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VDS-02 “Bulwark” - Pattern Military Mobility Shield

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Intent: To submit an advanced personal deflector shield for use by the Sun Guard of the Golden Company.
Image Source: Shield Concept by Raphaell666
Canon Link: Deflector Shield(s), Personal Energy Shield(s), Xythan Force Shielding.
Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Cortosis.


Manufacturer: The Golden Company - Armourer's Guild, The Thyrsian Hierarchy - Royal Armourer's Guild.  
Model: VDS-02 “Bulwark” - Pattern Military Mobility Shield.
Affiliation: The Golden Company, The Thyrsian Hierarchy, Closed Market.
Modularity: No.
Production: Minor-scale Production.
Material: Drop-Forged Durasteel Plating, Cortosis Filaments, Various Internal Circuitry and Insulating Materials, Plastoid and Rubber Composite Housing, Shield Generator Components. 

  • Advanced [Military-Grade] Shield Projector System.
  • Standard [Military-Grade] Cooling Vents, Neutrino Radiators, and Heat Sinks.
  • Advanced [Military-Grade] Integrated Shield Capacitors. 
  • Standard [Military-Grade] Activation Panel.
  • Standard [Military-Grade] Capacity Indicator with HUD Uplink. 
  • Standard [Military-Grade] Containment Field Regulator.
  • Advanced [Military-Grade] Power Cell Housing, with Quick Release System.
  • Standard [Military-Grade] Side Clasp and Armour Mounting.
  • Standard [Military-Grade] Insulating Materials.


  • Xythan Force Shielding (Energy Absorption and Redirection, Including Directed Ion weapons and Lightsabres.)
  • Overlapping Deflector Shield (Particle, Ray and Concussion Barriers.)
  • One Hundred Heavy Blaster Bolt Protection Capacity per Power Cell.
  • Self-Recharging Energy Cell Housing. (Advanced Housing.)
  • Adjustable Projected Barrier ("Skintight" to "Bubble Shield.")
  • Advanced Capacitors. (Strengthened Deflector Screen with Interlocked Hexagonal Appearance.)
  • Directional Programming and Projection; Capable of Shooting Out Without Compromising Shield Integrity.


  • Capable of Redirecting/Reflecting Small Arms and Light Energy Weapons Fire.
  • Capable of Absorbing and Discharging Successive Plasmatic Bursts. (Including Directed Ion Weaponry.)
  • Capable of Absorbing and Discharging the Blade of a Lightsabre. (Rapid Capacity Depletion Hazard.)
  • Highly Resistant to Field Disruptors; Redirects and Returns Energy.
  • Self-Recharging Energy Cells.
  • Cortosis-Infused Circuitry.


  • Slow Energy Cell Recharge Time (One Minute after Depletion.)
  • Cannot Protect User from Sonic Weapons. (Hard Sound or Otherwise.)
  • Cannot Reflect or Redirect Kinetic Projectiles.
  • Cannot Properly Safeguard the Operator against Heavy Weapons (I.E. Turbolasers, Heavy Laser Cannons, and Etc.)
  • Restricted Energetic Return Trajectory.
  • Vulnerable to Ionic/EMP Overcharge and Overload (Close Proximity Detonations.)
  • Cortosis Circuitry; Vulnerable to Prolonged Energetic Exposure (I.E. Lightning Guns.)
  • Possible Neutrino Contamination (Without Environmental Protection, and Sustained Use.)

As the secrets of the universe began to unfurl, making themselves known to the Scions of Thyrsus, they collectively began experimenting with technology that was believed to be long forgotten and lost to the annals of time. While the concept behind a personal energy shield, meant for deployment across an entire faction’s military, was nothing new - what the Armourer’s Guild devised was utterly revolutionary. Standard deflector screens, that were layered with particle and ray shields, operated along the principle of dissipating the lethal force of the directed energy or kinetic weapon; effectively deflecting a potential killing blow away from the shield’s operator. Although there were different variants of deflector screens, their inherent purpose was fundamentally the same - no matter what world, culture, or time period they hailed from. 
Molecular shielding was believed to be the epitome of deflector screen technology, as it was capable of absorbing incoming energy weapons fire, converting it back into its component parts, and utilizing the formerly hostile energy to power various systems. While the capabilities of Molecular shielding were impressive, they lacked the capacity to shield the target from kinetic projectiles; leaving the user wide open to a vast array of slugthrowers. Thus, such advanced shields were often paired with a generator that was capable of creating a layered defensive shell that projected a particle barrier, in addition to the molecular shielding. Until now, that combination of technologies was considered to be the best personal shielding that credits could purchase.
Through their service to multiple factions across the stars and inherent nomadic nature, the Thyrsians of the Golden Company came across a drifting hulk that was marked in sigils they had never seen before. It was during this salvage and exploration mission that a Cohort of Sun Guards came across an undamaged terminal, which housed a direct connection to a degrading databank nestled within the heart of the dying starship. As the terminal began to finally lose power after so many years, the expeditionary team of Mercenaries transferred everything they could find onto several storage devices; before sending the dying ship into the heart of a nearby Sun. What they found aboard that nameless vessel, was the technical schematics for a new type of energy shield; that would utterly revolutionize the Sun Guard’s martial prowess on the battlefield.
The first trial run of this new technology occurred aboard a captured First Order battlecruiser, which was enhanced by their arcane technologies, to create the most potent prototypical barrier in the known universe. With that success in hand, the Thyrsians of the Armourer’s Guild sought to miniaturize their newfound spoils for personal use. The VDS-02 “Bulwark” Military Mobility Shield was the precious fruit borne from their tireless labours. It was through this generator that Xythan Force Shielding would return to the forefront of the Galaxy, and utterly dominate the battlefield with its unique characteristics. Akin to the Molecular Shielding seen predominantly across the stars, the Bulwark was capable of absorbing the lethality of various energy weapons - including the solarized plasma favoured by the Sun Guards.
However, what differed between the two variants, was that the Xythan Force Shielding was capable of returning that discharged energy back from whence it came; including the ignited blade of a lightsabre. The key difference between these two versions of advanced deflector shields was the circuitry that was housed within the mobile generators. Through a multitude of trials and errors, the key ingredient was found. Strands of cortosis were woven into the circuits, an act which infused the generator with the conductive properties of the original material; allowing the Force Shielding to operate as it was intended too. It was only when the deployment of prolonged, and sustained energy weapons were brought to the table that the true fault in the Xythan’s design is found. 
Despite that danger of running afoul of sustained plasma weapons or lightning guns, the benefits far outweighed the drawbacks in the collective minds of the Sun Guard. Not only would they be safeguarded by their newly mounted shield generators, but they’d be able to redirect whatever energetic fury was thrown their way - even the harmful light of solar ionization cannons, which would’ve conventionally bypassed standard deflector shields. 
Thus, through this mighty Bulwark, the Sun Guard’s dominance of the battlefield was assured.

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