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MandalArms XBS-2 Werlaara-Class Stealth Bomber

- - - - - Stealth Bomber Semi-Unique MandalArms Clan Australis Mandalorian Clans of Mandalore

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  • Intent: A strike craft for Clan Australis
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: XB-1 Werlaara



  • Classification: Stealth Bomber
  • Length: 20m
  • Width: 14.7m
  • Height: 5m
  • ArmamentVery High
    Chin mounted turbolaser cannon
    2 proton torpedo launchers (8 torpedoes each)

    4 heavy weapons launchers (3 munitions each, max length 4m max diameter 1.3m)
  • DefensesVery High
    Military Deflector Shields
    Ablative Durasteel Hull
  • Squadron CountNone: 1
  • Maneuverability RatingLow
  • Speed RatingLow
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage: 1


  • Communications relay
  • Advanced targeting system
  • Standard sensor array
  • Grav couch and ejection system
  • In-built nutrient frame and housing for Ysalamir
  • Integrated astromech slot
  • Repulsorlifts and landing thrusters
    (All external components are recessed and concealed where possible)



  • Extremely difficult to detect, especially in space with no atmosphere for the craft's passage to disturb.
  • Heavy weapons loadout packs an incredible punch for such a relatively small craft
  • Heavy shields and armor make the craft able to take significant punishment
  • Multiple comms and sensor systems make the craft resistant to jamming and countermeasures


  • The craft is by no means fast or maneuverable.
  • Such a heavy power load from cloak, shields and systems makes the turbolaser's recharge time extreme.
  • Very poor chances against enemy fighters

The original Werlaara stealth bomber was a unique heavy bomber whose sole goal was to kill capital warships or hardened targets. The Werlaara-Class builds on the original prototype, providing Clan Australis with a stealthy and powerful strike option.

The main differences between the now-destroyed prototype, lost at the Battle of Skor II, and the production model are mainly in stealth and sensors. The XBS-2 carries a single rather than double turbolaser, and has Durinium and Agrinium shielding to improve stealth. She also carries the latest in MandalArms' power, sensor and communications technologies.
The Werlaara is composed of smooth lines and is coated with a matte black coating that is made of vacuum and reentry hardened Reflec. She is equipped with a stygium cloaking device, similar to those historically employed by Sienar Fleet Systems. To further enhance invisibility, an advanced Gravitic Amplitude Modulator is employed in an attempt toremove the gravitic signature of the bomber from CGT or Dovin Basal based detection systems. In addition it is suggested that pilots take Ysalamiri with them, and a place for an Ysalamir nutrient frame is built into the cockpit area.
The heavy weapons loadout is mostly in the expendable ordinance. The small standard sized proton torpedo (MG7s) launchers are situated in the cheeks, flanking the cockpit and running back just shy of the power cores that power the ship, and the medium turbolaser under the chin that run back underneath the cockpit and a considerable length of the ship.

The turbolaser is used to ensure the destruction of shield generators or anti missile weaponry, or other targets of opportunity, after an initial volley of anti shield (ion pulse, plasma explosives, T-33 shield busters or the like) that is used in the hopes of making a ship vulnerable to heavier explosives.
However there is a problem, because there is such a power drain due to the cloaking device, shields, and engines, the turbolasers can only be fired once every minute, which makes pilots hesitant to waste a shot at a target that the strike may or may not succeed.
The main weapons loadout is set in a series of racks. Each rack has three weapons (assuming the largest weapons that can fit), and feeds towards the center of the craft into a release chute that it shares with the other two racks in its stack, where an arm coming from the top, ejects the weapon out of the armored doorway at the belly.

The weapons area is 13 meters long on either side of the center section of the ship, and 5.7 meters extending to each side, allowing room for the mechanisms that move the weapons towards the release chute.
Also by having a number of racks to choose from, this gives the pilot a large variety of weapons that can be loaded onto his ship to get the job done, that ultimate goal usually being the destruction or severely damaging a target, though incapacitating a target at times is just as effective in certain situations.
The primary weapons carried vary from T-33 shield buster missiles and ion missiles, rockets and bombs, to more deadly Heavy Proton rockets, Heavy Proton Bombs, Atomic Compression bombs and other nuclear weapons, to impact weapons such as Seismic Charges and mines.
While the ship has heavy armor and shields, it is also not designed to compete against starfighters, nor against sustained strikes from capital ship weaponry, even though it is designed to take a number of hits while delivering its weapons load.

It is too slow to run, and too heavy to outmaneuver much more nimble starfighters. Therefore it is best used in situations where friendly forces are providing ample distraction to enemy small craft, giving Werlaara time and space to do her work.


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