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Lynette De Celeste Lykova


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Lynette Lykova

Lynette Lykova

    ~ Inquisitrix ~

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Lynette De Celeste Lykova





  • Lynette "Listy" De Celeste Lykova


  • Galactic Human - Korviti Royal
  • Female
  • 178 cm - 5' 10"
  • 77 kg - 170 lbs
  • Force Sensitive



  • Lynette is a strong stately woman with colorful blue hair and playful blue eyes. Born to wealth and endless luxury, she prefers dark cultural fashions and soft glamorous furs. Especially enjoying clothing that demonstrates a preference for her home planet's royal lineage. She is tall, strong, and well practiced in families regal postures. Prominent in speech, charitable in power, yet sharp and uncompromising in her dutiful royal commands. She is always well oriented towards the most important task at hand. Although few and far between these days, those who still remember her as a wild young woman prefer to call her "Wild Little Listy."



  • - Pride
  • - Vanity
  • - Ambition
  • - Pro-Human Bias
  • ~ Dog Lover
  • ~ Human Lifespan
  • ~ Cat Allergies
  • ~ Omnisexual
  • + Sharp
  • + Athletic
  • + Wealthy
  • + Charismatic
  • + Thrill Seeker
  • + Force Sensitive




Lynette De Celeste Lykova was born to a life of wealth and privilege. Growing up in the finest gold and silks, and already well accustomed to the company of private tutors, gallant knights, and exotic animals. She was always and ever admonished by her pious family to aspire, to ascertain, and to advance herself to the very limits of high society and it's worldly activities. As such, she quickly learned to balance her upbringing and training as a socialite, a scholar, and as a woman of the Korvi royal family.


Having two older brothers and two older sisters, Lynette was graciously free from the immediate task of being groomed as her father's heir. Granting her the easy freedom to pursue a royal education and the scholarly future of her choice. Years on, she graduated early and with fine standing among her female peers. However, as she would later freely admit: "I spent far too much of her time in the company of boys and flirtatious young gentlemen." Surprisingly however, as amorous and lustful she may seem even in the finest company, Lynette has never married. Considering it a boring topic of discussion and always the first to change the subject back towards money, war, or politics.


Following her advancement and graduation from royal academia she was invited to join the Denon Academy of Science and was trained in the ways of The Force by Jedi Masters Rex Corvir and Veronica Cane. Quickly becoming one of the academies brightest students and later, adventuring investors.


She later spent a year working as a Jedi Knight and SSC Project Manager for the Silver Assembly of Silver Rest Temple, Kashyyyk.Departing the position just prior to the Invasion of UCM Azure Hex 858 ABY.





Blue Lightsaber - Cortosis Resistant. Works Underwater.


Electro Sword - Z8 Riot Saber. link.


Starfighter - Delta 85 Travelsprite Interceptor. link.


Armored Clothing - Shepard's Coat. link.




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Lynette Lykova

Lynette Lykova

    ~ Inquisitrix ~

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    • Character Bio
  • 182 posts

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