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- - - - - EE Droid Walker

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Orex Mauda

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Intent: To provide The Emergence with a "Spider" Walker


Image Source: Pinterest


Canon: No


Primary Source - None




Manufacturer: EEC


Affiliation: The Emergence Empire


Model: SW-AI


Modularity: No


Production: Minor


Material: Alusteel, Ultrachrome, Droid/Artillery Components




Class: Anti-Infantry Walker


Role: Walker Support


Size: Average


Weight: Heavy


Minimum Crew: None


Optimal Crew: None


Propulsion: Quadrupedal


Speed: Average


Maneuverability: Low


Armaments: Low

  • Heavy Blaster Cannon - 2


Defenses: High


Ultrachrome Plating


Alusteel Armour


Deflector Shield


Passenger Capacity: None


Cargo Capacity: 




Special Features:


Advanced Echolocation: The SW-AI uses advanced Echolocation that pings billions of times per second to get an almost perfect representation of its surroundings. This provides redundancy incase its spooky red optics are knocked out.




Stronk - Thick Alusteel plated with Ultrachrome makes the surface tough to breach. This is backed up by a shield


Locomotion Redundancy - Being quadrupedal, the SW-AI has a spare leg incase one is knocked out. If missing a leg, the SW-AI repositions its legs to even spacing. It will be slower and less maneuverable, but still able to move




Takes its Time - The SW-AI isn't built into any sort of free gimbal. It's directly attached to its legs. When forward facing it has range of motion in its arms, but targeting something behind it requires a frustrating step-by-step turn around.


Terrain - With sticks for feet, the SW-AI doesn't excel, or even cope with, any surfaces that aren't relatively uniform.


May have Skipped Leg Day - A rocket launcher to un-shielded legs will deal critical damage. The legs really aren't anything special.





Quadrupedal and armed with a pair of Heavy Blaster Cannons, the SW-AI provides any uniform environment with frontline heavy support. Heavily armoured and protected by a deflector shield, the Anti-Infantry Spider Walker tears apart groups of enemies with ease, but can be easily penned and outmaneuvered. 

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Gir Quee

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