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Zhaelor Anor

Yuuzhan Vong Intendant

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Zhaelor Anor

Zhaelor Anor

    Intendant Executor

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   ฿₳₴ł₵ ł₦₣ØⱤ₥₳₮łØ₦


Zhaelor Anor wearing his armor and cloak

   ₱ⱧɎ₴ł₵₳Ⱡ ĐɆ₴₵Ɽł₱₮łØ₦

  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'1" (1.85m)
  • Weight: 171 lbs (78kg)
  • Eye Color: 1 blue, 1 plaeryin bol
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Complexion: Pale
  • Body: Physically fit, lean, tall
  • Marks & Scars: Zhaelor has numerous scars, cuts, grafts and tattoos across his body; each indicate something within his culture, and represent his dedication to the Yun'o

   ₣ØⱤ₵Ɇ ₳₣₣ł₦ł₮Ɏ

  • Force Sensitive: Force Void

   ₴₮ⱤɆ₦₲₮Ⱨ₴ & ₩Ɇ₳₭₦Ɇ₴₴Ɇ₴

  • [+] Master Deciever: Zhaelor is a highly skilled spy and destablizer, able to read other sentient's tones and mannerisms, while also being capable of speaking fluent Galactic Basic without need of biot assistance. He is also able to understand several alien languages, though cannot speak them. He is knowledgeable of the galaxy and can switch between Yuuzhan Vong and non-Yuuzhan Vong terminology and language easily.
  • [+] Skilled Warrior: Zhaelor is a capable combatant, especially skilled in hand-to-hand combat. While not as trained as warrior castes, he instead uses strategy, cunning and preparation to overcome more skilled opponents. His skill with the amphistaff and tsaisi is respectable, despite his Intendant caste.
  • [+] Adapt Or Die: Zhaelor is highly adaptable, and is able to use most forms of technology in the galaxy as other sentients do; he is also adept in the use of astrogation and starships.
  • [+] Species Traits: Due to his species, Zhaelor is more physically capable and hardy than standard humans, and like others has characteristics such as:

[+] Long Life: Yuuzhan Vong have exceptionally long lives, capable of reaching several hundred years old.
[+] Eye Sacks: Beneath the eyes are sacks that expand and contract based on mood; Zhaelor's are blue.

[+] Nervous System: The Yuuzhan Vong nervous system is highly conductive specifically for feeling pain, which the species coveted.

[+] Force Void: Yuuzhan Vong are sentients that exist outside of the Force, comparable to a Force void; as such they have no presence in the Force.

[+] Force Resistant: Due to being a Force void, the Yuuzhan Vong are highly resistant to most forms of Force power, including effects being decreased in potency.


[+] Grafted Traits: Due to grafting at the hands of Shapers, Zhaelor has the following:


[+] Hidden Pouches: Across his torso, specifically in each armpit and on his right hip, Zhaelor has hidden Q'et sacs for concealing small items.

[+] Hand Claws: Embedded into his left forearm, Zhaelor has a retractable fighting claw; exceedingly sharp, lightsaber resistant, able to puncture through energy shields and able to stretch to four times the standard length.

[+] Antidote: Contained within a needle of his right thumb, Zhaelor has a retractable needle filled with the antidote of plaeryin poison.

[+] Gaseous: Within a close-range dispenser, located inside Zhaelor's left pinkie finger, is a knockout gas capable of affecting most sentients.

  • [-] Selfish Zealot: Zhaelor is a fanatic when it suits him, and unlike others is not as consumed to serve his culture and god in cleansing all other species... but will do so, as long as he gains from it personally.
  • [-] Specific Force: Despite the general resistance to the Force, there remains some powers and uses that can injure Yuuzhan Vong.
  • [-] No Philosphy of Pain: For Zhaelor, embracing pain, and seeking it in combat, are not a state of living he wants; unlike other members of his species, Zhaelor tries to avoid pain where possible, seeing it is a redundant practice encouraged by fanatic priests.
  • [-] Eternal Pain: For Zhaelor his existence is pain, there is never a moment without it.
  • [-] Giving Too Much: With success and escalation ceremony, there remains a greater and greater risk of grafting rejection, at which point Zhaelor may be exiled or die; he fears this may occur before he can attain the levels of power and influence he seeks.
  • [-] My Power: Zhaelor is power hungry and will do anything, and kill anyone in his way, to get it.
  • [-] Perception: Zhaelor has one visually working eye.
  • [-] Paranoia: Existing within a caste society, based on stature and position, can grind on the mind; there is constant threat of lessers trying to usurp him.


  • Possessions:

- Weapons:


+ Amphistaff

+ Tsaisi

+ Maser Pistol (Concealed in Q'et hip pouch)

+ Thud Bugs/Razor Bugs/Magma Pebbles

+ Blorash Jelly Pouch

+ Coufee (Concealed; right boot)

+ Fighting Claws (Concealed; left forearm)


- Armor:


+ Vondunn Skerr Kyrric Armor

+ Cloak of Nuun


- Ships:


+ Yorik-et (Starfighter)

+ Yorik-stronha (Spy Ship)


- Miscellaneous:


+ Villips (Beacon, Oggzil & Gnullith)

+ Hunn Nuts

+ Needle Thorn

+ Spy Bug

+ Gablith Masquer (Duros & Givin)

+ Unmasker

+ Healing Swatches

+ Lambent Crystal

+ Sclipune Shell

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Zhaelor Anor

Zhaelor Anor

    Intendant Executor

  • Character
    • Character Bio
  • 49 posts


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