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Vhei "Wasp" Naudir

Mandalorian Character Naudir

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Vhei Wasp Naudir

Vhei Wasp Naudir

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NAME: Vhei Naudir


Voice: Pending
FACTION: Clans Of Mandalore
RANK: Mercenary
SPECIES: Human (Mandalorian)
AGE: 32
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 230 lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Fair
FORCE SENSITIVE: No signs of force sensitivity
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+CQB Adept
+Highly skilled in aerial combat(with jetpacks)
+Trained marksman
-Fear of thrown explosives(notably Thermal Imploders)
-Ion and EMP tech can short circuit her cybernetics(left arm)
Other skills:
Novice Pilot: Wasp can technically fly an aircraft or starcraft if she has to, but she prefers to leave it to the professionals.
Average Handheld: Wasp can handle pistols about as well as any bounty hunter, though she prefers to save them for enclosed spaces.
Makeshift Mechanic: Growing up in a nomadic starfleet, everyone has to do their part and learn to fix things for themselves. wasp has learned
how to fix minor damage to droids, ships, blasters, and a multitude of devices, it'll be a little rough around the edge is all.
PERSONALITY:(aka: my own user manual in case I forget how to play my own OC)

Novice Entomologist: Wasp has taken after her partner's love of insects and has studied a variety of them. she's not that great at it, but she can tell the difference between a viper wasp and a fire wasp for example.
Political Views: Wasp's political views are simple: To her, politics are a necessary evil. she doesn't doesn't like to play the game of politics, but understands that sometimes it is necessary. As for choosing a side, She'll play along with whoever benefits her, and her people the most.
Languages: Mando'a, Galactic Basic
Musical Tastes: Wasp has a love of music, going without it for long periods of time makes her uncomfortable, especially during long periods of interstellar travel.
Her favorites at the moment consist of old bootleg Max Rebo Holo recordings, and that one cantina band on tatooine, who's names she still cant't remember.
She seeks to expand her playlists, though finding the right music in a galaxy as huge as this, is difficult at times.

A woman of average height and weight, toned build with fair skin, lime green eyes and blonde hair, shaven on the left side to reveal a tattoo of a green mythosaur skull surrounded by floral decorations. her left arm is cybernetic from the elbow down.







|Witchhunter's armor|




Stinger: Custom weapon, gift from kaine australis


M12 "Kath hound" Blaster Shotgun\scattergun


N1- Forcepike Staff


DE-10 Blaster pistols(chrome, matching pair)


Modified DLT-19d Heavy blaster rifle






Family tree:

Vhei was born aboard a starship crewed by the Naudir, A nomadic clan of space faring mandalorians that trace their ancestry to the frozen mountains of krownest, In ages long forgotten by now. Vhei was raised amidst these hardy warriors, spending her younger years training as they traveled from sector to sector. Vhei’s father, an ex-commando from a long line of proud warriors and clan leaders, taught vhei all she knows of hand to hand combat and fighting while airborne, in preparation for the day when she would lead the clan. But, as per naudir traditions, she would first have to earn the right to lead and the respect of her fellow warriors, by making a name for herself elsewhere.
And thus began Vhei’s career in the bounty hunting business.
Her early targets consisted of minor victories, such as smugglers, deserters from various wars, the occasional murderer, nothing quite as spectacular as she had hoped for.
That all changed when she was approached by band of new and similarly disappointed hunters, who offered vhei a place amongst them. For the first time since she had left her clan, Vhei felt a sense of belonging and comradery. She became close friends with them, most notably with a fellow mandalorian within their tight knit group, who would later become more than a friend to her. Life was good, and their credit accounts were growing, like most of the group, Vhei spent her earnings on weapons and devices that would assist her on the hunt. But one day, her mandalorian partner convinced them to invest in networking, and gathering leads. They thought it had paid off when they got word of a smuggling operation. Death sticks, of all the things that could have ruined their lives, Chasing death sticks wasn’t an option Vhei had considered.
They followed the smugglers to their meeting place in a cavern on yavin 4, Waiting to strike until the dealers had been identified. They made quick work of them, capturing the dealer and the smuggler captain. They were so caught up in their victory, no one had any idea that ships were dropping out of hyperspace in the stars above.
While they gloated over their catch, Another gang had arrived, hell bent on claiming the dealer’s prize for their own. All it took was a single thermal imploder to turn Vhei’s world upside down. Her crew of eager bounty hunters were now the occupants of a small crater, and her arm was blasted halfway to orbit by the time she came to. Her partner had dragged her to cover, patching her up as best as one could with whatever medical supplies could be found nearby. It wasn’t long before they were overrun and her partner fell unconscious. Vhei had two options, Stay and fight to the death with one arm, probably dying in the process, or make a run for it, and take her chances in the rainforest. She tossed her partner over her shoulder, and ran. Vhei spent several days skulking through the rainforest as her enemy pursued her, until finally she hatched a plan.
Her partner had taught her a thing or two in the years they had known each other, the strangest thing she had learned from her partner had be the random tidbits of galactic entomology that they discussed. And for once in her life, that knowledge would be useful.
Vhei found the largest Viper Wasp nest that either of them had ever seen, the fleshy vines grew almost as abundant as the trees themselves here, and they were both pretty sure that their enemy had no idea what they were about to walk into. As the enemy entered their line of sight, they began cutting the vines while deploying smoke, and the wasps came in full force. A rather one sided gunfight broke out amidst the swarm of wasps, between the now disoriented criminals, and the two mandalorians.
Vhei’s partner took another shot during the rather one-sided gunfight, this time piercing their beskar’gam. The last thing Vhei remembers them saying to her, was that they had called for reinforcements. Not long after, a mandalorian ship dropped down from orbit, full of mercenaries from her partner’s clan. They evacuated vhei after clearing the rest of the site.
After telling them the story, she was given the name “Wasp”.
Vhei returned to the bounty hunting and mercenary business for a time, just trying to make her way through the universe, though this time she came in the guise of “Wasp” the one armed mandalorian. After awhile, she decided to return to her clan, although communication with them has been impossible thus far, and finding them hasn’t been any easier.
With the recent fighting between the clans of mandalore and the CIS, Wasp’s attention is now focused on making her way back to Mandalorian space. but who says she can't merc her way into a few credits on the way?


 Post Introduction Additions:

After meeting her fellow mandalorians for the first time in 12 years, Wasp signed on a mercenary with the United clans of mandalore. Her first real engagement was The Yhuuzan vong rampage at ord centrell. She pulled through and would later go on to fight in the battle of H'ratth for the alor of her now deceased mother's homeworld, Kaine australis. There she met and fought the exile, Amon Vizsla, and through her encounters with him and his jedi masters, grew a deep hatred for the jedi, and developed a reassured loyalty to Mand'alor the Infernal. She continues to search for the remnants of her clan, though she has turned up little info thus far.



BR-0592 "Kandosii"

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Vhei Wasp Naudir

Vhei Wasp Naudir

    Bish In Black

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Episode 1| Tunnel Vision | Completed |

First Appearance. Wasp returns to mandalorian space and tags along with the Mand'alor's war party, liberating Vortex from it's criminal occupation.

Results: Wasp meets arla balor.


Episode 2| Domain of Fire | Ongoing|

The yhuuzan vong launch a surprise assault on the planet of ord centrell, Wasp and a team of mandalorian soldiers race against the clock to restore power to the automated security.


Episode 3| The Battle of H'ratth | Completed |

Wasp joins Kaine australis in an independent raid against the Silver jedi's nearly abandoned temple world of H'ratth, And jumps feet first into chaos.

Results: Wasp fights the traitor and antarian ranger amon vizsla to a draw, though claims his beskad and blaster as a trophy.


Episode 4| Progress, not perfection | Ongoing |

Wasp is contracted by the Fel empire to train storm troopers. Wasp takes her job very seriously.


Short story 1| A Day In The Club | Ongoing |

Wasp ends up in a club on zygerria, and has a drunken conversation with a rather large zeltron.

Current results: Wasp meets mag

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Vhei Wasp Naudir

Vhei Wasp Naudir

    Bish In Black

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    • Character Bio
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Updated as used.


The Lancer of Ord Centrell\Main Theme:


Sniper in the trees:


Beskar clashing against beskar: Wasp's Dueling theme:


Arrival of the NaudiR\Pride of the clans:



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