents to come, in anticipation for the innumerable more birthdays this form was likely to experience. The potential he felt within himself exaggerated within the direct contact of the Fell Star, seemed to fill the void he had searched tirelessly in the depths of Chaos for. It felt as if against all possibility, the Master of Gluttony was satiated of his hunger.


But it was only for a moment.


" The Fell Star within Empires grasp will benefit the Emperor and his rule excellently. Would it not, Johnathan."


In the next moment to pass, the eye of Voracitos could do nothing but stare down the crystalline figure slowly descending into the earth, carrying with it some secret knowledge. Well, it wasn't secret of course, he never took the route some Sith do in delineating their affairs between their Darth title and their given name, such was difficult for a man of his frame to do to begin with. Yet even so, his identity had always leaned so heavily into the Sith realm he assumed most people had forgotten his given name, to the point that only the Emperor made a point to remember it. It had been so long since he had even used it for any direct purpose. What were the chances this Sith before him had lived long enough to remember a time when his given name was in active use? Some species could live to be very long, and in the grand scheme of things, Voracitos was but an infant in reality to this galaxy and its inhabitants.


Even still, the audacity to use Darth Voractios' given name, while supplying only his Sith title in return... seemed to supply Voracitos with a message: This will not be our last encounter.




Voracitos said simply, and knowingly, while witnessing the Sith Lord disappear into the earth. It was at this moment of silence that Voracitos looked to his servant, who moaned quietly, degrading quickly with every moment under the burden of the souls upon her back. Knowing her thoughts, she was quickly feeling her consciousness being eroded beneath the wave of souls, and she considered her own destruction to end it. In other words, she was close to opening the Iris of Ligier to end her misery.


"There will be no need for that, dear Lady Envy."


Voracitos waved a hand through the air, reality rippling at his touch, with nothing but misery beyond it. The glow of his Shadow's Folly pendant assisting his transgression against nature, as it often did. This time, in an uncommon display of compassion, Voracitos grasped the hand of his servant and lifted her uneasily to her feet.


"No more of the loyal shall perish this day, too many have already."


"I still have need of you."


The voice of Voracitos while seemingly directed towards his most trusted Hungered Vassal, seemed some how to gravitate instead, to the artifact hanging over her bare exposed chest. No, not the artifact itself... the bond between the two. Without which, Voracitos would be without a weapon. So many artifacts in his possession, and every sacrifice was worth it for their collection. All worthy of his Vaults, all worthy of study, and all worthy of something far greater than their original designs.


With that, the pair no longer existed on Rhen Var, birthplace of Voracitos.




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She ran across the flight deck why didn't she think of it before! It was her own pride that made her think she needed more than one but the truth she did need only one. If it only worked one time and did one thing for her it was better than nothing.


The fortress was beginning to fall apart the roarings sounds of a building falling was everywhere.She wasn't one to quit then she saw the ship he had directed to take off. Her heart sank as she watched. Then she laughed what did she expect from sith forces really.


There was another filling with troopers, well...it was better than nothing. As she ran the ship lifted hovering ever so slightly in the air suddenly she felt like she was moving in slow motion, she yelled for them to stop..to wait..then a large piece of the ceiling fell on the ship pinning it to the deck.


Her options were running out she laughed again, she did not know what else to do really. It was funny right?


She wasn't some one who prayed in earnest a lot but right now she felt that need, and it wasn't for herself it was for her friends. For those that would have to continue fighting.Let them win in the end make everything we do count for something. Please.


Consigned to what she believed were her last moments she walked slowly towards the ship crushed leaking fuel and troopers who had survived spilling out, and running to get away. 


Rekha nodded to whatever it was that had protected her all her life.


Something caught her eye, something odd really. Raising her hands to her hips she couldn't believe it....well feth me....she smiled. 


Then she did the complete opposite of what she should, she ran to the ship that was crushed. The hull plates were hot she yanked her hand back looking about for anything...yeah... a strut from the ship. She began using it to leverage the plate off.....the metal wasn't as pliable as she hoped the heat though was starting to singe the hair on her face off. She felt it the burning..."JUST FETHING ONE!!!"


Just as she put all of her strength into it the plate popped off...YES! A small fist pump and she reached in to pull the transponder. All of this happened as LT Morin made his way into the hangar the gangplank half down..


Rekha turned, "I got it"


She got it...from the left a blaster whined.Everything went black.


Simon, and Andre were off the ship shooting the trooper who held to his post and his duty to protect the fortress. As soon as they could they pulled Rekha onto the ship, she still clutched the transponder in her hand.




Megan was there quickly looking, "it's bad...she needs more than a medic..."


The LT Morin got them out before the entire thing collapsed.

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Zef Halo

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Mav Vohaloveer Yula Perl




And so they ventured off in a file with Mav leading the way guided by the droid Emily on his arm. Right behind them was Yula followed by Zef. Beaten, battered and scarred they moved through the maze of these karkin' ruins enduring the frigid cold and the steep paths leading upwards to where their ship hopefully still remained intact.


The Trash Fam might've not gotten the actual Fell Star, if that was even a thing, instead they got something that looked exactly just like it which should still make 'em some cash. In reality, this was not the important part of this whack adventure and not like Zef would ever admit it but he had learned today on Rhen Var what had mattered the most.


They stood together as family and survived.


But more importantly.


They evaded Joza Perl 's wrath.



The End.

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Rekha Kaarde

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Darkness suddenly pierced by a point of light, the light growing ever closer.





When she opened her eyes she was in her favorite bar on Nar Shaddaa, the Dancing Bantha. On stage someone was attempting to do a dance, completely dressed……hey that was her outfit.The performer was dressed in her red feather outfit when they turned Rekha’s mouth dropped open.Feth…shaking her head hoping it would clear her vision when she looked again, yes it was Coren dressed in her feathers but that wasn’t what kept her attention.Her attention was on his eyes they matched the feathers.


No, can’t be I’m drunk that’s what this is. She looked at her drink it was amber colored there was no visible hint of drugs. Maybe something colorless.


When she looked up again Coren was sitting across from her with his own drink dressed as he normally would. Maybe she imagined it.


So, what’s up you called?” She asked.


Coren laughed, “I wanted to share something with you.”


“Oh” it was not unusual for Coren to want to share something, usually some tid bit of news that presented some opportunity, or he wanted to share something to convince her to do something that he felt no one else could do.


“Do tell.” She waited.


He looked at her. Rekha felt her heart skip a beat, “New contacts?” His eyes were red just like before. She had to be drunk.


“No” He lifted his drink all while watching her.


Rekha took a long draw on her own drink, “So…when did that happen?” She had to think try to clear the cobwebs and alcohol from her mind.


Coren laughed, “I found it on Rhen Var” Rhen Var where they just fought the Sith. Fething Sith.


Rhen Var, she looked at her hands they looked normal, she felt normalshe could have sworn though that her hands had gotten burned in the hangar. She shook her head.


“So Rhen Var…..feth…why? Why would you do this Coren?” she was trying to keep her emotions in control trying to find an answer. There was a fog in her mind though she felt like she was sleeping.Her words came out what seemed slow. Her actions moved before she could even guess a move.


“Oh Rekha so many reasons, better cookies, slick weapons, and they get all the girls” Sarcasm it was all sarcasm and usually she would have liked this in anyone. A bit of banter some come back all in the name of making the other person smile, or to distract from their real purpose. She looked at him..cookies. really?


Rekha reached over and slapped Coren, “Wake UP!” She waited for him to ask her what was her problem.


He grabbed her hand, “Ohhh I’ll allow you that.” his voice was deeper with a hint of the ominous in it. The imprint of her hand formed on Coren’s cheek. She had never struck him before, never even considered it. This is what he wants????


“You’ll allow!” She laughed, “You’ll allow…yeah that’s what Sith are…don’t you remember. That’s why we hunt them, we kill them, we make the galaxy a better place. You CAN’T be a sith Coren!!.” Feth feth feth….!!!!! AHHHHHHH her mind was screaming at him. She wanted to shake him. "I'll bake cookies"


And that’s the reason right there Rekha we fight and fight and it never ends” His eyes burned brilliant red, “I’m tired of fighting. I want something else now. I can’t beat them so I’m joining them.” He released her hand almost throwing it back at her. She reached up to her throat, he smiled, "no amulet" ohhhhh...not good. "you are horrible baker"


He seemed serious, what the kark had he found on Rhen Var….could she go back and find it…make it change him back.


He kept talking “You need to come with me, be my eyes and ears around the galaxy.” Coren wanted to keep doing what they were doing now for the Jedi for the Alliance except now for the Sith…”What you want me to spy on our friends, our contacts…so that you can ….what?


She felt like someone had torn her soul out taking her emotions and scattering them on the floor then stomped on them into the nether. He was sounding like a sith. He couldn’t be that lost..this had to be temporary…this just couldn't be possible.


“WE can show them a better way” He inched closer. Something wild in his eyes, it had to be because they were still red. Something her imagination was tricking her into thinking.


A better way.” She couldn’t do it. She tried not to cry but it was there. She couldn’t do what he was asking for the reason he was asking. She couldn’t see him be a sith…what was she going to do. She couldn't hunt a friend, couldn't ...every swear word she knew raced through her mind.


“I can’t” she whispered, she knew what the Sith were, she knew in her heart it wasn’t who Coren was that there had to be a way to bring him back. “You’re going to make me hunt you”Her green eyes filled with confusion and pain as she looked at him.


“No you’re making a choice to hunt me, I’m giving you a way to stay with me.” He sat back smiling at her while she twisted over what he was saying. "A way to keep us on the same side"


Suddenly he leaned over lifting her chin up from where it had fallen on her chest, “Rekha…..think about it….cookies, and weapons.


She shook her head, “You’ve lost your mind Coren but I'm going to find a way to fix it. I swear.” Her last breath she'd find a way to bring him back. She didn't see humor in this.  


He laughed pulled his hand back for a moment his head fell forward into his hands. When he looked up his eyes were normal, he stretched out his hand showing her the contacts. “Got cha!”


It was a joke, it was JOKE!, “Oh now I’m going to kill you!” She laughed, but everything fell to black again




When she opened her eyes next she was in a hospital room confused but breathing.


(Coren Starchaser - Rekha out)

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Objective: Defy the Odds.

Allies: Outer Rim Coalition.

Enemies: The Sith Empire.




Throughout the years I’ve strode along this unending path of conflict, I’ve seen myself perish a thousand times; with each death different from the last. It was my supposed curse, rather than an apparent blessing, to see the ever-shifting tides of the future. Having insight into the branches of infinite possibilities was considered by some to be a bountiful gift, but the truth was their collective minds were numb to the consequences of such dark, foreboding knowledge. To see every fateful choice and their subsequent paths laid out before oneself? It was wholly maddening, to say the least. When I felt the frigid tendrils of such portents slowly creeping into the recesses of my mind, I did my best to fight against the coming tide; knowing full well that it would steal my cognizance of the present. 

Some believed that the winding paths of the future were a river that was ever-changing and twisting to the whims of unknown creatures dwelling behind the veil of reality. However, in my experience with the impossibilities of prognostication, the future and it’s myriad of uncertainties was akin to a depthless ocean; threatening to drown any that were swept into the swirling depths. My fight against that relentless advance was akin to throwing back the sea with cupped hands, and harsh language. While my will was ironclad and forged from years of discipline, I couldn’t last against such insurmountable odds for very long. Eventually, the tidal press of uncertainties would breach through the mental defences erected around the inner sanctums of my consciousness.
When my mental fortress began to crumble, I found myself grasping onto the crimson breastplate of a fallen Sith-Imperial soldier; which in turn began to soak my fingers in the crushed warrior’s very essence. It was then, that I saw yet another vision of my death transpire before my very eyes. I was clambering up the fallen soldier, seeking to ascend towards the high ground, when my end came. Speared through the heart by a turadium rod, wrenched free from the Emperor’s torso mere moments before. Ignoble as it was if I remained paralyzed by that dark portent of the future, I was certain to die; forgotten and alone amongst the snows of Rhen Var. It’s true that a Jedi welcomes death when it is their time to die, but it was foolish to believe that our Order held a deathwish of sorts. 
Yes, we willingly give our lives in pursuit of a greater purpose, but only when there were others that’d take up and inevitably finish the fight. I was alone, then. Separated from my kindred and my allies. There wouldn’t be a soul atop this frozen world who’d be capable of picking up where I left off and ending the threat that the Sith Emperor posed. Thus, I needed to live. So, after my body regained control of itself, I threw my weight to the side; seeking to meet my impending doom head on. When I landed on my back, my danger senses began to flare. They demanded that I acted; that I tossed myself away from this improvised projectile and into the loving embrace of safety. Such an act was impossible now. 
With my lips drawing thin, I braced myself for what was to come. The rod lanced through the taut meat of my midsection; puncturing organs and my intestinal tract alike. It wasn’t anything like the death I bore witness too mere moments ago. I saved myself at the eleventh hour from such a fate, but couldn’t escape impalement no matter how hard I tried. My body was on the precipice of failure, for it endured more than any mortal figure, but I couldn’t will myself to do the impossible. I had to endure one more grievous injury. While that wasn’t ideal in the grand scheme of things, a rod to the gut was better than an agonizing demise as my thunderous heart drummed its last beat. When the Emperor’s blade tore through my flesh, I didn’t cry out in pain. Nor did I shriek in agony when I roused myself from unconsciousness to find my body crippled by the structural collapse. 
However, when that improvised spear lanced through my abdomen? A bark of torment leapt unbidden from my lips; echoing through the smoke and fiery devastation that surrounded my crumpled form.  
“A good throw,” I hissed through blood-stained and clenched teeth. I didn’t care if the Sith Emperor could hear me through the blaring klaxons, and the crackling fires. All that mattered to me was that my admiration for the blow was given voice; lest I entered death’s embrace without speaking another word. “If only the infinite causeway of the future was denied to me, then you might’ve claimed my life.” Again, those words were wheezed through crimson-bathed without care if they were heard. 
I struggled then, with my attention falling from the overwhelming presence of the Dark Lord to focus instead upon my wounds. It would’ve been foolish to do otherwise, as I would need to cauterize the flesh; lest I bleed out during the midst of our ensuing battle. With great effort and several guttural curses in almost a dozen languages, the rod that speared through my hand was removed. My own essence began to mingle with the blood of those that were crushed beneath the entrance’s collapse before it was sealed by a rapid spritz of sealant form taken from my ash-stained belt. When the numbing agents took effect and the miniaturized canister ran dry, I tossed the handheld device aside - only to find my eyes drifting towards the rocky slope before me.
The Emperor was there among the fire and smoke. No doubt advancing towards me in order to finish this battle with his bare hands. I wouldn’t face him on my back, as that was certain to be the end of me - more so than the improvised lance threatened to be mere moments before. So, in light of that denied strand of fate, I painfully roused myself from the rubble; gritting my blood-stained teeth as I shakily rose to stand upon my feet. 
With my wounded hand curling into a fist alongside its untouched twin, I let my grim determinism adorn my ruined and blood-soaked patrician features. Defiant, until the end. 
“I can go at this all day.”

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"Fate is a fickle thing."


The Emperor knew that better than perhaps any other man living, for he had gone to excessive lengths to surround himself with prophets and seers to better divine the future and plan accordingly. He approached the impaled Jedi slowly, savoring the gradual build-up towards the inevitable kill. More rubble collapsed around them, clouds of dust blanketing the destruction like a thick fog. Muted flames silhouetted the Dark Lord's figure as he neared, wicked shadows spiraling off of his body like a kaleidoscope of darkness and malice.


A cruel chortle bubbled up from somewhere in the Emperor's throat as the Jedi, battered, beaten, bleeding, rose up on his feet to stand defiant against the inevitable.


To stand against him.


"It will be known that you fought well," mocked the Emperor, "But that is all that will be remembered." The particles in the air seemed to come to a standstill as the Emperor's body coiled, muscles tightening under scarred flesh, and then uncoiled instantly as the gargantuan warrior lunged forward towards the Jedi. Large hands reached out to grab the smaller man, to hold him firmly and keep him from escaping. With such strength, it would be a trifle thing to pin him down and wrench his head right off of his neck with one hand. The trick would be ensuring that he couldn't escape, but it was undoubtedly true that if Master Sunstrider found himself in the Emperor's iron grasp...


His life would be forfeit.


Arcanus Sunstrider