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Wasp's Beskar'gam

- - - - - beskargam mandalorian armor Wasp

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Vhei Wasp Naudir

Vhei Wasp Naudir

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  Intent:To give wasp a set of custom armour
  Image Source: Base armor Base Helmet Background Everything else is my doing.
    Canon Link:  Beskar'gam
  Primary Source: Shadow Trooper Armor



  Manufacturer: Vhei "Wasp" Naudir and Clan Naudir.
  Affiliation:Vhei "Wasp" Naudir

Faction Name(s) N\A
  Model: N\A
  Modularity: Moderate

  Production: Unique

Micronized Beskar-Ciridium

Reflec Coating

VT Kinetic gel(used in the bodysuit)

Plastoid Laminate outer shell

Animated metal sealant outer coating on the inner beskar layers.

Armour Weave(wings)



  Classification: Multipurpose
  Weight: average

- Blasters: Extreme

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Average

- Other:

-Electrical: High

-Heat: Average

-Cold: Average

-Acid: Extreme

I-on\EMP: None

-Sonic: None



Magno-grip Boots

 Armour weave Wings with Repulsor Technology for limited gliding and jetpack assisted flight.

 (the wings are able to retract and deploy as needed into a slightly heavier, modified version of the imperial\clan saxon Super commando jetpack)

Flash goggle Visor

MFTAS Built into the helmet

Built in Vocal Enhancer


Built in Helmet Air Scrubbers

Animated metal sealant dispenser array(see materials and strengths)

Advanced HUD With eyetracking controls

Broadband antenna w\ Rangefinder built into the helm

IFF Transponder

Temperature regulator

Grappling line launcher built into her cybernetic arm

Knuckle plate vibro blade

Airtight\pressurized helmet with built in Oxygen mask, provides up to 1 hour of oxygen per canister.

wasp carries x4 canisters at any given time.


1- Beskar\CiridiumInner layer and Plastoid laminite outter layer makes for excellent blaster protection,

 can even survive glancing blows from a lightsaber.

2- VT Balistic gel offers both high kinetic, and and electrical resistance when worn as an under suit.

3- The armour has been pre-treated with reflec and animated metal sealant, sealing the plastoid layer

over the beskar in a water tight fashion, wasp has spent time carefully building and installing

animated metal sealant dispenser underneath the plastoid layers of the torso, helmet and legs,

that can be activated through a wrist mounted control module, resealing the inner layer from

harmful liquids such as acid, most notably against Anti-beskar trithium acid

4- Reflec coating on the entire suit prevents the wearer from being detected by most scanners and detection devices.



 1- Direct Ion and EMP hits to an individual location can temporarily disable the affected segment's animated metal coat dispensers

 2- The armor is open at the upper thigh joints, elbows and the back of the knees, exposing the kinetic under suit. well placed blaster

 shots can tear through the under suit easily.

Wasp's personal armour, customized and fit to her standards over the years. it started with the helmet, a gift from her father long ago. It has been outfitted with a multitude of bounty hunter's tools and communication devices, as clear communication has always been one of wasp's goals while on the hunt.

The rest is actually quite different from her original armour. it came from another clan entirely, a member of clan wren, and wasp's old partner. it had been passed down to her partner for generations, going all the way back to the day that a member of the clan killed one of the dreaded shadow troopers during the rebellion on mandalore. the armour had been passed down to wasp's partner, and when her partner died, wasp took the armour as both a trusty Beskar'gam, and a way to remember her fallen comrade, a way to keep them as close as possible. of course, between the stealth capabilities fading over a few hundred years of wear and tear(though the reflec coating appears to have remained intact), and the thermal Imploder that killed it's previous wearer, it had to be refurbished and refit. Wasp has added many additions over the course of her time in this suit, most notably are the animated metal dispensers that protect the beskar underlining, keeping it sealed airtight beneath the old plastoid shell, originally designed for hunting enemies on remote astroids, and infiltrating space stations from the outside. but out of all the modifications she has made to her gear, none bring her more joy than her customized jetpack, which deploys repulsor wings that allow her limited gliding while leaving the jetpack on low power.

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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