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P1R Recon Droid

- - - - - EE Droid P1R

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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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Intent: Provide The Emergence Empire with a Recon Droid


Image Source: Pinterest




Manufacturer: EEC


Affiliation: The Emergence Empire


Model: P1R Droid


Production: Minor


Modularity: Limbs, certain Internals and external armaments. The Head and Brain is Static


Material: DuraflexRTSCE's, Carbon Nanotube Flexifibres, Ferrosphere Paint



Classification: Class 4


Weight: 100kg


Height: 6"8


Movement: Bipedal


Armaments: Blackjack Grenade, 12" Vibroknife, EB1 Battle Rifle, SAB-01


Misc. Equipment: UV/IR Optics, Wireless Telecommunications, Variable Optic Lenses






Physical Strength - Using Carbon Nanotube-based Flexible Fibres, the P1R can lift some massive weight, or punch through a skull. 


Bolt Resistance - Being built mostly out of Duraflex, the P1 can take a hefty beating


What Darkness? - Equipped with UV/IR lenses, the P1 can see with perfect clarity in Darkness or Restricted Visibility such as smoke


Variable Optic Lenses - Who needs a scope when you have eyes? The P1R can magnify up to 100x




EMP/Ion Vulnerability - Zap it with something in that category and it's doomed


Faulty Brain - All Emergence Droids come fitted with a Proeliator Battle Brain. The safeguard to protect against capture and reverse-engineering is an electromagnet, capacitor and switch. Funnily enough, slight fluctuations in current are enough to initiate the safeguard, rendering the droid useless. 




Anatomically identical to the P1, but with a different head. Mostly to distinguish it as a Recon Droid, but it comes equipped with Variable Optic Lenses, allowing the P1R to scout and recon from miles away.


Built lighter and more agile, the P1R is meant to scout and infiltrate. They are coated in sensor-scattering Ferrosphere paint for Stealth purposes and often cloak themselves in armour weave cloaks. 


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Gir Quee

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