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The Raggedy Edge

- - - - - KalShebbol ORC cantina underworld

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  • Structure Name: The Raggedy Edge
  • Classification: Cantina
  • Location: Kal'Shebbol
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition
  • Accessibility: Conveniently located just outside Kal'Shebbol starport, the Raggedy Edge is open year round to any travelers who might find themselves grounded on the gateway to the Outback.
  • Description: More a hole in the wall than a true independent establishment, the Raggedy Edge Cantina is nevertheless known as one of the most infamous taverns in the entire Outer Rim. Known for a certain type of seedy clientele, the Raggedy Edge is the first stop for any would be freelancer with flexible morals who is looking for paying work. The cantina's proprietor, Mother Gorgon, is an Askajian immigrant who has lived on Kal'Shebbol for decades and has contacts throughout both the cartels and the Underground.


  • Main Bar: A circular bar dominates the center of the cantina with stools scattered around its outer perimeter. There is an open flame heat source in the middle, sharing a raised platform complete with protocol droid servant who is always waiting to take new orders.
  • Sabacc Tables: A scattering of tables on the left often seats a few patrons here and there, but they are never more crowded than on the nights they play host to the Raggedy Edge's legendary no limit sabacc games. This is the roughest kind of gambling, and violent disagreements are commonplace. Sometimes even fatal.
  • Kitchens: A side bar sits on the right hand corner, beyond which lie the kitchens. The most that can be said about the cantina's menu is that it is all technically edible. Chef Slusk is an elderly and mean spirited Quarren whose glory days of food preparation are long behind him.
  • Gorgon's Lair: Actually, its just the basement. Still, this is where Mother Gorgon keeps her personal office. Any business of an unsavory or otherwise clandestine nature is conducted here, away from the prying eyes of a public cantina.


  • Rating: Medium

Mother Gorgon's Hylobon bouncers are intimidating enough, but it certainly doesn't hurt that every patron of the Raggedy Edge comes armed. That additional layer of protection from without comes at the cost of a much more dangerous atmosphere within. The surplus of blasters is by no means a guarantee that you will leave unscathed.

For as long as Kal'Shebbol has had a starport, there has been a cantina servicing weary travelers looking for entertainment and relaxation after a long haul from more civilized space or the furthest fringes. The names and owners come and go, even the decor changes, but the bar remains. For the past half century, that name has been the Raggedy Edge. Its owner and proprietor, Mother Gorgon, emigrated from Askaj in her youth and quickly carved out a considerable little empire in fencing stolen cargo and information exchange.


Known even to the Underground, Mother Gorgon is kept around because of her willingness to cooperate with Judges or Wardens of the Sky at times for the sake of the greater good. And so the famed backwater cantina endures, another chapter in the legacy of a tavern that has seen more bar fights and shoot outs than just about anywhere this side of the Corellian Run. There is even a persistent rumor that this is the bar where Jorus Merrill himself was killed in a duel over cards, although the story has never been verified and accounts often conflict.


More than anything, the Raggedy Edge is one of the first places to stop if you're looking for something. Work, a bounty mark, an introduction to the right people, or even just a stiff drink and a pack of cigarras.

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