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Teddy Bears 'n' Gunslingers

- - - - - open Fasdan Ewoks

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Since the fall of the old First Order, their space had devolved to lawlessness. And it was here in this lawless land she made her journey. For the first time in a long time space was free. Sure there was the odd Ssi-Ruvi battle group and Sharukan Fleet to contend with. Most of the time she just dodged them.


She found herself drawn to Endor, and in close communication with the Ewok Chieftain Tarvel the Spooky. Most of what was spoken still lingered fresh on her mind. A rogue faction of Scout Troopers led by one that had shark painted across his helm was roving, killing; and capturing Ewoks. Three villages she'd visited already had a horrid sight. Burned flat to the ground.


So she set out to find them, and deliver justice. If need be she'd end them.


Torvel explained she was not the only one here trying to solve the issue. Some came to inflame it, and others to soothe it.


Either way she found herself dressed in her tunic and trousers, lightsaber tucked into a sheath on the back of her belt, and DL-44 jangling from her hip. She was trudging through the dense undergrowth, skin raked by thorns and caked in dirt. Sweat dropped down her brow, and her breathing came heavy like the bellows of a forge.


Too much time in space is making me soft. Whats the gravity here anyhow?


She paused, and flipped her wrist to view the small silver cylinder of her chrono. No satellites still operated close to here. She had no uplink to fetch her that info.


"Well then, seems like everyone else is cozy up in the woods but me."




A mosquito ripped into her flesh. She winced and smacked it with her palm, splattering rosy red blood and dark black insect parts against her skin.






Something stirred in the brush. She crouched, dropping low. She reached out with her senses, engulfing a small sphere around her. The air tasted sweeter and more humid. Every rustle of the leaves roared like thunder in a lightning storm. The ground vibrated as if an earthquake was striking.


But yet it was silent, and serene.


Then she felt.... someone.


One hand reached back towards her lightsaber, grasping the hilt with fingers loose, as if grasping old parchement....



"Sue me....wait no don't. I need the Credits."

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