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Squad Goals: Australis soldiers vs Mauda soldiers

- - - - - Squad Goals

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Azel Moran

Azel Moran

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Isonvil is a fuel drilling and refinery town, or was. When the Ssi-Ruuk annihilated the First Order, the local fuel market dried up and shipping contractors refused to risk the trip. But the abandoned town still holds a small fortune in refined fuel, plus a couple of wells that aren’t tapped out yet. A canny operation could find good resources in the short or long term.


Two forces have converged on Isonvil: a dozen Mandalorians sent by Kaine Australis, and a dozen elite soldiers sent by Orex Mauda. It’s morning on Hoth, and a brisk -35 Celsius.


OOC rules:

  • No PCs: you’re controlling only your NPC teams.
  • ‘Dragged to safety’ is fine, ‘killed in action’ is fine, ‘buried in rubble for later recovery’ is fine. What’s not fine is not losing troops. YOUR LOSSES ARE UP TO YOU. DON’T WRITE THE OTHER SIDE’S INJURIES/DEATHS.
  • No air strikes.
  • No vehicles heavier than a speeder bike.
  • Please clearly establish, relative to cardinal directions and/or landmarks, where your troops are on the map. This is especially important if you split them up.
  • Have a stupid amount of fun please.


Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Hoth : The North Ridge


12 Mandalorians


Clan Australis had picked up the intel about Hoth from a smuggler contact. Interested enough to send a team to the facility, Cerulean command had dispatched a dozen of the Clan's best and brightest to recon and secure the remote refinery. Four Canis Brigade, hardened Gurlanin-hybrid clones, unable to shapeshift, but well able to communicate telepathically. Specialized supercommandos. Four YVH droids of the 7th Division, equipped with Quietsnipe rifles. Leading the group were the four Jare'rami'kade, Kaine's elite personal squad, deadliest of all. An extremely heavily equipped unit for such a mission, it was true, however Command had learned that the information on the refinery had already been distributed, and thus resistance and competition were expected. Clan Australis didn't do things by halves.

Upon arrival on Hoth the unit set out, the YVH droids moving under their own power, while the eight commandos rode Tauntauns. They approached the facility from the southwest. Once in sight of the facility, the unit split in two, with the four droids each making for one of the towers they had observed. A pair of droids went to each tower, their metal legs crunching the snow and ice beneath their feet as they pounded across the arctic surface.

The Canis and Jare'rami'kade, on Tauntauns, stuck to the roadway, approaching the facility. Visibility wasn't great, they could see the shapes of buildings, but no great detail. They each had to rely heavily on their HUD and sensor systems, which were also impacted by the swirling snow. The beasts they rode grunted and complained at the heavy burdens they bore, especially Bors's, which was labouring hard by the time they had reached the approaches to the refinery.

Vevut of the Jare'rami'kade was in overall command, though these Canis types he had with him respected experience and sense more than rank. They all knew their jobs, and didn't need to, or enjoy, being told. He held up a hand to bring the eight of them to a halt. Flicking his HUD to macrobinoculars, he scanned across the abandoned mining town. There, he could see the main refinery building. That was the objective. Few words had passed between the commandos on the approach. The Canis commandos didn't need to talk to communicate with their own, and neither did the droids. Vevut spoke into the squad comm.

::Let's leave overwatch to the droids. Move out slow.::

The YVH droids, equipped with repulsorlifts, bounced up off the snow, and went high, soaring to the top of the two sentry towers. From there, they would provide overwatch with their longrifles. Vevut's party was just passing the south tower as the droids made their ascent. 

All quiet so far, the weather sucked, but no trouble. Yet.

Orex Mauda


'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'


Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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Emergence Forces:


Outside of their home system of Utangard, The Emergence did not exist. They had been developing in silence, growing their shadow without a word. And so when it came to resource gathering, the Emergence did so without fanfare. Galactic Surveys had returned several points of particular interest, Hoth among them. And so the Droid Army of the Emergence mobilised small task forces to secure these points in the interest of resource acquisition and the later dominion of the Planet. 


A HETT Transport Gunship landed a few miles from a Fuel Refinery. From the Transport dropped 15 Droids, 8 highly experienced P1 Battle Droids, along with 4 Heavy Battle Droids and 3 Recon Droids. The P1H's were there for anti-infantry support and to bust open any more-than-locked doors. They moved with the P1's lagging only slightly behind due to their speed. The three Recons rushed ahead to secure vantage points. 


Once over the ridge and in sight of the Refinery, the droids took their positions. The Recons had completed their survey and reported the presence of a small number of Mandalorian Troops, their advanced Optics allowing clear sight through the dense snow. Splitting up, each squad took to their ideal locations. 


The three Recons, covered in white, ferrosphere-coated armourweave cloaks took to the far side of the refinery moving in parallel with the Mandalorians, intent on circling the complex and only making themselves known once behind their troops. 


The 4 P1H's took themselves down the ridge but stopped atop a large ledge. They had a clear view of the majority of the refinery. Where they were, they could 'snipe' opposition with their shoulder-mounted Turbolasers. However, they were limited in such a fire operation. The Refinery, although inactive, was still loaded with raw resources and refined but unmoved fuels. Explosions near anything critical would result in partial destruction of the facility and potential friendly casualties. 


The 8 P1's moved down the centre line, distributing themselves behind drills and silos. Once positioned, they remained hidden and in silence, waiting for the moment any opposition came close. 


There was no audible communication, all droids co-ordinated with eachother over a neural network, allowing instant and silent communication. 


Kaine Australis

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