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Careena Fett

Clan Fett Alor

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Careena Fett

Careena Fett


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Name | Careena Fett

Aliases | White Wolf, Alor

Age | 36

Species | Human

Gender | Female


Faction | Clan Fett

Homeworld | Concord Dawn

Occupation | Alor to Clan Fett

Force Sensitive | No





Height | 6'0"

Weight | 145 lbs

Build | Slim / Athletic


Eye Color | Dark Brown

Hair Color | Coal Black

Skin Color | Pale





Sexuality | Heterosexual

Relationship Status | Single



Cool-Headed | Cold-Hearted Disciplined Judgmental Fearless


Careena has grown into a woman of resolve and confidence over the years, and it has shaped her to who and what she is. Drawing from her background as a Mandalorian, Careena is fearless and disciplined in all that she does. While she will not typically be on the frontlines leading the charge, those who fight with her can rest easy knowing that she has their back from afar, keeping watch over her fellow warriors like a guardian angel. She keeps her emotions in control while on the field and a level headed approach to any situation, both in and out of combat.Due to this she does come off as a cold-hearted individual, her regards for loss of life outside of her own clan are not something to take pride in as her extremely judgmental leaves much to be desired as far as her likability as a person goes. Some of these traits she adopted after the previous alor of Clan Fett, both in admiration and respect for their manner of thinking and operating that has shaped Clan Fett to become what it is.







Careena is a highly regarded marksman, being able to take down a target with great accuracy and surgical precision. Her marksmanship is something to draw inspiration from as she is not only able to hit a moving target with great accuracy, but hit a moving target while on the move or while in the air.



Careena while a skilled warrior, is not the most durable or resilient of Mandalorians. She has a relatively small form and light weight, making it difficult to outlast larger or stronger opponents, as a result she resorts to using her opponent's own strength against them to compensate.


+Warrior Spirit+ 

Careena is a Mandalorian Warrior before all else. Her pride and honor as a warrior are something she holds to the highest degree and will protect that pride and honor no matter what. As a result she will fight to her dying breath before letting it ever be trampled upon. Her pride in both her clan and culture are what drive her, and her tenacity is something to admire.



Due to her nature and pride, Careena often comes off as blunt and hard to win over in any capacity. She is stubborn to a fault, and once her mind is set on something, it is incredibly difficult to dissuade her from becoming an unstoppable machine that is driven to achieve whatever goal she has set forth, regardless of difficulty or likelihood of success.






Careena's Beskar'gam | Careena's personal set of beskar'gam takes after the shocktrooper design used for Mandalorian armors, with her own personal touch to it being a fabric based optical cloak that is layered over everything to allow her to conceal herself in environments. This feature is particularly useful as it synergizes with her preferred method of combat being long ranged as she can usually harass enemy lines from unseen positions without being targeted. It also featuresa number of functions that assist her in battle.


CF-Defender Lever Action Rifle | Careena's signature weapon that she is most frequently seen wielding is a lever action hybrid rifle that features a double barrel design and alternate fire modes. It's primary mode is a long range blaster sniper with an electronic scope that can sync to her HUD, capable of delivering devastating blaster bolts from long range. Her secondary mode allows her to fire slugs via a Verpine shatter gun design for the second barrel, capable of delivering devastating slugs of varied ammunition types to suit the situation at medium ranges.


WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols | Careena has a pair of WESTAR-35 blaster pistols on her at all times, her favored backup weapons in the event that she is unable to use her lever action rifle, and her preferred weapons for when foes get within close range of her somehow. She wields them both to great effectiveness and accuracy, with enough skill and finesse to impress even the most seasoned veteran gunslingers.









Strength was something that Careena has admired and respected ever since she was a young girl, and survival of the fittest was a persistent concept in her life that shapedwho she would grow to become. Born on Concord Dawn, Careena was introduced to Mandalorian culture from a young age, inspired by her mother who was a Mandalorian who raised her on her own after her father had been killed in battle. She admired the spirit of the warrior culture and all that it embodied and would grow to follow its traditions, adopting it herself as she was nurtured and molded into a warrior that could one day serve her clan and people when the time came that they would be called upon to serve a higher calling. One thing that Careena had become exceptionally skilled in was accuracy using ranged weapons and aerial combat. She could shoot a credit chit out of someone's hand without even being seen with a long ranged rifle.


Growing up, Careena was taught to rely on her own strength, something she took to heart for a majority of her early life as a teenager to young adult as she had joined Clan Fett like her mother. She was a distant individual who strayed away from getting too close to others, perhaps a reason to why she chose to operate from range when in battle, but eventually came to appreciate working in a larger group; after all, wolves operated best in packs to take down greater foes. She served Clan Fett dutifully and to the best of her abilities, covering her fellow clan members from afar, like a guardian angel that protected her comrades. When the time of war came down upon Mandalorians where clans found themselves at odds with one another or allied with each other, Clan Fett and Careena stood against those who stood with Yasha and defied her claim to the title.


The ensuing conflict that resulted in many members of Clan Fett dying laid the foundation for how Careena would treat those who bent the knee to a person she saw as unfit to lead or unite the Mandalorians. Following her Alor Koda Fett,Careena had steeled her resolve and would do her best in taking Clan Fett to even greater heights. While their numbers were few compared to the other clans, it is a name that they hold high with pride and any foolish enough to try to tarnish it would soon find themselves eating their foolish words. While the Fetts as a whole were much like lone wolves operating independently across the galaxy, it was when they banded together to pursue a common cause that they were at their fiercest.


In the following years were the Clans who had defied Yasha faded into the shadows to plot and scheme their vengeance, Careena would soon be handed the responsibility and burden of becoming Alor to Clan Fett . While many held Koda in contempt for his absence and lack of leadership, Careena still remained loyal. In time, Clan Fett would be left to the care and responsibility of Careena, a position she took with both humility and pride, while being given Koda Fett's blessing and graces. Those who have had doubts about her ability to lead the Fetts came forth, but put those doubts to rest when they saw the lengths that Careena was willing to go.



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