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We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

* * * * * 1 votes ORC TSE Rhen Var invasion Outer Rim Coalition The Sith Empire waaaagh

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Zef Halo

Zef Halo

    Good ol' Scoundrel

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Location: Jedi City

Objective: Get my retirement plan sorted i.e snatch the Fell Star

Allies: Trash Fam [Yula Perl & Mav Vohaloveer] | ORC

Enemies: Scipio's Sith Bosses.






Cold ain't matter when you're a karkin' avaricious smuggler. The thought of money keeps you warm, don't it. Was that Daro Tarsi speaking in his mind again? The more time he spent away from that old karker, the more he seemed to get in his mind and make him do stupid chit like this.


Robbing tHe fElL sTaR.


That's the stupidest name for a thing that costed a chit ton of creds he'd ever heard but Zef Halo did not expect anything less from supposedly mystical religious piece of junk Jedi and Sith would kill each other for.


But hey, look at it from the bright side - Family Time! Cause you just couldn't resist bailing "for a pack of cigs" the moment you saw the two lines a few decades, ago right?


So why the heck not bring your closest of blood to a creepy karkin' planet lookin' for a weird as kark trinket? Zef did not want to admit itbut he was an old karker. The cunning gunslinger-smuggler would've hit up this thing alone or with Tarsi a decade ago.


Not anymore. Time takes its toll. 


"I ain't said nothin' about the damn Crusaders days today, have I, kid?" Zef bit back at his son. Yes, abandoning one daughter was not enough. There had to be a son abandoned as well. They had only recently met, but their striking facial resemblance did startle him. Sometimes Zef couldn't help but wonder whether if he was Mav's age he would've drawn faster than the time they acquainted each other a few weeks ago. 


" 's all good, kiddo." He nodded reassuringly at Yula. " You'll for sure be fine, I ain't riskin' your mothers headbutts again." That's karkin' sure.


"Just get this darn piece of scrap you've named Emily lead us to the jackpot and we'll bail off before your Jedi friends know what's goin' on." 


As much as he always emitted an intense dose of grumpiness, deep inside Zef felt, in a sense, fulfilled by uniting his family.


Even in the most ridiculous of ways.


I mean - kark Taungsgiving day, right?

Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

    Senior Assembly Member & Silver Jedi Ambassador

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Objective: Operation Bangarang.

Allies: Outer-Rim Coalition & The Jedi Alliance.

Opposition: The Sith Empire, Strider Garon & Friends.

Inventory: Jedi Commander Battle-ArmorLightsabers of SvivrenDefender of the LightPromissium Annulos.




Entry down upon Rhen Var would prove to be quite the wild ride as "The Judiciary" Heavy Assault Cruiser snapped into the sector out of hyperspace jump and immediately began preparing to deploy forces to the ground, Veiere Arenais among their number. Today's assignment was entirely voluntary and having not cleared his intentions with his peers, Veiere's orders to the crew were to get him in, and then get themselves back out as quickly as possible in order to deter any critical harm coming to a vessel of the Silver Jedi Fleet.


Loading up into one of the vessels Saotome Deployment Pods alongside a contingent of Antarian Rangers whom had also agreed to support the Outer-Rim Coalition, Veiere got himself to his seat and locked himself into his restraints as the count-down for the drop-pods ejection began to radio in overhead. It was his second time actually riding down upon one of these things; in most cases it was his command to initiate the drop but as Commander Vikras Ansion was now the acting CO in Veiere's place, all the Jedi Master had to worry about was not crashing into another vessel in their descent down until the cold world.


As if on queue, something heavy and metal sounded from above and gravity within the drop pod immediately swelled, pulling Veiere's feet from the ground, forcing his hands to reach for his restraining harness. Thrown from the Destroyer, the Drop-Pod's descent was swift and soon engulfed in brilliant flames as it hit orbit and began it's controlled fall through the cold winds of Rhen Var, fire's dying and smoke following in it's wake as it soared down for it's intended drop-zone. Dreypa's Peak, apparently the seat of Sith Influence over the World.




[Jedi Battle-Armor] ["The Judiciary" Heavy Cruiser] [Veiere's Silver Lightsaber]

~ The right course of action rarely comes with ease, and without personal sacrifice ~

Zak Amroth

Zak Amroth

    worst jedi

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Location: Lost Jedi City

Equipment: Expeditionary Suit, Hand Cannon, Lightsaber, Backup Piece, Extra Sabers

Allies: Coren Starchaser, Argis Volmir, Trash Family (Yula Perl, Zef Halo, Mav Vohaloveer)

Enemies: Kyrel Ren, Taeli Raaf



Zak wasn't afraid of no ghost.


At least that's what he kept repeating to himself, over and over. Tightening his parka around his neck, the Sheriff of Terminus willed himself to place one foot in front of the other. Ever since Echidna his tolerance for the supernatural was at an all time low. Treasure on the other hand, treasure was one of the few motivations he understood. So this particular treasure was buried somewhere inside a haunted ruin. He could handle ruins, and he wasn't afraid of no ghost. Maybe if he kept thinking it it would come true, like the secret.


"Teeming with what?" Amroth perked up, calling after Starchaser with wide eyes, "Teeming with what??"


They ignored him. Fair enough, he had been running his mouth without realizing it practically nonstop since they landed. He needed a drink. Consciously lagging behind the others to take a surreptitious swig of his smuggled flask, a glint of metal caught Zak's eye underfoot. Bending to scrape away the snow, he realized it was the broken hilt of an ancient lightsaber. His fingers brushed against it, and suddenly the world around the half-Kiffar changed.


He was no longer underground, and the city before him was no longer a ruin but radiant with life. A silent procession of brown robed figures marched towards the gates about twenty meters ahead. They were carrying something, something that radiated power. And then, just as quickly as the vision had come upon him, it was gone. He was kneeling in the snow, breathing heavily. Coren and his team were the only ones in sight.


"We're on the right track," he said after catching up to the Jedi Master, "Its this way, I'm sure of it."

Keira Cerdulan

Keira Cerdulan

    Beloved Renegade

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Location: Dreya’s Peak

Allies: TSE and Allies

Enemies: ORC and Allies

Tags: Scherezade deWinter


Keira Cerdulan, Imperial fighter ace, and self proclaimed best fighter pilot in the northernmost part of the Galaxy was many things, at the foremost of those things was how she was utterly horrendous at making good decisions. Entirely unaware of the incoming attack, the rambunctious pilot had sneaked out with a handful of her other military friends to partake in incredibly cheap alcohol that got one easily drunk. The stuff of the gods.


Of course, then came all the indicators and alarms that Rhen Var was under attack. Right as the messy looking Imperial was enjoying a rather pleasant dream in her cot, groaning the Imperial rolled out of her bed.


And right onto her face.


Grumbling and swearing she picked herself up and shaking her head. Keira moved to put on her flight suit, clicking on attachments, and sliding that ever familiar black suit back around her body. An ever striking mess that showed the true might of the Sith-Imperial Fighters guild! Her hair a complete mess, and her suit messily put on.


Where did she leave her ship again…


Rubbing her eyes briefly, Keira strapped a pistol at her side and briskly stepped out from the dormitory. Seemingly all but oblivious to the coming carnage, or maybe she simply just didn’t care enough...





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Operation: Deal with the altered deal

Allies: Kingsley, ORC by association

Enemies: The Sith currently aiming weapons


The Sith Official looked smug.


The dozen Sith troopers aiming their weapons looked intimidating.


The smuggler, Andan Solo, looked uncomfortable with his eyebrows furrowed and hands held up in the air. He spoke first.


"Look, we really don't have to do this," Andan muttered, casting a sidelong glance of annoyance at his companion, the avian alien Kingsley. "It's all just been a misunderstanding..."


"Oh really?" The Sith Official said, sneering. "So your being here, at the exact time an alert is raised for invading Outer Rim scum, is a coincidence?"


Andan gave a tip-lipped smile. "Well, yeah. I mean, why would we bother setting up a meeting for the... the thing, if we planned on being part of--"


"Silence!" The official roared, pointing his blaster harder. "You're clearly part of the invading forces and have attempted to lure myself into a cunning trap, due to my importance within the Sith Empire."


The smuggler let out a slow exhale.


The situation wasn't ideal, everyone could agree. What had originally been a simple-ish deal for the pair of smugglers to meet with a Sith official, corrupt and open to bribes, in order to attain an object of some worth for a client... had now turned into a poorly timed holdup that involved the pair of free traders being accused of taking part in the ORC forces that seemingly now invaded Rhen Var. The timing couldn't have been worse, really, considering the smugglers had up until recently been in another predicament, having escaped from a containment facility several systems away.


And now here they were, once again being held at blaster point, under threat of being detained. Again.


"Damnit, bird-brain," Andan muttered as he shook his head. "Why do I let you talk me into these things? I should have stayed in Sunspot Prison..."


Meanwhile, it seemed the Sith official had made his decision, and raised a hand toward his troopers.


"Well, nonetheless, you aren't worth the time it takes to complete the paperwork. Troopers, prepare to open fire on my mark."


Gritting his teeth, Andan's hands began to slowly lower, as he prepared to make a grab for his weapons. What he said had been true, Sunspot Prison was preferable to being blasted by trigger-happy and paranoid Sith, and for the pair to be in a situation that basically promised imminent death, it was all Andan could do to not reach over and strangle the avian standing beside him...

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Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

    Sith-Mandalorian Liaison

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Enemy: Jerec Asyr


Crimson Command would surge towards the fleet, scattering somewhat itself. The Sceltor and Corrupter focused on engaging the Nebula-class vessel that served as the flagship of this small-scale fleet, each vessel moving to flank the ship and trap it between the two so it could quickly be reduced to ashes. Each remaining XoXaan II chose to directly engage one of the Majestic-class vessels, the vessels pushing spare reactor power to the engines in order to increase their pursuit. This was a deliberate move on their part - upon entering medium range of the vessels, they would open fire with their whole hoipolloi of weapons, with most firepower coming from the solar ionization cannon batteries joined by the occasional inaccurate fire of the pulse cannons. The SBeams were not in a position to blast any of the vessels with an appropriate broadside yet.


The fighters would for the time being remain close, not wanting to be engaged by the corvettes and frigates whose anti-fighter defenses could cause them harm. Vanessa would order two things to occur - the first was that a variety of potent technoviruses, crafted through a combination of Sith sorcery and the most skilled of Imperial software manufacturers, would be readied for transmission to the enemy ships. Said viruses would wreak havoc on the enemy fleet - but first the XoXaans were scanning the enemy vessels and determining what transmission frequencies, for ship-to-ship communication as well as for other sensor-based or utilitarian purposes, were open. The second was that Vanessa would close her eyes and focus on the bridge of the Nebula-class ship, trying to sense who the captain was. If they were a Force-sensitive, this trick probably wouldn't work, but if they weren't... there was a potential way to break up the enemy's plans early in the fight, before they had the opportunity to gain momentum.


Crimson Command

Class | Name | Length | Shields | Hull

Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Sceltor | 1000m | 95 | 100 (Closing on D1, opening fire with all weapons except beam cannons at medium range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Corrupter | 1000m | 100 | 100 (Closing on D1, opening fire with all weapons except beam cannons at medium range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Achilles | 1000m | 100 | 100 (Closing on M1, opening fire with all weapons except beam cannons at medium range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Harrow​ | 1000m | 100 | 100 (Closing on M2, opening fire with all weapons except beam cannons at medium range)
Crimson Command XoXaan II-class Star Destroyer | Titan​ | 1000m | 100 | 100 (Closing on M3, opening fire with all weapons except beam cannons at medium range)

Ao Xian

Ao Xian

    Everyone Forgets the Tail Flick

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In Scene: Darth Carnifex Darth Morbus
Allies/Probably not Food: TSE

Enemies/Probably Food: ORC


Ao loathed everything about Rhen Var. 




Okay, so it was the cold. 


But that was essentially everything as far as the Xykan was concerned. 


She hadn't thought to ask when Carnifex had extended the invitation. Why would she? It barely even occurred to her that a frozen hell like this could even exist. At the moment she was shapeshifted into a human (ish) form. Tall and lithe with long red hair and oddly reptilian sapphire eyes. Why waste the energy to shift? Why bother?


Because they made clothes with little heaters in them for humanoids. 


No matter the form, however, Ao'Xian was still cold blooded and there was absolutely nothing about this trip that she was enjoying. 


So when uninvited guests arrived? 


She was already in an intensely bad mood. 


Ao had a tendency of lurking. Peering. Even in human form she somehow managed it around Kaine's shoulder, eyes following the slow slump of the body against the wall. Then her eyes rolled, an irritated look flashing across her face at the chortling of the repulsive twilek. Even for a mammal he was disgusting. Perhaps especially for a mammal. It was especially irritating because she had been about to approach the body. Not for much. Just a taste. Her nose shifted up slightly. The Xykan didn't share- it was easier to pretend she hadn't wanted any in the first place. In only a step she'd convinced herself of that easily. After all, it wasn't her kill, and she was not a scavenger. 


(As the warmth bled away into the chill floor though, there was remorse for the waste.)




Rian Taske

Rian Taske
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Mission: Sabotage Generators. Don't die. 

Specific Location: Dangling about 100 meters over the side of a wall -> Geothermal Basement

Person of Interest: Itash Mecetti

Allies: ORC

Enemies: TSE


"Down the wall. That's all. Just. Down the wall. Nothing to fuss. Just. Down. The. Wall-"


"Gilbert will you please just shove a sock in it already?"


Rian's feet, the crampons on her feet biting into the ice that coated the wall. Peering up at how far they'd already come, she shifted, shaking out the rope in her off hand before peering down to see just how far they had to go. Three of them were working their way down to a vent, only a few meters below them, that would lead down into the geothermal depths below the Dreypa's peak installation. Their intel didn't include where the back up generators were (hell, they didn't include that any existed, but it was a safe assumption, a place like this), but she couldn't worry about that now. 


She and her team were tasked with turning the lights out. Once they were down there the nervous nelly of a slicer, Gil, would figure out where the back ups were, while 'Shua, a rather taciturn bothan, set the charges on the main. Relatively simple. 


Yeah right. 


Settling her feet at the mouth of the vent, Rian steadied Gil as he made position, followed a moment later by 'Shua. 


"Alright, wait for my all clear, then follow," she instructed. 


Rian? Rian was there to make sure they didn't get killed. Assuming they all didn't. Shifting to wiggle through the vent, she was engulfed in hot, humid air, a stark contrast to the freezing dryness of the outside. With a deep breath, the smell of sulfur filling her nose, Rian pushed herself through. It took a minute to travel down the sloping passage. All of the members of this team were small- had to be to make it through. Reaching the bottom grate, she set her shoulder against it. Sliding her arm through, she jimmied it open, keeping a grip on it when it came loose to keep it from clattering to the floor somewhere below. Peering down, she realized rather FAR below. 


"Kark," she muttered without real conviction or malice. Reaching down, she clicked her comm once, then three times. 


Setting up another rope down as the other two made the passage, Rian wondered absently just how difficult it would be to reach where ever the back up generators were, once they were done here. 


They didn't know where those were.


But it wasn't the only thing they didn't know.


They weren't alone down here. And as the trio started to shimmy their way from the base of the vent to the ground half a dozen meters below, someone was watching

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    Chew Toy

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Blinking lights signaled with blaring alarms all around the cockpit. Wrist dipped before punching the throttle. Fingers danced acrossscreens. The steering mEchanism slammed to the left right before flipping the to the opposite side sending the vessel into the tight u turn. The enemy vessel that had engaged pulled up.

fingers twitched on the triggers

"For god sake. Even if you did steal it you don't have to drive it like you did!"


Ropes of burn bright spit in front of the ship peppering it's wing sending the vessel into an uncontrolled spinning decline. Alarms cut through the screams. Wrist flipped to the left then jammed upward. RAcket's palm slammed hard. The thrusters dissengaged. Fingers danced on the screen right before.



The entire vessel shook violently as sparks flew in all directions.

"What are you doing??!!!"


Racket had engaged thrusters on only one side of the vessel. The results, a ship spinning violently and effectively turning it's non engaged wing into weapon. The weapon had slammed into an unsuspecting enemy vessel that lost control and flew into another.

RAcket's vessel shot through the flames of the aftermath both thrusters fully engaged.

Alarms blared. Lights flashed.


"Now you've done it. Enemy vessel are locking on"

"HoW FaR FRoM THe SuRFaCe?!!"

"What kind of a question is that! You're in space!"


Wrist jammed the the throttle punching the engines. Palm flipped sending his vessel shooting downward into a barrel role as it broke through the atmosphere. Flecks of light zipped past his cockpit.


"They are shooting at us! Oh god. Missile fired."



"100 meters"

The steering mechanism shook violently as the vessel cut through the atmosphere that was growing thicker by the second.


"50 meters"

Embers on the cig stick in the rodents mouth burned red hot.

"20 METERS!!!!!!"




One hand disengaged the throttle as the second slammed his open palm down on the eject button.





Location: Lost Jedi City

Allies: Coren Starchaser, Argis Volmir, Trash Family (Yula Perl, Zef Halo, Mav Vohaloveer)

Enemies: Kyrel Ren, Taeli Raaf




The Racmeer's body shot from the cockpit into the blistering cold atmosphere of the planet he was impregnating with his presence.


Flames burst. Light dimmed the surface that his tiny body was hurtling towards. The wind rushed around his limbs with a powerful force. THiS MuST Be WHaT THoSe GLoW RoDS PLaY WiTH.....

The thought lasted as quickly as it came. Burning chunks of metal and fuel wizzed past him. Two pieces hitting him in the back.

White snow capped mountains grew closer every moment.



The button on his chest clicked under the weight of his open palm. The weight of the harness around his body yanked hard all around him halting the progression of the surface for the moment. With nothing more than a passing glance the rodent witnessed the top of his parachute burst into bright blue flames. Beskar filled his palm as he yanked the blade from his belt and swung his arm above his body cutting himself from the burning death trap. His body toppled forward.






All he could do was take a guess at what would come next. The button on his chest made the familiar sound from the time before. A taste of vomit began to fill his mouth. Liquid spewed from his nostrils. The harness yanked hard all over his body signaling his spare chute had deployed. Freezing white semi hard, supposed to be softness, engulfed his body.

Pain. White cold, turn to water in his mouth, muted his screams.

Racket pulled his body from the snow and sheathed his Beskar.

"PieCe oF CaKe."

The pupils of the rodent nearly consuming the entirety of his eye.

The burning husk of the ship that had landed before him let out a explosion sending a ball of flame into the sky and a shock wave that punched him in the back.


"Indeed sir. It was clear to us all you had nothing to do with it."

Karen's voice spoke casually into his ear piece as Racket took off towards the others who had actually been instructed to make it to the surface.

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[color=#ffa500;]Racket Speed -[/color] http://i.minus.com/iUD2eXgbhNjln.gif

Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

    Buy'ce olar, kar'ta ogir

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Objective: Beat back the ORC invaders


Location: Fell Star


Allies: Sith


Enemies: ORC


Weapons: In Bio under “Things always with Adenn” ; Aegis Eternum in BIO and SIG


Links: Boarding Shields; Beskad Elite; Beskad Warriors; Aegis Eternum


Post: 1


Rhen Var, a cold ice planet, one that was on par with Hoth, perhaps even worse depending on who one asked. But whatever one might consider the planet, it was one that the Sith Empire had interest in. So when the ORC had decided to invade, people within the ME had been informed. They had been allowed to go and help their allies, to go and help beat back the invaders from the ice planet. Sure, they may have known of the attack beforehand, but the exact day of it, that was unknown. So Adenn hadn’t gone yet, but he was waiting with his men, the most elite of his clan. But when the call came from them, Adenn had jumped at the chance to help out their allies. That was how he found himself here, low orbit of Rhen Var, about to jump to the planet below.


Adenn stood in the drop bay of the Aegis Eternum, around him were 25 Beskad Warriors, and 5 Beskad Elite, and next to him stood Gunner, his second in command. There were some “regular” Mandalorian troops as well, but they all had the black and red color scheme of Clan Mortui. These men had been ready for an hour already, but only five minutes ago had the call come that they were near Rhen Var. What happened out in space was of little concern to Adenn, he had utmost trust in his captain; but what happened on the surface, that would be far more direct and important for his men and he.


Thus, the moment that the captain said they were there, everyone boarded their drop pods. Calculations had already pre-planned drop locations. Thus, once the Aegis Eternum was in orbit, having made its way past any battling ships, it deployed the drop pods within its hold to the planets surface. They whistled through the cold air, shrugging off enemy fire, before they landed hard on the planets surface.


The pods had been aimed towards a smaller side entrance of the Lost Jedi City. It was an entrance that also lead into the caves below, which would be useful in flanking the enemy. Of course they’d have to find the enemy first. Reports indicated that enemy forces had moved into the tunnels and were headed towards the ruins and that simply wouldn’t do. Thus, Adenn and his men set out, deep towards the heart of the temple.


With the five Beskad Elite were directly behind and next to Adenn, the Beskad Warriors had evenly dispersed throughout the rest of the group. They had their shields up, and their guns out. All of the Beskar Warriors/Elites had Devastator Assualt Canons and Boarding Shields out and ready. Anything that attacked them would hit a wall of beskar and be met by withering return fire, but no enemy had shown up yet. But the tunnels amplified sound, and it sounded as if there were people nearby, though whether friend or foe remained to be seen. For now though, Adenn and his men would continue their march, eyes sharp and gaze ever scanning, they were ready for anything.




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Objective: Operation Bangarang.

Allies: Outer-Rim Coalition, The Jedi Alliance, Veiere Arenais Rian Taske Andan Solo Jend-Ro Quill Kyle Farnes Scherezade deWinter

Ardasz Verd Rian Taske

Opposition: The Sith Empire Darth Morbus, Ao Xian Keira Cerdulan 

Undecided How I Feel: Janick Beauchamp


Nervously Ladro watched as Jedi, Soldiers, and anyone else who was willing to fight climbed into their pods on the ships hovering above the white planet. Shallow breathes and words of encouragement was all that was left to prepare them for battle. Battle? Where were the rest of the soldiers?! A reflection of his own face caught his eye.... BLEEEEP.



The pod slammed hard into the surface. Was he alive? No time for questions. His legs dropped him to the bottom of the coffin sized vessel. Controlled explosions blew the door of the pod off letting in a rush of cold air. Streaks of lasers blew through the open face of the pod Ladro had just been kneeling in. Cold air rushed in and out of his face. His legs moved as fast as humanly possible. OFF GUARD MY A... the voice of a soldier charging into battle cut off before the rest could be expressed. Sprinting as fast as he could. His legs tucked underneath his butt sending his body into a feet first slide on the ice. The pistols in his hands opened fire towards a group of enemies across the battle field who were firing into unsuspecting pods of his comrads. The assassin slammed his fist into the ground giving him just enough lift and leverage for his feet to catch sending him into a dead sprint once again towards cover.

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Arcanus Sunstrider

Arcanus Sunstrider

    The Echo of What Once Was

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Objective: Breach the Mountainside Installation.

Allies: Outer Rim Coalition. 

Enemies: The Sith Empire.




Subsequently following the tragic events that transpired on Mon Calamari, I found myself with a plethora of time to think. The grievous wound that the ambitious Sun Guard warrior inflicted left me in bacta-soaked bandages for months; unable to move. I spent that lengthy respite contemplating the choice I made, after the downfall of the Galactic Republic and the sundering of our Order. Never again would I grace the battlefield with the intent to take another's life. Yet, with the battles of Skor II and countless others behind me; I found myself facing the temptation to sever one's mortal coil in order to save countless others. It would’ve been easier to cut down those that opposed me, but it would also harrow what was left of my soul to the very core. We Jedi were taught to kill as a last resort. 

What would I become if I started to justify the means to an end without trying the peaceful resolution first? The answer was simple, in a way. I wouldn’t be who the Force wished me to be. I wouldn’t be able to stand amongst my kin and call myself a Jedi. 
After spending countless hours mulling over my place amongst the stars, and ensuring the wound that damned Thyrsian inflicted healed properly, I found myself back in Coalition space. Some would say that was a fortuitous turn of events, as there were those within that Organization that wanted me to volunteer for their incursion into Sith Empire space. Supposedly, it was said that there was an ancient artifact that dwelled beneath the surface of Rhen Var. A curio that couldn’t be allowed to fall into the hands of the Sith, no matter the cost. They already had an overwhelming advantage with their seemingly unstoppable war machine, but with that relic? It’d be nigh-impossible to halt them in their tracks without sacrificing half of the known universe. Therefore, a pre-emptive strike needed to be made.
At first, I wasn’t fond of the idea. It reeked of the wayward and perverted notions of the corrupted New Jedi Order. They actively sought out the darkness, and forcibly brought those embraced by the darkness beyond into the light. They did so with arcane contraptions that made my skin crawl just thinking of them, let alone seeing them with my own eyes. While I’m sure their intentions were justified and their heart was in the right place… Magma cells weren’t the best choice in enlightening those enslaved by their darkest emotions; no matter the results. I wasn’t a Crusader, and I did my damnedest to ensure that I wouldn’t be ensnared by such notions of purity and zeal like those who swore their blades to the Galactic Alliance.
However, with that being said, I also understood the political shift in the Galaxy’s balance of power. The Sith Empire had the largest sphere of influence, now that the First Order fell. They were uncontested for Galactic Dominance, with their rivals finding themselves falling leagues behind on the political spectrum. I could only imagine what horrors would be wrought upon the innocent, who only wished to be left alone to live out their days in relative peace. Thus, after some time, I eventually came around to accepting my place within the Coalition’s elite strike-team. While I was far from the only Force-wielder to grace their number, it felt somewhat comforting to see that I wasn’t the only Jedi taking to the field. 
Only somewhat.
When the time came to board our transport and commence the operation, I found myself - yet again - with plenty of time to think, and to finally change out of my tattered flight suit. That trusty article of clothing had seen me through the worst of times, but there was only so much it could do against the biting cold of Rhen Var. Therefore, I needed something a bit more insulated. Enter the military-issue, thermal body glove. It was formerly apart of an Alliance SpecForce kit that was salvaged from their Federation’s collapse and found new life in service to the government in exile. Now, this lifeless article covered my scarred flesh and would shield me from the elements. 
In addition to that black bodystocking, I was given a set of robes from my newfound comrades. They were plain, and manilla, but they would mark me out as a Jedi; no more than the dangling, extinguished hilt of ‘Calvesol’ did already. It was fitting, I supposed, that I made my return to the battlefield dressed in the religious attire of my ancestors. There were even some choice comments from the strike-team, saying that they couldn’t imagine me so cleanly presented, what with my freshly-shaven visage and pressed tunic. That was the last time I saw many of those brave men and women smiling with amusement and joy sparkling behind their collective eyes. As dark, and depressing as it is to say such words -- they were the unadulterated truth. 
It was the reality of our situation, and it would do those that perished a disservice if I - or anyone else - sought to romanticize their last moments together. For when we made the translation into realspace, we found ourselves suddenly embraced by chaotic tides of conflict; when none should’ve been found. It was disheartening to see that our operation was already beset by setbacks, but there was no turning back now. We were here now, and the mission needed to be complete; one way or another. 
Then, as we soared towards the surface, everything became a blur as one action bled into another. It left me with little time to process what transpired, let alone understand what happened. I was acting on instinct, making sure that the others and myself would remain standing long enough to make the rapid descent towards the planet, and the installation thereafter. When that appointed moment arrived, and the deck was swept with pulsating emerald lights, there was little hesitation amongst our number. We rushed forward, racing towards the metallic lip of the hangar deck, before wholly committing ourselves to the drop with open arms. Once we were free of the Corvette, our strike-team knifed its way towards the surface - separating from one another as Coalition starfighters swooped low to tangle with the various aerial emplacements below.
My landing was uneventful at first, as I drifted off-course to avoid a passing starfighter and came down near one of the Installation’s exterior generators. While it was seemingly fortunate, the Force had seen fit to place me away from my comrades. For what purpose? I couldn’t say, nor did I really seek to ponder on the reality of my situation. There would be another time for that. Instead, I busied myself with ditching my grav-chute and taking stock of my position. Knee-deep in the snow, and surrounded by those that would doubtlessly seek to end my life wasn't the ideal place to be in, but alas. With those thoughts in mind, I rushed forward - allowing the ambient energies of the Force to mingle with the fibrous chords of my disciplined musculature. There was a sentry nearby that I could risk alerting, but as soon as I drew close… it wouldn't have mattered anyway. 
Someone set the generator to overload, and when it detonated - it stole the ground from the Sentry and me - callously scattering us across the mountainside.
Either because I was too stubborn to die, or because I allowed myself to become one with the ever-shifting tides of the Force, I was safeguarded from harm. My robes were another story, however, as the right and back sides were scorched; followed by billowing tails of smoke, seemingly visible in the embrace of drifting snow. Rousing myself to my feet, I found the Sith-Imperial Sentry not too far away. Blood marked the exterior of his battle armour, and as I rolled his shoulder back, I found the source protruding from his neck. The man was alive, but barely. His very essence spurred across the snow, painting it in a vital shade of crimson. I couldn't see his face, but the curses he choked were audible through his sundered helmet. 
This dying soldier villainized me for his demise and swore that his comrades would avenge him for my misdeeds. It didn't matter that I took no part in landing the blow that slew him. I was the embodiment of evil in his dying eyes, and the last thing he would see before entering Death's cold embrace. Therefore, I felt nothing but pity as he took his last breath. Things could've ended differently, and the man would've still been alive to tell the tale of how he was spared by a Jedi. Alas, such a future was not for him, and in recognition of that, I whispered a silent prayer; hoping that he'd find peace in the veil beyond reality. With such words spoken, and my surroundings brightened by the remains of an overloaded generator - I regained my swift pace as I trudged through the snow towards the facility.
The freezing atmosphere didn't bother me much, thanks to my newly acquired clothes, but the warm breath still misted the air before my mouth as I surged forward. While I could possibly live an entire lifetime embraced by the snow, and be nothing more than comfortably numb; I would've been letting my team down. I was certain that they would forge ahead without me, but the Coalition needed every-able bodied person they could muster. Especially when faced against the might of the Sith Empire, and their relentless war machine. So, I squashed such an enticing notion from my conscious mind, replacing it with the various details that encompassed my surroundings. There were several small skirmishes nearby, along with soaring starfighters overhead; who ran strafing missions on aerial emplacements, allowing for transports to proceed towards the surface. 
I couldn’t see much more than that, as the snow kicked but by the aerial duels and the mountainside thereafter obscured much of my vision. It wasn’t the most ideal situation to find oneself in, but being deep behind enemy lines with spotty communications and nothing more than his skills to keep himself company? That was far from the worst scenario I could imagine. I knew, that at least with an enemy-held stronghold ahead, that I was headed in the right direction. It wouldn't be long now until I reached an exterior access tunnel, and forced my way in soon after. 


Signature made by Huxy and Avatar made by Romi Jade.


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ENEMY: Vanessa Vantai

Aviccu, Jerec realized, was taking a serious risk upon himself and his command ship. The Nebula designated D1, fighters still in its hangars, was facing down two XoXaans by itself. It couldn't last long.

Long enough, though. The other three XoXaans had committed to getting kited. The faster Majestics were now running away at pretty much the exact same speed as the XoXaans and their hard burn. That consistent distance, just outside standard weapons range, severely blunted the edge of the XoXaans’ guns - but was quite comfortable for the Majestics’ long-range cannons, quite a few of which could point backward. Meanwhile Jerec's own X1 and the other support ships maintained the ‘bubble’ - the vaguely spherical formation around the Sith fleet, outside standard weapons range. The only ORC ship inside the bubble - inside the effective range of the Sith guns - was D1, the Nebula.

Everything was going great until the ECM and comms security panels lit up like Life Day trees.

Far away, at the corner of Jerec's field of view, frigate K3 detonated abruptly as malicious data cracked its reactor safeguards. Everyone started talking at once, but Aviccu's voice cut through. “Sandworm,” he said. That was all he needed to say.

These ships had solid information security measures. By and large, they'd held back the Sith data weapon, but couldn't hold for long. Hence the order to cut comms and follow the plan called Starburst. Half the noise disappeared. The other half started to calm down. Jerec listened with half an ear. Starburst meant he had an awful lot of other things to do.

For one thing, while only the Majestics had weapons that could operate at these distances, every ship in TF Scarlet carried long-range anti-missile EM probes. In bulk.

Granted, nobody was firing missiles. Jerec wasn't even sure XoXaans HAD missiles, though you never knew with modded versions like this. But a few hundred agile little ECM spoofers would make a stupid amount of sensor noise as they converged on the XoXaans from all directions.

The XoXaans, and their relatively close-to-the-chest starfighter screen.

This part of Starburst didn't really have a hope of blinding the big ships, even if it might throw off targeting or some such. No, the goal was to rattle those pilots, get them on edge about what might be hiding in the incoming wave of noise and sensor contacts. Maybe even get them running into each other, in a perfect galaxy.

And as the confusion converged and the kiting Majestics kept hammering the XoXaans with big, nasty, basically unanswerable guns, Aviccu's battered Nebula flickered away into hyperspace.

OOC note: The first wave of EM probes, which is the only one this post covers, is basically harmless and there's nothing hiding in it.

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Rhen Var

ALLIES: Taeli Raaf

ENEMIES: Coren Starchaser

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve Fell Star





Her eye-lashes melded into one another just as the air snipped at the surface of her face.


She scouted a few feet ahead of the expedition, on the very edge of the open maw; she froze. Pressing her boot down, she was digging for some sort of grip against the cool rock. A slight pivot would put her back against the wind, and with a new found resolve she spotted the cave opening - it was a hard look. 
Something deep down had suddenly set off her senses . . . and as she waited, she heard it again.
The soft, distant whine of air... Nothing was visible, but the sound was definitely coming closer. Or seemed to.

"Keep the skies here clear, don't let a single enemy fighter or shuttle land here,"

A beat.
Then, she'd look over her shoulder before shooting a quick glance upward. Abruptly, her senses flared again; From deep in the cave to her right something corrupted shot past, flapping a puff of dank air into her face as it swooped past her head and darted back down into the maw. It was almost as if something had woken up...

Just across the landing were a group with which she, was familiar....or at least she thought she was.


That would reaffirm that she'd be crossing paths with other familiar faces soon enough.

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Dreypa's Peak
Post 2

Enemies : Outer-Rim Coalition, The Jedi Alliance, Sol Stazi Veiere Arenais Rian Taske Andan Solo Jend-Ro Quill Kyle Farnes Ardasz Verd Rian Taske

War had come to Rhen Var, and that suited Kaine Australis just fine and dandy. Despite the Sith-Imperial military presence, the enemy had successfully made landfall, and by now, he had no doubt, had begun to breach the facility, hoping to take advantage of the confusion. He remained calm and patient, waiting for the enemy to come to him. He had no doubt he was warmer than they were, Rhen Var was bloody cold, and he was glad of the beskar'gam and its environmental systems.


Soon enough, his patience was rewarded, as dozens of aliens and humans in various wargear, quite visibly not Imperial in nature, began to enter his line of fire.

Kaine's finger went to the trigger of Erymanthian and he sighted in on his first targets. From above, unbeknownst to the enemy, the shots were child's play for a skilled marksman.


Wakey wakey.


One, two three, his finger pulled the trigger, sending armor piercing penetrators downrange at high mach speeds. He went for center mass, no need for headshots, and took three soldiers, each on the run. Three hits, three down. And Kad knew how many more coming behind them. He found out a moment later as the remaining enemy on the ground took umbrage at the loss of three of their own, and let fly at Kaine. The booming report of Erymanthian was most unsubtle.

Kaine ducked to avoid return fire, as blasterbolts assailed his position, up on the catwalks. Bent double, he ran back along the catwalk to another platform, which had an equally good view of the ground level. 

More enemy soldiers were entering the area, and he had no doubt things would get up close and personal soon, but for now, he was content to pick off the enemy at range, harrass them, and disrupt their objectives. He flicked over to the Sith Imperial frequency he'd been given.

::This is Australis. Enemy troops have breached the facility. Engaging.:: That would do, he wasn't here to give orders or lead soldiers, this was going to be just himself, his experience, and his own weapons against the enemy; a freedom not often availed to a man with so many responsibilites. And he was going to enjoy himself, kad damn it all.


'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'


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Jedi City

Allies: ORC Zak Amroth Racket the Sweet Rabbit Argis Volmir, and the Trash Famiily Yula Perl Zef Halo Mav Vohaloveer

Enemies: Sith and other Perversions on the Force Taeli Raaf Romi Jade Kyrel Ren


Anyone could feel that, there was a bit of corruption in the City. This place, underground, removed him from seeing the sun, which wasn’t any concern, but just one of those things he had to remind himself, he’d be fine with. But the darkness was coming, and he was going to have to do what he could. There were various teams from the Coalition, and if he could pull off what he was hoping, then they’d be fine. Hell, he wasn’t sure they all knew he was the one taking point on this. Within the Coalition, he helped monitor the Shattered Order/Jedi Covenant… oh that was one of the Perls.


“Isn’t that your task, and I’m keeping them busy?” He said to the group. “Just stick with your teams.” He extended the hilt of his lightsaber, not igniting it, but now it took on the guise of a pike. If worse came to worse, he can still use it to bludgeon someone. As he felt Zak approach, he shook his head and spoke off the commlink, just person to person.


The Kiffar was looking at something. “Sith.” Was how Coren answered him, keeping his reply short knowing that the Force worked different for the Sheriff of Nottingham here. He took a second, when he found it, to reach ahead of them. For Coren, and possibly Zak, the goal was to take the fight to the dark siders. Being a lightning rod of the Force should provide some form of cover while he triggered the Sith.


“This is going to end in a fight.” He said, maybe to Zak, maybe to just himself.But his grip tightened on the Pike.




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Location: Fancy Office

Objective: Double Cross Andan Idiot's Array

Allies: Andan Solo

Enemies: The Sith Empire



Previously on the Adventures of Andan and Kingsley...


"Its not my fault!" Kingsley shouted over the sound of las fire, "He said he'd be here!"


"Well he's not!" the captain of the Corellian's Luck snapped back at him, concentrating on maneuvering the formerly impounded swoop bike through narrow station corridors.


"Rrrawk! I'm almost positive I paid him back for the last job!" he shrugged when Andan glared over at him, then picked up the autocannon and whirled back around, "Motherkaaaarkeeeersss!"


Kingsley unleashed a swathe of las bolts in a sweeping arc back and forth across the corridor, sending prison security diving for cover. Molten slag reflected off his sunglasses, purloined along with Andan's from fellow inmates their first day here. Hysterical laughter could barely be heard over the heavy repeater's crescendo.


"I swear," Solo scowled, "this is the last time I listen to another one of your ridiculous ideas!"


And Now For Our Feature Presentation...



"Damnit, bird-brain. Why do I let you talk me into these things? I should have stayed in Sunspot Prison..."


"Its not my fault!" Kingsley cawed.


"Well, nonetheless, you aren't worth the time it takes to complete the paperwork," their not so polite anymore host announced, "Troopers, prepare to open fire on my mark."


"If we're gonna go out," he winked at Andan before slipping back on his sunglasses, "We may as well go out in style."


"Oh, shoot them already!" the corrupt bureaucrat cried.


"Ninja vanish!" the bird shouted at the same time, and threw one of the stun pearls he had pilfered from Yula Perl before his delivery to Sunspot Prison.


A brilliant flash of light erupted in the center of the room, blinding every Imperial and covering them all in bright multicolored reflective glitter. Ah yes, he forgot that some of them did that. Andan had drawn his blaster in a flash, dropping two legionnaires before they realized what hit them. Kingsley yanked his blunderbuss free and didn't even bother to aim before firing, catching another pair in the same blast wave. With the tables turned on their host, the three men all covered in glitter found themselves in a tense stand off.


"So...the deal's off, then?" Kingsley asked, cocking his head to the side.


Andan sighed.


"Rrrawk, what?!"

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Objective: Survival - will either move to the Peak or Star in the next post or two

Current location: Open ice field

Allies: ORC and its allies

Enemies: Usually the Sith


The snow was beautiful for one half hour she loved it and then as the cold seeped into her bones she hated it with the utmost passion. The students were patting themselves in an attempt to keep warm, good idea. “Okour object survive the cold and get to target A.” The deal had been struck about maximum time. “So, let’s get moving we’ll get to the first stop in four hours set up camp”


The first day had been about settling in as the newness wore off, and she was busy showing them about changing their socks, keep drinking even though its cold, and moving would keep the blood moving. That was the easy stuff.


Fighting cold, and their own minds something different.


Rekha stood still with one thought - Cold.


Baby its cold outside there wasn’t a song in the galaxy that was going to let her forget that her nose was tingling and her toes could barely wiggle.             

More cold, thinking to herself, I’m cold, I’m really cold….I hate coldGlares at the snow in front of her an enemy minuscule as it was, it came in the thousands, no millions there was no overcoming it there was only getting through it.


Flashes back to a conversation a week earlier


“it will be good for you, a challenge. You’re always wanting a challenge, and if you take some students with you it will be good for them. Show them how charming you can be” Coren Starchaser “Right” it was a flat deadpan answer she gave him. See he was schmoozing her. Did it really take a lot for him to convince her, sometimes..but she did have her new pair of Merr-Sonn Blasters she could take along. “I hate that I allow you to do this…” Shaking her head knowing she had lost before she had even begun the discussion, “Volunteers, no more than 3.”She needed a drink, “I hate you” they both laughed cause they both knew it was a lie.


She should have remembered the last time she let Coren talk her into something it involved purgills, and death and blowing things up…well…most of it was fun just not watching purgills die and then her companions ate them.


She looked up, the skies were clear. That was the best thing about this she thought even as she pulled her cold weather gear closer to her. She had made a deal to work their way to the old ruins, and get picked up there in five days.


Little did Rekha know how much things were going to change in the manner of the day.


OK…who can tell me which way we need to go to keep on track”


Melody a human female was bubbly with soft brown eyes that told Rekha a different story. The girl had seen it whatever it was and it had left a mark. Probably why she was in ORC territories.


Now Simon was the geeky science guy he could reason anything out but he had little experience in the world or galaxy. He had blue eyes that smiled when he did there was nothing fake about the boy.


But now Andres he was a cagey kinda guy spoke when spoken to, helped when needed, but quiet a the early morning. She had not figured him out yet.


Then there was her. Brunette. Green eyes. Business Owner. Warden. Teacher. And….whatever else she needed to be, sometimes a smuggler, once upon a spy, and usually friendly in the over the top get on your nerves kinda way.Took getting to know her for her not to annoy you. She was devoted though, loyal to a fault, and complained about everything even when she didn’t mean it. She tried to give people what they wanted. Sarcasm came free.


She brought no alcohol this time, in the cold that would kill them. But…they were getting ready for the second part of their journey.Melody had come up beside her pointing off in the distance, “you said keep a landmark in mind when lost to keep us on course…we go that way, towards the mountain with the jagged top.”


Rekha nodded, looking back, “everyone agree?” That was the other thing about survival decisions made by a group since resources were usually low and one wrong decision could get them all killed.


Rekha wore a tracking device though, and so did the others within their ORC patches…she wouldn’t lose them.


Nods from the boys, “ok…off we go”

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Post 1

Equipment: CS-21 Combat Stealth Suit, CS-28/47 “Predator” Advanced Combat Rifle w/ Sonic Dissipating Silencer and Combat Scope, ACS-208 Wrist Charric, Flayer Tactical Combat Knife (2), ODM System, Corvus-type Chronometer, 1 Sonic Grenade, 1 Class-A Thermal Detonator

Location: Dreypa’s Peak, Rhen Var

Allies: ORC, Scherezade deWinter Sol Stazi Jend-Ro Quill Janick Beauchamp Ardasz Verd Cyran Vaas Kyle Farnes Veiere Arenais Andan Solo Rian Taske Ladro Arcanus Sunstrider Kingsley

Enemies: TSE, Kaine Australis Darth Carnifex Ao Xian Darth Morbus Keira Cerdulan


Yet again, Celessa had been deployed on another mission with her idol and informal mentor, Scherezade deWinter. When she had first heard of the redhead assassin, she had thought that the woman would be grim, silent, and as cold as the air on Dreypa’s Peak. Instead, she had discovered an energetic and cheerful woman, who loved violence because of the sheer rush of adrenaline it gave her. Even so, every time the woman cracked a joke or made a silly quip, Celessa was still caught off-guard by her ability to inject humor into an otherwise cold situation. Celessa had been engineered for submissiveness and deference (while also retaining the traits required of a professional assassin). As such, hearing jokes and humor in unexpected contexts always confused her. Was she supposed to laugh? Cry? Agree? Respond with her own joke? Or perhaps say nothing at all? She realized that her confused and awkward reactions to Scherezade’s unexpected quips was likely one of the reasons why the tall redhead kept saying them to her at such inopportune moments.


“You’re funny!” Celessa replied in a distinctly awkward fashion as confusion came over her. Beneath her helmet, Celessa could not help but to blush as the two word response dropped from her lips. The diminutive assassin was so confused that she could not even put together a coherent sentence in response to the joke. She let loose a forced laugh as well for good measure, but it ended just as quickly to be followed by a strange silence.


After a short moment, Celessa thought to change the subject. With the combat just beginning to intensify around them, Celessa knew that the time to act was fast approaching. Her ruby eyes focused on the various sensors displayed on her HUD, mostly intent on searching for Sith-Imperial positions and chokepoints. Although she and her partner were close to the Coalition landing zones (and by extension close to friendly Coalition forces), danger was all around them. It wouldn’t take long for Sith-Imperial snipers to establish the necessary positions to take shots down at Coalition infantry. That was the nature of a direct assault on a fortress situated within a mountain. The attackers were almost always going to sustain more casualties than the defenders, unless the defenders were grossly incompetent or severely outmatched.


Unfortunately, the Sith-Imperial forces were far and away above that standard.


“Are we still going to attempt an infiltration into the fortress?” Celessa asked the taller woman as she pulled her combat rifle from the magnetic holding strip on her suit. “The assault could be good cover for us, and we could get inside under their noses if we stay clear of any potential lines of sight.”

Darth Prazutis

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Aboard the Goliath



Something felt wrong.


The Goliath-class Super Star Dreadnought was the pinnacle of firepower in the Sith-Imperial Military. It was the ultimate symbol of Sith superiority, flagship of the Shadow Hand Darth Prazutis. All throughout its cavernous halls crew toiled, the best that the Sith Navy had to offer. But all throughout the halls something felt very wrong. The lights felt like they couldn't entirely reach every corner of the halls, shadows were just a little darker. Above all in the silence hushed whispers could be heard day and night, at any given time especially when it was quiet, screams and cries without sources and shadows that moved too and fro throughout the cavernous maze. The truth was that the entire ship and everything inside it was utterly saturated with the dark side of the force, a storm, a dark side nexus. If one hung around the crew long enough they would hear the stories of how the halls of the Goliath were haunted by ghosts, death echoes of trapped spirits executed by the ships master.


There was truth among legend.


Before its completion millions of captured prisoners, both jedi and the soldiers who fought alongside them were packed tight inside the halls of the super star dreadnought and mass sacrificed. In one fell swoop all life died aboard the ship their spirits ground into the fuel that would become an increadibly powerful dark side nexus, the dominion of the Deathlord, the Lord of Lies. In the halls of his flagship the light truly, completely died and drowned in a sea of the endless void. In his domain monsters roamed as cult members walked alongside monsters, sithspawned beasts, elite Crownguard and a full Onslaught Corps of the Blackblade Guard were few of many who manned the flagship of the Zambrano Sovereign. When the attack came on Rhen Var the Goliath was in relative proximity through imperial space, intel flagged by analysts ensured that instead of being caught far off he arrived shortly before the arrival of the Outer Rim Coalitions forces.


The Shadow Hand sat in his sanctum atop a massive throne of black-iron inlaced with crimson energy, clad in dark armor his sight extended far beyond the material walls of his ship. The visage of AQUILA the artificial intelligence and captain of the ship appeared in front of him, a crimson hued life sized hologram of an epicanthix stylized to look like an avatar of Nereus appeared. "Your Majesty we have exited hyperspace, Onslaught Corps Two is mustering and your personal shuttle has been prepared and Death Squadron is ready." AQUILA said in the mechanical, demonized voice. It worked with its master long enough to anticipate his needs, one of the strengths of the advanced AI it was always learning. "Excellent AQUILA. Prepare all of my designated force attachments to accompany the Blackblades to the surface. Inform my niece that her presence is...requested in the throne room." Darth Prazutis said. Briefly his attention was pulled away as a flicker of warning came through the force, his foresight into the future brought warnings of danger coming in his future, its true origin unknown.


Something was coming.


Zark | Elani Zambrano



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