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The Republican Guard is the Strongest

Tephrike Republican Guard Song Propaganda

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Intent: Expand on Tephrike with a piece of lore and ic propaganda.

Image Credit: N/A.

Canon: N/A.

LinksTephrikeInto Darkness. Based on a real Red Army song, which I originally found on YouTube. The verses have been modified for the purpose of this submission.



Media Name: The Republican Guard is the Strongest. Also popularly known as Jedi Masters, Dark Lord.

Format: Marching song. Oral transmission is the most common. Could be heard as an audio or holographic recording or anything else appropriate for music. But the usual format consists of people singing it. 

DistributionPlanetary. Limited to Tephrike, where it is the marching song of the Republican Guard. The planet has been isolated for centuries. Individual Firemane members may have heard it but it has yet to be distributed to any planet beyond Tephrike.

LengthMinuscule. It is just a song. Run time is about three and a half minutes.

Description: 'The Republican Guard is the Strongest', also known as 'Jedi Masters, Dark Lord' is a marching song composed by a martyred member of the Republican Guard, a rebel organisation on Tephrike that stands in opposition to the Jedi-led Dominion of Light and the Disciples of the Vader. The song was meant as a combat anthem for the Republican Guard. The members of the Guard see themselves as the vanguard of the common people, fighting against the oppressive rule of the Force theocracies. The martial tone of the song reflects that.



AuthorRepublican Guard. Composed by a Republican Guard soldier called Badahur.

PublisherRepublican GuardGeneral Aruunzeb.

Reception: Very popular among members of the Republican Guard, particularly soldiers. Often sung on the eve of battle and sometimes during it in dire circumstances to raise morale. It is sometimes also sung by dissidents in Dominion or Sith territory who support the Guard. However, this is considered an act of sedition there and thus punished harshly. This is not surprising since both regimes are totalitarian dictatorships and the song calls for them to be thrown.



The most common format is simply people singing it. This is sometimes accompanied by the use of musical instruments. The text is well-known among members of the Republican Guard. It is also played as a march during military parades. Audio recordings have sometimes been smuggled into Dominion or Sith territory. Needless to say this is considered subversive and is extremely dangerous for anyone who smuggles or listens to it.



The song has the following text:


The Jedi Masters and the Dark Lord

are trying to restore the Mages' throne
But from the Red Coral to Palmyra
The Republican Guard is the strongest of all


So let the Republican Guard
Grip with power
Its bayonet with its toil-hardened hand
And we must all
Go into a last deadly fight!

Republican Guard, march, march forward!
The Council of National Salvation calls us into battle
For from the Red Coral to Palmyra
The Republican Guard is the strongest of all!

We are fanning the flames of a world-wide fire
We will raze temples and prisons to the ground
For from the Red Coral to Palmyra
The Republican Guard is the strongest of all!


In the eyes of the Republican Guard, the Dominion of Light and the Vaderites are two sides of the same coin. Hence the mention of Jedi Masters and Dark Lord in the same breath. The line 'from the Red Coral to Palmyra' refers to Red Coral City, an armed camp and de facto 'capital' of the Guard, and Palmyra, the former capital of Tephrike. Palmyra was devastated by a great battle between the legions of the Jedi and the Sith. Both sides employed technological terrors as well as preternatural weapons of great power to devastate the capital, turning into a radioactively contaminated death trap.


Indeed, the staggering loss of life and the use of nuclear weapons created a Dark Side Nexus. Recently, the Guard has been able to take control of the city. It does not seek to harness the nexus but to contain it and prevent anyone from using its power and being corrupted by it. The Council of National Salvation is the military junta that controls the Republican Guard and directs their war effort against its enemies. The Guard idealises the Rebel Alliance and sees itself as its successor.



On Tephrike, the Four Hundred Year Darkness never ended. It is a broken planet, characterised by impoverishment, superstition and strife. Three large factions vie for dominance, the Jedi-led Dominion of Light, the slavocratic, human supremacist Disciples of the Vader and the anti-Force-User Republican Guard. 


The Dominion of Light is a radical, totalitarian Jedi theocracy that believes only total control and the guidance of those who can divine the will of the Force can save Tephrike. They are the dominant faction on the planet and view their struggle as a conflict between Light and Dark, a war of total annihilation which there can be no compromise. The Vaderites are an extremist Sith cult that espouse an extreme form of Social Darwinism, worship Darth Vader as a Dark God and endorse human supremacism. Non-humans are enslaved or exterminated in their territory.


Unlike its main rivals, the Republican Guard is not controlled by Force-Users. Indeed, it sees Force-Users as cursed, believing that their power turns them to evil and has prohibited Force use as well as Force religions. It receives a lot of support from Yuuzhan Vong, Mon Calamari, Gungans, Nautolans as well as dissidents and refugees from Dominion or Sith territory. From the perspective of the Guard, it is the vanguard of the common people. The only force that stand up to the oppressors and restore liberty to Tephrike. 


Of course, there is a darker side tothe rebel movement, such as extrajudicial killings, forced requisitions and the fact that Force-Users are incarcerated and subjected to intense brainwashing to cure them. Terrorism is an important component of its military strategy. The Guard sees these aspects as necessary evils in its struggle, as it is fighting the forces of oppression and cannot be picky about the methods it utilises to achieve victory.


'The Republican Guard is the Strongest', popularly known as 'Jedi Masters, Dark Lord' was composed by Badahur, a Mon Calamari soldier, poet and a close friend of General Aruunzeb, one of the top commanders of the Republican Guard. Both joined the underground after their home settlement was bombed by the Dominion for being a suspected 'terrorist camp'. Badahur was decorated many times for his bravery and valour under fire. Aside from showing his mettle as a soldier, he also became a leading poet of the Guard, fighting with the pen as well as the gun.


Unfortunately, he was a casualty of the Sith Blitz, dying during a Sith bombing raid on Aigai while manning a flak cannon. However, the last song he had written became popular among the troops. Aruunzeb, who mourned his lost friend, made it a marching song for his troops, but it soon saw mass circulation among the rebels. 

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