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Void Recon Trooper

EE VT Recon

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Intent - To provide The Void Trooper Corps with a Recon Trooper


Image Source - Pinterest


Role - Galactic Infantry / Recon Infantry


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Unit Name - Void Shock Trooper


Affiliation - The Emergence Empire / Void Trooper Corps


Classification - Shock Trooper


Equipment - Blackjack Grenade, Void Recon Armour, EB1-BR, SAB-01


Description - Recon Troopers are equipped with lighter armour coated in sensor-scattering ferrosphere and variable optic HUD's. They're employed for reconnaissance and infiltration operations, most often deployed ahead of an invasion force to scout opposition installments. 




Unit Availability - Uncommon


Unit Size - Average


Unit Experience - Trained


Combat Function:


Armed with EB1-BR's that can be switched to a sniper configuration, Void Recons are often positioned miles from military installments where they can scout and provide intel for an invasion force. When in combat, they will often take up distant or hidden positions where they can chip away at enemy forces without detection. Some more capable Recons have been known to take themselves all the way behind enemy lines, infiltrate the source of the enemy and destroy it from the inside out, whether that involves literally blowing up an installation or simply killing every waiting soldier.




Brutal - Trained at the Academy on Skism, VT's are put through very harsh training and taught to slaughter their opposition. Restrictions on Wartime Behaviour are very minimal


Unorthodox - Formations and Manuevers are often confusing and seemingly senseless, only to end with unexpected tactical success


Infiltrators - Void Recons often infiltrate behind enemy lines and take the opposition apart from the inside.




Behavioural Issues - The psychological effects Void Troopers sustain when deployed to a battlefield knowing their superior's will allow almost anything, are significant. VT's very often suffer from a constant Lucifer Effect along with Psychopathy, Anger Issues and Emotionlessness.


Light - Caught in the heat of battle, Recons are the least armoured in the Void Trooper Corps. They are easy pickings


Glass Head - Like any Void Trooper, a shot to the head will likely go straight through the Transparisteel Helmet.




The Recon legions were devised as part of the fundamental legion-branches of the Void Trooper Corps. They were drawn up with the intention of providing Invasion or Planetary Defense forces with recon and infiltration capability. These values are reflected in its armour and the training required to breed them.

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