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The Duel of a Dead Man

- - - - - SJO Duel

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Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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Location: Drogheda

Weather: Warmish

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Tom stood in his old beskargam armour with some new swords he had made strapped to either side of his belt. The imbued Terenterak Leather would mean the others wouldn't be able to pull the swords on him. Standing in his old mandalorian armour made him feel strange and that it perhaps needed an update. But right now he would do with it especially since his newer armour no longer worked with him being unable to feel the force to such a massive degree.


He cursed Soloman 's name as he thought back to that day. How that damned sith lord had used his own weakness and need to be purified against him. The poison had run it's course leaving him gaunt as had the lose of the force even deadening him to it's call. His yellow piercing eyes once blue looked out over the field he was to duel two members of the silver order.


He needed a chance to practice his skills without the force and droids could only go so far. So it was he had chosen this planet and allowed the two order members to meet him here. One was some form of sand person. Probably made by the force in some fashion. He could use void stone or ysalamiri to beat them easily but that was not his game plan. He wanted a fair even fight.


The other member was someone he had done many a session of force imbuement with learning how to properly imbue many different items with different things. How far he had fallen now. Not even touching the force with all his knowledge on it and how to use it accurately now he had to rely on his lightsabre combat skills and unarmed combat.


He would pull his blades out of their sheaths and drop into a ready stance. "Ready when you two are." He didn't mind if they fought one at a time or two on one either way it would be a good experience. Waiting to see what their moves where he would act defensive to begin with.




Ura Iolar

Ura Iolar

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Ura leaned against a wall as she watched Tom Taff get his armor ready. He had wanted to get some practice and had asked the Lervon for help. It had been a while since she had done some proper training anyway. She shifted her hand into a few different weapons as she watched him, and then looked over at Gherron Dragonsflame . She wondered what the game plan was. Go at him at the same time? Take turns? Just go bantha? Either way, one thing was odd to her. His armor. Mandalorian. She though most Mandalorians would rather stay away from the Silver Jedi, but she didn't really know any personally, so the Lervon didn't know.


He then asked if they were ready. Ura nodded, running up before slashing at him, her arm becoming a sort of baton as she did.


Gherron Dragonsflame

Gherron Dragonsflame

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Gherron admittedly was quite surprised when he was called up by Tom for help on his skills. Sure, they'd worked together on some smithing projects, but the other didn't seem very open to Gherron. However, he was always willing to help out a friend. Even when that took him to some strange planet that he'd never heard of before. Tom had wanted combat experience. Gherron kept that in mind as he threw his sword sheath over his shoulder, strapped a pistol to his side, and clapsed both lightsabers to his belt. As he walked toward the hatch, he faltered to a stop before he passed his rifle racks. "...What the hell", he muttered as he slung one over his shoulder. Finally walking outside, he found himself met by a person of... sandy porportions, and couldn't help but to squint and turn his head slightly. After looking it up and down for a moment, he shook his head to regain his bearings. Right, of course. He'd met Ura at his alkahest lesson, not too long ago. How he could have forgotten such a meeting, he wasn't sure. Tom stood some ways away, ready to fight and beckoning for them to start whenever. Nodding, his put his curiosity aside, as well as his rifle, as he unsheathed his sword. He held back however, watching the other two fight. He always preferred to study before just charging in like an animal. Resting the sword on his shoulder, his gaze shifted between the two to see how the first part of this fight would go down.


Ura Iolar Tom Taff

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