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We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

* * * * * 1 votes ORC TSE Rhen Var invasion Outer Rim Coalition The Sith Empire waaaagh

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Ardasz Verd

Ardasz Verd

    Te Net'ra Lacub'ik

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"Don't bother, bur'cya," Ardasz warned. "He's got his orders. You're the enemy." He watched the foreign Mandalorian in his HUD and took stock of his weaponry. Not the bare bones kit he had brought along for this ride- no, this man (Strider Garon ) had come ready for war, to wipe out an enemy. So, it seemed the Sith wanted to send a message.

"Go left," was all the Verd clansman said as he exploded into motion. Taking the right hand side split the other Mando's attention, and while he had a HUD to compensate for that, a Jedi on the other end complicated things. Not to mention, Ardasz brought his own kind of heat to the table.

Ol' Faithful barked once, at about ten feet out. Instead of aiming for Strider, Ardasz shot at the loose snow seated atop the gates themselves. The ground shifted under the weight of the impact, and the powder churned. After a pump, he threw himself along the ground and slid, timed just right to avoid the small avalanche that ripped downward toward where he had been moments before.

He didn't discount the skill of any warrior, regardless of who they followed. That was a good way to end up dead. So, despite any disagreements he may have had with this Mando, he'd let his weapons do the philosophical debating.

Veiere Arenais





    All Relative

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Objective: Get mad

Allies: Taeli Raaf, Kyrel Ren, Adenn Kyramud, Romi JadeDarth VoracitosDarth Ledgermayne

Enemies: Yula Perl, Zef Halo, Mav Vohaloveer, Argis Volmir, Coren Starchaser, Zak Amroth, Racket


The hole in space spun around beneath Vereshin's grasp, sucking up the debris which Darth Ledgermayne threw. When the smoke demon lunged towards him, it too, was consumed by it's pull, but not before emitting a final, enraged shriek as it was torn from reality. With a thrust, Vereshin sent it hurling towards the three smugglers, who made their escape as it shredded the walls of the cavern. One of them threw a grenade, which landed by the wall and exploded, releasing a sonic blast which split Vereshin's ears. The sound was excruciating and caused the sorcerer to keel over on his knees, gripping the sides of his head in pain.


With his concentration broken, so was his hold over the singularity, causing the spell to break and cancel it out. The mass dissipated and faded into nothing, dragging the last remnants of ice and debris into it's maw with a whimper. Clasping his ears, Vereshin knelt in the snow and shook his head around, cursing and sputtering, throwing around a diverse range of profanities as he waited for the noise to stop. Rock fell around him, bringing the cavern down with every blast which rocketed his edges, the range of the grenade assaulting his ears. His knees were wet from the snow and as the Sithspawn closed in, Vereshin continued to shake his head and wail.


"Reee!" He screeched. Lunging a hand forward, he grabbed the wall of the cavern, tearing it from it's foundation and collecting the grenade as well. With the round object in his grasp, Vereshin clenched his fist and crushed it, shutting off the infernal noise. 


Vereshin leaped to his feet just in time to feel the ground shake beneath them. In front of him, Ledgermayne was leveling the ground with his hands outstretched, swallowing the ice and snow on which they stood. Throwing up his hands, Vereshin dissipated the particles making up his form and apparated into a cloud of black smoke. When the ground gave way, he simply flew down and reformed, landing safely on the ground of the cavern below. The three smugglers fell down with him, along with the fake Fell Star that was currently in the hands of the woman who looked like Joza. As she fell, she dropped the star and it landed right underneath her backside.


Reaching out, Vereshin motioned to grab the star before Joza landed straight on top of it, but it was too late. She landed on the star, butt first and bent it out of shape, breaking the spell which was imbued within the mass. Little wisps of energy flew out of it as the properties were expelled, rendering it useless. Vereshin's features dropped and the hand he had outstretched went limp as he watched Joza break his creation. Now he was mad, he could no longer follow the puzzle that was inside and had no way of knowing where the real Fell Star was. He clenched his fists, his eyes widening with a brilliant, lime glow.


"My shiny!" Vereshin shouted, his voice rocketing off the walls of the cavern. "You broke it, you clumsy bitch!" He cursed aloud, his force signature seething with rage.


His attention now on Joza, or rather, the woman he thought to be her, the time traveling sorcerer stood up straight and lunged a hand forward. Extending his reach through the Force, he wrapped it around Joza and inserted himself into her frame of reference, gaining access to her position in time. As Vereshin pulled her forward, she would be assaulted by memories of her mother as she was slowly erased from time by the real Joza. Behind them, the apparition of her mother would fade away as the young woman took her form, her initial self ceasing to exist. While inside her frame of reference, Vereshin would experience memories of her own, which had no doubt changed since he had met her in the future.


"Frame of prior reference, discard the slide which came before." Vereshin said, cancelling out the frame of reference which Joza currently occupied. While she shifted into Joza's place in time, Yula would experience her mother's memory of Vereshin, as she had seen him when they had been in hospital together. For a moment, she would leave the cavern and sit where her mother had been all those years ago, talking to Vereshin, a shy and easily frightened Sith Knight who recoiled at the very suggestion of a fight. Retracting his fingers, Vereshin removed the frame and shifted her position in time forward, overlapping with her mother's.


"Occupy the space by which it leaves and cover it, bypass it's most recent point." Vereshin said, dragging Yula's frame forward, overlapping the space it had left from the deleted frame. As he attempted to shove her into the future, he felt a violent jolt shove him backwards, along with an assault of memories from Yula, each one playing back events in her life, all of which included Joza. Vereshin recoiled with the impact, the spell having cancelled out as Yula's frame of reference refused to move through time. She wasn't Joza and time it would seem, had fooled Vereshin. He staggered back, his hands on his head and lurched forward, dizzy with the invasion of memories.


"You're not Joza." He gasped. Looking up at Yula, he watched the confusion in her eyes amount, which was entirely logical given the madness of the situation. At least now, she had some idea of who he was.

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Griet van Vliet

Griet van Vliet

    Jedi Accountant

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Objective: Scum and Villainy Jedi Rambo

Equipment: In signature

Allies: Cyran Vaas Vorhi Alestrani

Enemies: Darth Carnifex (indirectly)

Music: More Dakka


It didn't quite achieve what Griet wanted, but, in carelessly throwing the Blackblade with the flamer behind him, the Dashade caused the flamer to be thrown with such force that the flamer's fuel tank, or its pipes, could have ruptured, cracked even, in slamming against the cold, hard floor, in which case the fuel would start leaking out of it. Luckily she was behind cover by the time the enemy fire would have reached her, albeit narrowly: even so, she was still some distance away from the patrol. Nevertheless, the crate she was hiding behind was hit dead center but the crate now looked like it was made of Emmental cheese. "Darth Toboggan" (Vorhi) believed the Dashades would somehow become more vulnerable if they were drunk, as she saw nearby Lord Toboggan flung a gourd filled with wine into another Dashade's mouth. Yet, the very Dashade that threw the flamer Blackblade around was instead charging at her, with their clawed arms holding a vibroblade. Poodoo: these Sith are way too reliant on melee to flush out Jedi, she thought, while drawing her massive gun to get ready to fire, Force-aided of course.


It was time to her to go in hit-and-run mode, but not without returning fire using what amounted to a man-portable point-defense gun. It was firing the very same Umbaran electromagnetic plasma rounds as fired out of a Ventooine heavy machinegun; she estimated that a nine-round burst would produce a thermal signature intense enough to suggest that location was about to catch fire. The potential danger that burst could cause to the enemy was considerable since such a burst killed TIE fighters on several occasions. But rapid-firing a heavy repeater would mean it would be firing in a cone: even if one could fire at the Dashade's vibroblade, with later shots, it would be entirely possible to narrowly miss the Dashade but hit targets on the hallway's edges further away. Or even cause fixtures to catch fire. Also, if any of the enemy soldiers at that location served on Thyferra or Kashyyyk on the ground (against the Alliance and the Silver Jedi respectively), or over Fondor in orbit, they would probably have recognized that it had both plasma and ion effects attached to that. Once the nine-shot volley was fired at the Dashade, she dashed for alternate corridors in this maze, in hopes of kiting the whole patrol and maintaining a distance between her and the enemy.


It was only after dashing for some distance with Force-aided agility that she realized recoil from a man-portable point-defense gun kicked her hard, with some pain to her shoulders due to the intense recoil of firing the volley. For that she could be grateful for the absence of a full-automatic firing mode: not even microrepulsors in the stock of this heavy repeater could make firing this man-portable point-defense gun an entirely painless proposition. I sure hope the medical bill upon return, if I get out of here alive, will be limited to over-the-counter painkillers. Yet, I'd rather have painkillers than have to undergo procedures to treat lacerations from melee weapons, she thought, hoping that "Darth Toboggan" actually rendered the other Dashades more vulnerable by making them drunk. And yet, in this mad dash away from the enemy, she still needed to ensure that she wasn't cornered, or that she'd at least have access to appropriate cover to fire the next volley from.

Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

    Chaos-God of Gluttony

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Enemies: Argis Volmir (Food), Coren Starchaser, Zak Amroth, Racket, [Trash Family: Yula PerlZef HaloMav Vohaloveer]
Allies: Kyrel RenTaeli RaafAdenn Kyramud, Romi JadeVereshin, Darth Ledgermayne
Followers: The Coven of Gluttony, including the Lady Envy, and the Savant Wrath


The words of food did not matter to the Lord of Gluttony, he had proven himself worthy enough that a nonsense retort was not necessary. As was said before, the time for games and trickery was over, only obliteration followed. The essence of life and the force flowed into him like some perverse sieve without bottom, an object which could never be filled and thus could never be poured out. Naturally, like a closed circuit, the energy which he exerted upon devouring his food would find its way returning to him in excess. Though the Ultrachrome shield severed a direct path to his victim's exposed flesh from which the essence could be absorbed into him, not all the partially immaterial tongues were severed, still the force flowed into him.


Then the force flowed into him once more, of its own volition. The energy was volatile, explosive, but ultimately it came from a source which was weak. Not weak in the sense that the power itself was muted from what it could be, but weak in the willpower which formed it, weak in its intention, weak in its intended execution. He felt it in his gut, and he sensed the intention of his prey, attempting desperately to pry his death grip from the creature by any means it could... but it held no sense of lethality. There was no confidence of will that their death-throws could do anything but potentially injure their aggressor.


Well, he would put on a display then, to demonstrate the folly of the Jedi, the foolishness in lacking the conviction to do what is necessary.


In a truly gory fashion, meat, guts, blood, and light exploded from the morbidly obese man's protruding stomach. Fat and shredded internal organs were jettisoned from the Sith Lord across the battlefield, bathing the Jedi in his potent excess. Fire burned at the ends of entrails, and at the edges of his prodigious wound like a jagged smile carved into a gigantic fleshy vegetable one might find on an autumnal holiday. The lashing tongues of the monstrosity-who-was-supposedly-a-man-once recoiled from the Jedi, mocking the death-throws of some many-appendage animal, his overextended maw slowly closing and absorbing the partially immaterial mouth-tentacles. All the while the natural fire of his burning flesh flashed an eerie green, and became overzealous and ravenous.


Along the edge of his wound, the green flames burned through his flesh like wild fire, and in its wake... alchemical transformation. All across his body the many swathes of alchemical flesh flashed with green fire before suddenly growing. Sometimes as protrusions, like teeth or horns, other times simply spreading across his natural flesh. In but a swift moment what appeared to be death, became a renewed unholy perversion of life. Like a personification of gluttony itself, what was once a wound across his girth became a mouth with many teeth. The gaping hole in his stomach lacking organs became a gory black throat which lead no where. Horns which sometimes acted as flexible tentacles despite their nature grew from his head, shoulders, back, and elsewhere. His left eye which was cybernetic, was obliterated as a horn grew in its place, while his natural teeth grew and sharpened, poking out of his mouth. When finally the false scream of death fell into a low condescending laughter, the Master of Gluttony looked down upon the world and thought it small.




"I th͏a̵n̴k ̷y̕òu ̛f̷o͡ŗ ͢br̨ìn͏g͜i͘ng ̧o̢ut ̕t̵h̀at̢ whic̀h ̴l̀ie͝d ͜w͜i͠thín me,"


The many voices of what few Sith spirits remained as his garments spoke in relative unison with their master, the pain of their obedience evident in the whispered words drowned out by the voice of a true abomination.


"S̵ub̵m͞it,̴ ́and͟ ̢you̶ sh̀all̶ be ǵi͝v̡en op͜po̶rt͢ùn͡it҉y to̸ r̶ećĺa͏im͡ you͡r͜ ̨śo҉ul i̷n ̴the futur͠e,͞ ͞when ̶I ́ha̢vè f̴in̴i̡s̢h͜e͟d ̧fe̴èd̕i͜n͠g̕."


The Dark Lord of the Netherworld smiled devilishly.



    defy the tyrannous stars

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Darth Prazutis | Elani Zambrano


The Lord of Lies' chaos bolt struck him, and Zark erupted in a shower of void energy.


"That is what your kind never understands," another brown robed figure stepped from the shadow into Prazutis' view. Again he was dispatched into oblivion with a flick of the Shadow Hand's wrist.


"As long as a single flame survives," a second copy appeared out of darkness, "The Light endures."


This was not a game he could keep up indefinitely. It required focus to confound a Sith Lord with his illusions, especially in this place. Braxus was right, he was standing on very dangerous ground metaphysically speaking. Soon enough his foe would figure out how to track his true self, and he would have to contend directly with a virtually limitless wellspring of tainted power. It was time to even the odds. A beam of pure light erupted in his hands the size and dimensions of a lightsaber, and the Jedi spirit plunged it into the center of Zambrano's meditation chamber.


He could feel his surroundings react violently to this lightside anchor, immediately they began to chip away at its cleansing aura. It would not last long, the power here was too overwhelming, but while Zark had a beacon he vowed to make the most of it. Bathed in pure light, the true visage of Darth Prazutis was an unspeakable sight to behold, and he realized only now that his diplomatic approach had been folly from the start. The Filth had nearly fully integrated with his physiology, all the Jedi Master could make out in place of a face was a maw of writhing tentacles and teeth. A pendant hung from the Sith's neck, and he could feel the souls of a dead world trapped within cry out piteously for the mercy of oblivion.


Narrowing his eyes, he summoned another shaft of Force light. This one, he hurled like a javelin straight at the amulet around the Shadow Hand's throat.



"He's talking about me," another Zark stepped from the shadows, this one visible only to Zambrano's recently arrived apprentice, "But just because I'm real doesn't mean he hasn't gone mad."


He could sense her instantly react to his presence, tensing imperceptibly in expectation of a possible attack. Prazutis had trained this one well, with his focus divided in this way it would be a challenge to contain her. Zark made no hostile move for now, merely circled the young sorceror as he drank in her presence. He appeared to be ignoring the ongoing duel of minds between Prazutis and his other self entirely, but the more one fight drew his focus the weaker his mirror image would become.


"I'm afraid its too late for Braxus. But for you, there is hope," he held up his hands defensively, "Relax, I'm not about to preach the way of the Jedi to you. But your master is meddling with forces beyond anyone's control. A darkness that cares nothing for ideology, only chaos."


Would she take his warning seriously? Probably not, but it was at least worth the attempt. He knew she would attack him either way, her master would expect nothing less. But at least she had the right to know what side she had chosen.



"Witness," Zark told her.


As if by his command, a pulse in the Force swept across Rhen Var, touching the minds of every sensitive on the planet and in orbit. The Jedi spirit had not been the cause, but he had predicted the Fell Star itself would react to this sudden surge of renewed interest. Anyone with a connection to the Force had just seen the same vision, an uncovered tomb surrounded by fresh bodies in the center of the lost city. It was calling out to them, as if it wanted to be found. Even up here, Zark felt that all he had to do was trust his feelings and the Force would lead him to that tomb.


"It's not just a relic," he explained to the Sith Knight, "It's a key. If he uses it to open the way, everything may be lost."

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Argis Volmir

Argis Volmir

    T E M P E R A N C E

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Objective: Stop Voracitos
Enemies: Sith, Darth Voracitos (The McYoda Supreme), Romi Jade,  Taeli Raaf
For those that took delight in bloodshed the display that followed Argis pouring the force into Voracitos’ body would’ve been magnificent. Intestines, blood, and organs shot out coating the Dashade’s armor, landing all around him and painting the once white snow a violent crimson. The taste of copper was in the air, a heavy sigh of relief coming from the Jedi as he thought the fight over. He’d won, he’d defeated the Sith, but why was there still the presence of darkness? Why hadn’t Voracitos’ aura died with him? Why had it grown stronger. It took the exhausted Jedi a bit but finally the implications set in. 
Head rising from the ground, vision blurred Argis stared at the inhuman before him. He’d thought Voracitos’ last transformation had been an abomination, no this superseded that. It a revolting portrayal of body horror that had taken place on the world of Rhen Var, if this was to be one who truly served the Emperor what was the Dark Lord capable of? Or was Voracitos truly the one who deserved the mantle for transcending what it meant to pervade the force? 
Stomach tightening, darkness swimming at the edges of his vision threatening to claim the Jedi he attempted to keep his head up which simply ended with it rolling on his shoulders, before leaning back and looking to the sky. I’ve failed. The laughter of Voracitos taunted the Jedi, snatched away any hope of victory. He’d been destined to fail from the very beginning. The prediction that had taken place mere moments before coming to play out. Blood stained Argis’ lips as he coughed, rust-colored spittle painted what bits of his visor remained. A shuddering breath entered the Dashade’s lungs as he knew the end was near. Ever since he’d learned about the force, since he’d stepped upon the path of Light, Argis had known he could make a difference. Be the change that he wanted to see within the galaxy, going so far as to even become more militant than his fellow followers in the light. The Dashade had just known he’d be something great, and yet here he was at the feet of a true Sith Lord. Nothing more than a footnote in history. It hurt, it tore at everything it meant to be a Jedi. What use was he? 
“I’m sorry Coren, I’m so sorry.” Suddenly yet another vision overtook Argis’ vision, an image of a tomb deep underground. Bodies piled high before it, from within the presence of the Fell Star reaching out urging for him to find it. That inhalation of air the Jedi had just taken shot out, more blood following it and dribbling down Argis’ chin.
No, he couldn’t allow Voracitos to make his way to the Star. Whether or not he made a mark on history was not for Argis to decide nor should it have been a thought to begin with. A Jedi didn’t fight in the name of becoming famous, they fought for the light for they believed in it. To bring about a brighter day. He couldn’t, no he wouldn’t let this monstrosity continue his rampage on this day even if it cost his own life. 
“Open the bomb bays.” The words little more than a whisper within the Jedi’s helmet, sending the signal up and to the cloaked vessel above, The Azure Star. From within two Shadowbombs fell free. The Jedi used what bit of strength he could summon reaching out and seizing them with invisible tendrils of energy. Roaring at the sky in defiance, blood pouring from his mouth Argis accelerated the bombs down to the ground where they’d detonate simultaneously. Twin balls of flame and destruction unleashed upon both himself and Voracitos.  
The ground which they’d stood on shook from the explosions before giving away as the explosions stretched past the surface reaching through the first few layers of the earth. Argis didn’t feel his own death, it was over in an instant, but what the Jedi did feel was warmth. The warm presence encapsulated him, soothed him, it welcomed him and when Argis next opened his eyes he saw the truth. Death wasn’t the end for a Jedi, it was only the pathway to something greater. 




Mav Vohaloveer

Mav Vohaloveer

    Mean, mean stride.

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Location: Jedi City
Objective: Like we ever really had one in the first place.
Retinue: Pops (Zef Halo) & the Kid (Yula Perl)
Allies: Coren Starchaser | Argis Volmir | Zak Amroth | Racket
Enemies: Darth Voracitos | Darth Ledgermayne | Vereshin






You’re telling me, these Jedi twanks can build a city that lasts…” Mav winced, digging at an ear with his little finger as he spoke. Trying to stem the ringing from the sonic grenade, his own blaster and the collapse of the tunnel behind them. A holy trifecta for a lifetime of tinnitus if there ever was one. Luckily the regenerative abilities he’d inherited from his mother would take the edge off within a few minutes.  “Well, right up until we arrived, I guess… But they can build all that and what, they skimp on the whole holy artefact?

He snorted and shook his head derisively. So much for getting a little compensation for this family outing. Spending time with the old man was a lot easier to swallow when he was suitably paid for his efforts. The cigarra blazed dully as he tried to draw new life into it, only getting a disappointing half-lungful of smoke before it died completely. The chill in these lower levels simply too much for the embers to contend with. Only a matter of time before the three of them were following suit.

Fierfek.” He breathed, “Guess that’s that, then. We cut our losses and get the kark out of dod---

The cigarra drooped almost haphazardly out of the corner of his mouth. Eyes widening with disbelief as the world blurred and shimmied with darkness around them, a cloud of bitter black smoke suddenly descending from out of nowhere. That in of itself unexpected, but nothing compared to watching to twist and writhe into a humanoid figure. Peeling back to reveal the form of the ghoulish looking Sith that had tried to gank them only a few minutes ago. Seemingly no worse for wear from the grenade or the crystal opponents they had left him to face alone, sadly.  

To his credit, it only took him… Well, perhaps a little longer than he was willing to admit before snapped out of his slackjaw stupor.  Bearing his teeth and flushing a dark shade of coppery-gold as anger suddenly flooded his veins. The kid was in trouble. Whatever he felt towards his father was complicated and unresolved, but he wasn’t about to let some slicked back, gaunt motherkarker interfere with his family.

The revolver was spent, so it was simply discarded. Tossed at the Sith more as a distraction than an actual attack, buying himself a second to facilitate the ace up his proverbial sleeve. His cybernetic arm clunking and whirring as panels, components and sections shifted and readjusted themselves accordingly.  Hand giving way to reveal a meaty looking cannon.  

Hey, fethwad. Trying discarding this point.


Not exactly the greatest of oneliners, but it wasn’t as if he’d had time to practice this in the mirror. The Phade crowd-control shotgun doing wonders to drown out whatever embarrassment Mav might have felt in that instance as it launched a wide blast towards the interloper.

And where that failed, the distant thump and deafening explosion that resounded in the distance above them certainly stepped up to fill the gap. A shockwave of raucous baradium energy rattling through the previously forgotten and abandoned corridors of the ancient Jedi city.  Whatever damage Yula had done previously paled in comparison to the cracks and destruction that was juddering out from the epicenter. A rolling sea of ice and snow cascading down the labyrinthine tunnels.


Oh, you gotta be fething kidd---

And like that, the world went a deafening shade of white.


Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    Galactic Wrecking Ball

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Jedi City

Removal of Sith

Allies: ORC Zak AmrothArgis Volmir Yula Perl Zef Halo Mav Vohaloveer


Starchaser was here for the purpose of being that fighter, the one who was going to stop the enemy. He knew his path and he had to get them coming to him. As he stepped on the bridge, he was reaching out farther in the Force, ensuring he was seen as well as he was heard. If he could take down Sith here, then there would be less Sith to cause an issue for the galaxy as a whole. And the ones he could stop in the cave?


They could fall here with their companions and the relics.


The Fell Star would belong to the Coalition, however that ended up. The Trash Family and Argis. He was still waiting for the call that it was time to wrap this up. The Jedi stood as he heard Romi, his pike on his right side, and the Force with him. He was going to be loud, he was going to make it a point that the Sith should come to him.


Hearing Romi, the lightsaber pike moved and ignited, and feeling the pulse Coren had the idea. The Fell Star, the Sith, and the Coalition, he knew what he could do. The fact hat Romi was calling for him, Coren reached out in the Force, and pulled it to himself before launching it out, in a blast centered on himself, following the curtails of the pulse he thought felt similar Zark. This was the type that could help the Jedi, and hurt the Sith, something to inspire his team while doing what it could to dishearten the Sith, and turn the battle.


The blue blade ignited as Coren started running for Romi. calling on the Force again, readying a different assault as he felt a shaking of the world.


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Yula Perl

Yula Perl

    What's Up, Danger?

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Location: Jedi City Tunnels

Objective: Oh no

Allies: Zef Halo [Yee] | Mav Vohaloveer [Haw]

Enemies: Darth Ledgermayne | Darth Voracitos | Vereshin



“No, you’re the bitch!” Yula slurred at the Sith sorcerer who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. She was still trying to get her bearings, but the Zeltron was quick to respond to an insult.


And just as her head was beginning to settle, he snatched her into the air with an invisible grip. Yula yelped and immediately began struggling. If the Holodramas had taught her anything, it was that she’d be shortly choked to death. But no Force noose closed around her throat, instead she started to feel…strange. And not the good kind of strange that sometimes happened when you tried a new spice strain.


Unbeknownst to her, Vereshin was trying to erase Yula’s existence. Through what means she would not understand, but the smuggler began to feel nauseous, lightheaded and weak. It was unlike anything she had experienced before, and Yula felt as if she were helplessly fading in and out of consciousness. While the darkness never swallowed her whole to give her a reprieve from this terrifying moment, she felt as if she were swaying back and forth between the here and now, and memories that weren’t her own.


The Sith was speaking something about discarding frames, but Yula was too busy sitting in the chair beside a younger Vereshin’s bed, the latter wrapped in bandages and hooked up to machines. Something in that moment made her feel more confident, more self assured and almost giddy. By contrast, this Vereshin seemed more withdrawn and easily startled.  In real time, she’d stopped struggling at this point, staring at Vereshin with wide eyes and a look of abject horror. And then she was violently ripped from experiencing her mother’s memory as her mother—not that she knew what that was—and the unsettling lightheadedness came back tenfold. He was doing something bad to her, something that caused the pit of her stomach to well with dread, but she didn’t know what was going on.


All at once, the sorcerer had released his hold on her, allowing Yula’s limp body to collapse back into the snow. Uncle Mav was on his feet, unleashing a blast of energy at the Sith. The sounds of battle were nothing new at this point, and they dimmed into the background as the Zeltron gave in to her exhaustion and finally slipped into unconsciousness.


Triggered by the bombs detonating above them, the rush of snow washed through the tunnel of over Yula. While unconscious, she had the strangest dream of a temple, corpses surrounding a pedestal that housed something of great import.



Arcanus Sunstrider

Arcanus Sunstrider

    =] Last of a Dying Breed [=

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Objective: Subdue the Emperor.

Allies: Outer Rim Coalition.

Enemies: The Sith Empire.




It wasn’t surprising that my peaceful offer was ignored. The man standing before me was the Sith Emperor, and he knew no authority other than his own. Taking him into custody was merely an unattainable fantasy, for after the armour-clad titan was in chains - who would I have brought him too to face judgement? Everyone who wasn’t on his side, either didn’t care about his crimes against sentient life across the stars, or were too consumed by the thoughts of vengeance to provide a fair, and just trial. So, in many ways, I suppose this was the inevitable, and righteous path. If I couldn’t subdue him with words, then perhaps I could teach him the errors of his darkened ways with my actions. 

I wouldn’t kill him. It was almost impossible for me to bring myself back from the edge of the abyss the last time I slew a Sith Lord. My heightened emotions, brought forth by the death of a beloved Padawan, almost wholly consumed my consciousness and forced me to be enslaved by the darkness brewing within. I could only imagine what would happen to me if I ended up slaying the Sith Emperor. It was doubtful that I’d ever rise above the tides of darkness; knowing that my path to the Netherworld was paved with good intentions. I wouldn’t stoop to his level, for I was a Jedi and all life - even his - was precious.
Therefore, I wouldn’t dare to use my lightsabre to harm his armoured form. During my tenure to the Galactic Republic, during their war against the resurgent One Sith Empire, I took many severed limbs on the battlefield with the sapphire-hued blade. Due to the advances of medical technology, such limbs could easily be replaced by vat-grown replacements or cybernetic augmentation, so I never thought anything of it at the time. However, little did I know, that perversion of life rippled throughout the course of the War; inevitably culminating in the death of an enemy and my self-imposed exile from the fracturing Jedi Order. I couldn’t let that happen again.
My body would be my weapon, instead.
Bathed in the ethereal flames of my incarnated soul, I watched as the Emperor made the first move. He charged at me with twinned-blades in hand, whistling smoothly as it carved through the frost-touched atmosphere. The man’s speed belied his towering stature, doubtlessly reinforced and empowered by the darkness brewing within his rotting core. With every expedient step he took, the Dark Lord shook the very foundations of the corridor; causing scattered remnants of the sundered door to jump as his boots kissed the deck. Had I been a weaker man, such an imposing sight would’ve caused my resolve to crumble, and lovingly embraced by the icy sensation of fear. However, I was far from weak, and I wouldn’t run from a fight.
Instead, I allowed my martial training to take over. Breathing out a calm exhalation of breath, I drank in the Emperor’s measure with a glance; attempting to find an exploitable weakness. With time slowly slipping through my fingers, choose to meet the Emperor’s challenge head on. Not wanting to consign myself to an undesirable fate, my planted feet moved of their own volition; throwing my body weight forward into a diagonal leap. The twinned blade would narrowly soar past my figure and was fated to either bury itself in the duracrete plating of the corridor or be redirected whilst I took flight. No matter what path the weapon took, I didn’t care. I was too far into the warrior’s mindset to turn back. A leather bound boot, and my uncovered hand, pressed against the fluted passageways bulkhead that fleetingly arrested my forward momentum - before turning it into a proverbial springboard.
As the twinned blade swung towards the deck, I launched myself at the Sith Emperor; the azure flames of my incarnated soul roaring in unison with my frost-kissed throat. The clenched, but uncovered digits sought to penetrate the inner sphere of the Dark Lord’s defence - moving towards what was assumed to be a weakened midsection of his torso. It was a strike meant to test the towering behemoth’s constitution and see how impressive his skills were as a warrior with my own two eyes. While I believed that I was beyond his guard, the Emperor’s body - much like mine - was an Avatar of his Alignment. The Force was mysterious and worked in many ways to spread their influence across the skeins of reality. He could do the impossible, and I would be unable to stop it.
Regardless of what happened next, I needed to win. I never expected to encounter the Sith Emperor here, let alone fight him, but our fates were now intertwined in this very moment. The future wasn’t set in stone, and as my fist speared through the air towards its intended target, I felt a glimmer of something race through my mind. 
Should I claim victory this day, and beat down the Sith Emperor in single combat, there was a chance I would reignite the fires of Hope across a Galaxy beaten into supplication. It was my alleged destiny, and I wouldn’t falter. In truth? I embraced the uncertainty that the future possessed, wholeheartedly. No matter the outcome, I would serve a will greater than my own in bringing back balance to the sundered spectrum of the Force.

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Rhen Var

ALLIES: Taeli Raaf Ahani Zambrano

ENEMIES: Coren Starchaser

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve Fell Star




Her bottom lip quivered with a deep rage,




She called her scarlet blade to life, fixating the weapon on Coren as he rushed her; her hand shook because she couldn't control what was growing inside her. Her chest rose and fell in a powerful staccato and then she fell into a stride whipping her lightsaber through a wild blur of motion, weaving scarlet snakes in its wake.




Because that's how she felt...


On and on she went, seemingly a wild and unthinking woman. She aimed to meet him head on, but in her last few steps she could feel the trembles gradually building - she didn't care. She kept going until her forehead shone with reflected highlights of ice and snow. Before she could even react and with Coren only a couple of steps in front of her...


She relented as quick as she could in that moment as it seemed the surface of Rhen Var came crashing down on them.




Romi was breathing shallowly, her arms held up parallel with one another. Slightly hunched over, she was able to wrap herself in a protection bubble of kinetic energy. Slowly she would nudge and nudge the bubble higher to slide the rush of snow off the back...but she felt Corens presence again, and a pulse of strength with it. 


Hair flung over face, she grunted.


She felt his eyes watching her and furrowed her brow - guess their fight was going to be stalled after all, but at least he was suffering the same way she was. She pushed harder on the Force, drawing it through herself faster and pushing more up against the fallen tunnel.


She looked up at him...because they had to of been doing this together. 


At this point they were probably temporarily separated from Taeli.

Coren Starchaser

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Survive the Jedi City

Romi Jade


The Force was the path to some ways that the Jedi could help their companions. He recalled the bear that had protected the city on Thyferra, at the expense of their own life. Jedi were protectors, and the Force gave them that armor, the armor that could bind those to this world, or push the enemies away. Here he had no qualms about using the Force to disable and end his enemies, no matter who they were.


Romi Jade.


Of course it was here. Raaf was going to send in the heavy hitter. His former partner, memories of Coruscant at the fall. These were the things that would set the Starchaser off. But he didn’t expect the desire to bring Romi not to death, but out of the darkness. He would have to fight, tire her out until he could expel the darkness. From there? He wasn’t sure where he could go with her. He had a war to fight and Romi could become a liability. But if he could pull her from Taeli’s grasp?


The Jedi had the Force around him again, hoping he could touch the lives under his guardianship.


But he also needed to protect himself. The Jedi felt the shockwave as the world above would come crumbling down into the cave.The Force was aimed to fight when he had it and he threw the blast, clearing an area within the crashing rubble. Sliding into that, the Jedi pushed out a bubble of protective energy. Gritting his teeth, he was pushing it up, clearing the collapse, and seeing Romi.


The darkness wasn’t stopping her from protecting, could she know others were here? Could she feel them? Was that why she was protecting more than just herself?





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Location: Climbing the slope headed for her way into the Peak

Objective: Find ORC Forces and provide support

Equipment - Merr-Sonn Blasters| Taozin amulet | paint ball rifle with balls

Allies: ORC - Kingsley | Andan Solo | Cyran Vaas |Arcanus Sunstrider | LadroVeiere Arenais | Ardasz Verd 

Enemies: Sith


In her head she played a game as she climbed the ladder


It was so cold

How cold was it?

So cold that I farted snow flakes


Rekha laughed at her own joke while looking up she could see a step off point, probably a junction that made repairs easier. She was hoped that there was a way in there, like a door, or a hatch or...something. She rightfully didn't care at the moment. No one had answered back on the first frequency but her comm kept cycling through waiting to see if someone responded.


What if no one does respond? Hmmm Cap'n sarcasm, Mz smarty pants have you thought that out yet? Well, I guess I'll be looking for some goodies, there's a hangar bay could use some transponders. Could use a code book, could use a log book showing ships....yeah...so just in case 


Yep....then there's the other question......how am I getting out of the fortress and off Rhen Var. Yep...better think on that some too...yep..


Rekha's fingers curled around the rung as she worked her way up. She felt a bit odd that so far she had not met resistance, but then again Sith were probably smarter about coming out in the cold. After all it wasn't hard to freeze to death on Rhen Var.She had jumped before planning typical of her really.It often was just by the luck of it all that she got out of it.


Luck.yep Lucky Lady. She would never sell it.


She finally reached the step off just as she figured a hatch. At first it wouldn't budge, the cold had frozen it in pace then there was that possibility that it was locked from the inside...but to her that made no sense. Because if someone was out here like this she'd leave it unlocked but she would put surveillance in the hall..or nearby. She'd have to look into that...


Her arms hurt badly from the climb it was taking all of her remaining umpf to get the hatch open. Frustration took over as she kicked the hatch, FETH!


Then the unexpected happened the hatch opened, she stepped back quick...ready to reach for her weapon...nothing happened. No shots...ok...she slowly peered down then a voice, "Get in here before you freeze to death. What are you doing out there anyhow?"


"I took a wrong turn and fell down the slope to the bottom...then..I just. um did what I thought was best." Ok...too good to be true but she'd take it. She climbed down into the darkness. As her feet settled on the floor the light came up to dim, "I don't recognize you."


"That's alright I don't recognize you either. Besides I'm new came over on lend from the First Order, from Bespin."


"Bespin." Rekha couldn't make out who was before her. A shiver ran down her spine something that happened when she knew when a lie or danger was around. The figure remaining in shadows walked, "come on. You are lucky I happen to be this far down otherwise you'd be an ice pop by now"


Rekha nodded, "ok..." I think...man my mind is yelling ITS A TRAP!!!


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Rhen Var

ALLIES/ENEMIES: Coren Starchaser

OBJECTIVE: Not be crushed...






Her knee buckled, gritting her teeth..it took her a couple of minutes to refocus and get her breathing straight.


Her body grew stiff in the instant, seizing at the pain she felt; she couldn't place exactly where it was either. It was in her head..but it was also in her body but she fought through it...like she did everything. She was that one person you'd have to wear down...In truth, Romi was not reacting well to the sith poisons effects nor the enchantments. Naturally, her spirit wanted to fight back as it had been doing for the longest in suppressing the effects.
But...it hurt to fight back.
She caught his gaze again, and then shied away "Stop looking at me!" she bit back a sharp retort and pushed even harder. She wanted to hold on to this rage...or else it would be pointless. She nuzzled her face into her shoulder trying to hide that she was now conscious of that fact that she completely regarded reason.
"I-I hate you." her words were sharp but it seemed like she was trying to convince herself too.
For a moment...it seemed like that speck of who she was was clawing through. Maybe because her onslaught was forcibly halted.
She shot back, "You're a coward!"
A beat.
A momentary window of opportunity. Her head fell low...
"You left me..." her words almost a whisper, being drowned out by the ominous rattling of the snow piling up. "You abandoned me, why? Why did you do that?" it was audible this time, with the latter portion being slightly louder.

Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

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Survive the Jedi City
Romi Jade


The Jedi had to protect, where possible. And this? Coren could do what was possible to protect. That meant doing what he could to prevent harm to anyone, if he could prevent it. He needed to focus, but he was a warrior, it was up to him to put the Sith down, to slow them, to give them no ground. But no where did that state he needed to remove them. Omai Rhen was gone, the Alliance was gone. Maybe it was time for a change of tactics. Maybe too little too late, but the Light, it was needed. And he needed to push the darkness away.


Burn it out from the world and those in it.


This was a war, and it didn’t matter who was there. The Force gave him power, but even greater than that, Starchaser was a servant of the Light. The calm and purpose of his focus was holding up the bubble. Hope and caring, it was what got him through the times when he was not of the battlemind. The Jedi needed to be ready for war, but not to be so ready they threw others to the side.


“I couldn’t do anything. The galaxy needed me out there.” He stated, flatly.


“You’re stronger than this. She has your mind in a trap.” He continued, pouring the Force into the barrier, meeting hers with the hope and compassion. He had no answer. She was gone and hosting a crusade without the might of the New Jedi Order behind him was not a wise choice. Decisions had to be made, the galaxy had to be kept safe, and he needed to be there, leading the charge to protect the worlds that required it.


Romi could fight this off, it was not Coren's fight.




Romi Jade

Romi Jade

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Rhen Var

ALLIES/ENEMIES: Coren Starchaser

OBJECTIVE: Not be crushed...




“I couldn’t do anything. The galaxy needed me out there.”




She rolled her eyes, "Oh please..." Closing her eyes to re-center herself, "Spare me the galaxy crap!" she cut it almost as she knew he'd take it there. The rush of icy smoke filled their makeshift room, tracing just the surface of her skin, but her adrenaline was high right now...she was more concerned with not being crushed....


“You’re stronger than this. She has your mind in a trap.”


She shook her head mild irritation, "Am I?" She shot back, "Is it just like when you were unknowingly made a pawn of the Chiss and worked in the interest of the Sith?" She bit down, tensing her facial muscles in an effort to hold her tongue...


A beat.


Hell she couldn't hold her tongue, especially if that was all she had right now "Stop using the galaxy and you effort to keep it safe as some sort of excuse to make people expendable!" her nostrils flared. "I've had your back every step of the way! Even on my worst days...and I --" she cut herself off.


Pushing into the barrier more, she slowly repositioned her hands, bringing them into a diagonal formation with her head at the center.

"One thing Taeli helped me realize...was the truth. I-I'd been harboring so much...anger and it inevitably led me down this path. I left that ship that day in order to ensure you made it out safe...and all I wanted to know, was if you saw the people around you who sacrificed for your little crusade!!"


Her head fell again.


"There was plenty you could've done..."



Scherezade deWinter

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Location: Dreya's Peak

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor

Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives| Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: ORC, CIS, anyone else on their side

Enemies: well this is somewhat complicated, isn't it? But definitely all the ME's Mandalorians. Maybe some of the Sith.

People of Interest: Keira Cerdulan Celessa Anden Fancelo

Post: Three





There was no stopping now. Scherezade grinned widely as she continued her forward dashing and prancing, jumping over shrapnel and debris as it came her way. There was freedom in movement, freedom in being away from prying eyes, and she intended to grab that freedom with both hands and not let go until there was no other choice remaining. Despite it, she kept a tab on her mission partner, making sure that she could jump back and help should the need arise.


It wasn't long before the two Crows were at the fence that went around the peak's fort. Scherezade came to a full stop, holding her hand up to signal to Celessa to do the same. The fence has the expected protection on it, at least as far as she could see; turrets and the such. Normally, not something she would worry about. The more important question though, was there something else?


As she stood there, for what was probably no longer than three seconds, it was then that the actions of Zark hit her. Scherezade screamed as she fell down to her knees, clutching her head. The vision, the relic, a tomb, the dead… The SIthling groaned as she forced herself back up to her feet. The vision had arrived uninvited, unwanted. She was not here for whatever relic it was that he Coalitionioers were after. Her reasons on Rhen Var were different, her interest in the relic nonexistent. She did not visons from what felt like the lightside, one of the sharpest weaknesses she harbored as a Blood Hound.


Looking over at Celessa, Scherezade gasped, waiting a few moments more for the pain to vanish from her mind. And when she opened her mouth to say something, it hit her – a turret blast, shooting straight into the center of her chest.


Scherezade was tossed backwards from the impact, a scream of surprise erupting from her lips.  She landed on her butt in the snow, the smell of something burning harsh in her nose. Looking down, the Sith sighed with relief as she realized it was her fur coat that was damaged. The armor, had stayed true, as she had constructed it to.


"We've wasted enough time," she grunted as she stood up again, and pointed at the fence. "See the gap?" Scherezade asked, pointing at it. Celessa was tiny enough to fit through it with little trouble. Scherezade… would get a little bit creative. Maybe break the edge a bit before her butt got stuck in there.  


Looking at Celessa, she smiled again. "You go in first, and take down anything that might want to take us down first," she nodded. Get through the fence, get into the building, and bam – they'd be good. Finding a terminal after that would surely not be too hard, would it?

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Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

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Location: Jedi Ruins

Allies: Taeli Raaf Romi Jade Darth Voracitos

Enemies: Zak Amroth Coren Starchaser 

Equipment: Vader's Bane Lightsaber, Raiment of the Vigilant, Kyrel's Harbinger Saberstaff

Forces: 10x BC-X Lightsaber Combatant Droids, 10x BC-2 Elite Centurion Droids 5x B2-GP Grapple Droids




Kyrel laughed upon hearing the Kiffar's retort. The fool that even reeked of alcohol had quite the mouth. Giving the Master of Ren a warning, it was futile as the dark sider disregarded warnings on the eve of combat. Such pleasantries was for the weak when it is known that two warriors rarely back down, while he was gritting his teeth. Even with the Force awsirl all over the ruins, he first saw an explosion in the distance and even more when he was about to speak stopped. Overcome by that of a massive Force Signature. 'It's there... The Center of the City I can feel it.' He did not doubt that the signature felt was that of the Fell Star... It was emerging from the center of the ruined city. If he felt it no doubt others would be on the hunt for it as well. 


Unfortunately he could oversee it being taken away personally. Recovering his bearings, he spoke to the Droid Commando. "Go, Find the artifact within the center of this ruined city and bring it to me... Leave none alive."  The droid nodded, "Roger, Roger."  It said jumping forth past the opponent of Kyrel as they started to sprint with their clanking legs quickly to the center, using their visual scanners to detect to see if there was anything below the ruins. Prepared to encounter anyone they came across.  


With Kyrel's attention now fixed on his opponent, firing his weapon the dark sider had barely time to react within the Force. Activating his saberstaff, overcome with the raw power, pain and hatred the blade offered to him, stronger than that of Vader's Bane he playfully deflected the bolts back and forth, until an electronic pulse slammed into his chest with a grunt, his systems taking damage as he twirled his blade jumping down from his cliff to meet the man face to face. Slowly moving towards him, lunging to strike his blade across the man's head, using the Force to quicken his speed, rage overcoming him. "Tell me boy, who are you. I wish to know the name of those who I will kill." 

Sol Stazi

Sol Stazi

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Location: Vehicle Bay Exterior

Equipment: Scout Armor, Autokrator Assault Rifle, SSK-7 Heavy Blaster, Combat Vibroknife, Thermal Detonators (Bandolier of 5)

Allies: Kyle Farnes, Jend-Ro Quill, Arcanus Sunstrider, Tera Highwind, Janick Beauchamp

Enemies: Kaine Australis (engaging), Darth Carnifex, Darth Morbus, Ao Xian, Ahani Zambrano



Sol crashed back outside the vehicle bays, and with an agonizing snap he knew that his rib fractures had turned to breaks.


Flashing in and out of consciousness momentarily, when the duros commando came back to himself he realized that his left leg was now useless. He managed to crawl to a burned out Sith Claymore repulsortank, using the tread armor for support. It wasn't until the captain glanced up that he noticed its protruding antipersonnel laser cannon. It was only a matter of time before the Australis warrior caught up with him to finish the job, so despite his agony Stazi started climbing up the side of the tank with his arms and one good leg.


"Kriffing hell!" he swore to himself in pain after crawling through the Claymore's battle damage and into the gunner's seat.


A mortally wounded tank operator groaned behind him. Sol casually buried his vibroknife in the legionnaire's throat before checking to see if the laser cannon would fire. He could only move along a horizontal axis, but it appeared to still be functional. By the time he swung it around to line up on his target, the Sith mercenary was caught up in a hand to hand struggle with their own Mandalorian warrior, Kyle Farnes. Stazi cursed again, Farnes had probably just saved his life but now he didn't have a clear shot. Roaring in frustration, the Twilight officer angled his commandeered turret to one side.


"Coruscant!" Sol roared, unleashing the antipersonnel blaster on any Sith trooper or mercenary unfortunate enough to come within five meters of the struggling Australis and Farnes.





"Okay, that was an explosion."


"So why aren't we dead?" Colonel Sief's laser drill operator asked him.


"It was far off," the grizzled sullustan veteran reasoned out, "few dozen klicks at least."


"Where are we gonna come out?"


"None of our recon flights could get close enough to scan this deep," Sief explained ominously, "Could be anywhere."

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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Dreypa's Peak
Post 6

Enemies : Outer-Rim Coalition, The Jedi Alliance, Veiere Arenais Rian Taske Andan Solo Jend-Ro Quill Ardasz Verd Rian Taske
Friendlies: The Sith Empire Darth Carnifex Darth Morbus Janick Beauchamp Ao Xian Keira Cerdulan
Engaging : Sol Stazi Kyle Farnes 
Kit : Armour, Rifle, Sidearms R1 and L2, Saber, Blade, Vambraces, Crushgaunts, Boots
The bastard had a turret gun. That was Kaine's first thought upon exiting in pursuit of the Duros commando. Too far away. Other threats were closer, and therefore a priority. The Duros was blazing away at Sith troops, and occupied for now. Then the other commando hit him. Hard.

Kaine was knocked back by the head hit.
The swipe of his reflexive return punch met clean air as the other man had hit from below, and it missed high. 


The hit had stunned him, just for a moment. He was reminded of his days on the Meshgeroya field, giving and taking violence of the sporting kind. The kid could have held his own. Still, it was only a momentary stun, not enough to put him down. Around them the blaster turret drowned out the din of battle as it blazed away. He'd have to deal with that as well as the commando with the mean tackle.


Kaine swore as his vision came back. The other commando was still right there in front of him. He raised an arm, recovering from the stagger. That hurt, but you should have shot me, mate. Kaine thought to himself. Big mistake.

This is for you.

The flame projector on his right arm spat at Kyle Farnes, jet of flames licking out. He then had leisure to draw his left sidearm, and aim it at Sol Stazi.


And you can have this!


He twisted and fired, putting weight on his injured left foot, which led to a roar of pain. The blasterbolt had really done a number on his foot, burning clean through but failing to penetrate the upper side of the boot, charring the hell out of it.

Ah! Kaine stumbled, and nearly lost his footing. He was having to favour his right leg in order not to abuse the charred and burned left foot. That was going to need surgery, he could tell. Better finish this fight quick. He could feel the exhaustion starting to worry at him. The pain in his foot was a distraction that was only going to get worse, and not even he could keep taking this sort of punishment forever.


'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'