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Gungan Energy Plasma Battery

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Visanj T'shkali

Visanj T'shkali
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Intent:To ‘flesh out’ a piece of canon technology a bit, i.e. Gungan energy plasma systems, and create a unique power core system for Visanj T’shkali to use in future submissions.

Image Source: N/A

Canon Link: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Gungan/Legends

Primary Source(s): 

Manufacturer: Visanj T’shkali

Affiliation:  Visanj T'shkali; Limited No. of Characters

Model: N/A

Modularity: No

Production: Semi-Unique


Material(s): Energy Plasma; reinforced fiberplast; plastoid; electrical components



  • Compact fusion reactor and containment system
  • Insulated circulatory delivery system
  • Transfusion Port


  • Energy Supplies can last up to 3-4 standard years without replacement, sufficient to power several major systems and devices simultaneously.
  • No possibility of meltdown or explosion, due to the nature of plasma energy batteries. Exceptionally stable and resilient.
  • Plasma residue is non-toxic and easily disposed of once depleted.
  • Systems and devices operated by by the battery can do so independently of outside power sources, such as ion reactors, etc.


  • After 3-4 standard years of use, the plasma will be depleted, requiring the entire system to 'bled off' of residue, then cleansed with a saline-based cleaning solution before new plasma can be introduced.This process takes several days, and requires a team of skilled techs with specialized equipment, meaning it cannot be done in the field.
  • Failure to maintenance the battery in the aforementioned manner will result in 'brown-outs' initially - causing systems to work intermittently - however prolonged use after depletion time will cause cascading systems failures and may damage systems powered by this battery. 



Gungans often get a bad rap, mostly due to the legacy of that idiot Jar Jar Binks who helped the Empire come to power, and while much of the galaxy believes them to be primitive, the truth is that their mastery of plasma energy technologies is really quite impressive.Using the bluish-white energy plasma mined deep in the oceans of Naboo, the Gungans have been using these technologies for weapons, power, and field generation for centuries.  


The concept is simple enough and fairly straightforward:The energy plasma is 'bred' in the natural saltwater environment, and fully mature, it is mined by the Gungans who then refine it to remove impurities, leaving only pure energy plasma behind.Once refined, the energy plasma can be used within a standard battery design, offering significant shelf-life and capable of yielding terrific amounts of energy at relatively low cost.When this is applied to a starship, for example, the plasma battery takes up only a fraction of the space used by larger reactors and other power cores, requires no outside fuel, and can continue to yield power to a variety of shipboard systems and devices for several years before requiring scheduled maintenance.


The maintenance process is pretty standard:The depleted energy plasma residue is 'bled off' and a saline-based cleaning solution is used to flush out contaminants and ready the battery for a new batch of energy plasma to be introduced.The depleted residue is non-toxic and easily disposed of as it breaks down over time.However, the process can take a few days, depending on the size of the battery or batteries being used, and requires skilled technicians using specialized equipment to complete it.This negates any notions of DIY or doing it in the field, and means that if you use this aboard your ship, you'll be spending a few days grounded while this process is completed.Luckily, you won't have to do except for once every few years.


Using Gungan batteries, a ship can have continuous power for many of its systems, thus relieving the burden of the main reactors.Since this is self-contained and independent of the reactors, systems and devices powered by the batteries will operate even when the reactors are not online, a pretty nifty benefit in and of itself.Since the battery itself is insulated, compact, and lightweight, and has no moving parts, it one of those things you install and forget about.Just make sure you hold to the maintenance schedule, otherwise in time you will begin to notice intermittent failures and in enough time, all of the systems powered by the battery will fail, resulting in cascade effect for other secondary systems dependent on these which may cause serious damage.


Gungan batteries don't explode, overheat, meltdown, or corrode like other batteries and fusion reactors, and don't have much of an energy signature, making them fairly invisible to scans unless you get really close.A battery the size of a small toolbox or large shoebox can provide energy for a ship up to 50m fairly easily. Smaller, safer, longer-lasting, and powerful, the Gungan battery is proof-positive that - Jar Jar aside - the Gungans aren't, and maybe never were, as primitive as the galaxy believes!


[OOC NOTE:Thorium Plasma Batteries are a hotly-debated piece of real-world technology, widely contested throughout the scientific community.This submission was not meant to take a position on the matter in any way, but rather to use the theoretical principles behind the thorium batteries to develop the 'inner workings' of the mysterious 'goo' of the Gungans.]

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Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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Visanj T'shkali


Awesome giving the gungan tech some love to help figure out what it might have been. Just in future you can use closed market to say for giving it to other people otherwise have fun.




Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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