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The Loch Nessa Beast

- - - - - Scherezade deWinter GenTec

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  • Name: Loch Nessa
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins:Gen-Tec Labs as an experiment in DNA splicing and combination.
  • Average Lifespan: 500 - 1500 years, dependent on activities during life.
  • Estimated Population: Unique
  • Description

A humanoid entity with a feminine body structure. Pink and purple scaly leg armour, pink shoulder armour, empty beige eyes, long, flowing pink and orange hair. Two claw-like fingers on each hand with opposable thumbs. A long vine-like tendril with thorns on it wrapped around each arm. Feline style face, no nose, elegant build/



  • Breathes: Type I - Type III
  • Average Height of Adults: 3.9624 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin Colour: Pink, Purple, Dark Grey
  • Hair Colour: Pink and Orange
  • Distinctions: Scales that form a leg and shoulder armour, with hair that changes colour naturally. One long vine-like tendril on each arm with thorns on it, claw-like fingers, no toes or similar digits, their feet have an appearance similar to high heels. Their ears are a grey headband like manifestation around their upper forehead that provides enhanced hearing.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force SensitivityAll


  • Perfect Hunter: Everything about this species is genetically perfect. Their hands have opposable thumbs, their fingers end in sharp points, with serrated sides, they have almost indestructible, serrated, sharp, canine teeth, with a bite force of over 1000 PSI. They can dead-lift 400 kilograms, their run speed on all fours is 134 km/h, and on two legs, their speed is 93 km/h. They're extremely agile, and are able to jump over 12 feet in height, and 15 feet in length. They can mimic the sounds of nearly anything. 
  • Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover: While the species looks weak, and an easy fight, they are quite the opposite. Their lean build gives them amazing agility, with all the strength of a raging fire, as swift as a coursing river.
  • Hallucinogen Blood: Their blood acts as a powerful hallucinogen, if it is absorbed by any living entity through inhalation, ingestion, or absorption through the skin, or other means, it will create potent and long-lasting hallucinations, severely disorientating the victim.


  • Glitter Spit: This specie's saliva is thick with shiny particles that get everywhere and are nearly impossible to get rid off.
  • Hallucinogen Blood: Should the creature's blood be absorbed by it's allies, they will fall under it's effects.
  • Unique: The species was created as a sole experiment, and while it has a large life-span, it has no other members of the species to reproduce with. So unless it somehow spawns off-spring by its self, the species will die with it's original member.


  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Communication: Body Language, Telepathy, Galactic Basic
  • Technology Level: Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General Behaviour: The species follows no set sleep pattern, which is what makes them such a perfect hunter. They can change what time they hunt for food on a whim, and require only five hours of rest every two days, or eight hours a day if it has exerted itself to a substantial degree that day. It is omnivorous, and will hunt anything, even creatures up to three times it size, such as Rancors, Acklays, Lyleks, and similar creatures, they have even been able to eat parts of a Sarlaac. While they are sentient, they are naturally wild, and do not have much culture.



The Loch Nessa Beast is an experiment by GenTec, a company that specialises in genetical engineering, DNA, and other similar sources. Experiment XX006 is the sixth, and first successful specimen created by GenTec, as a perfect hunter. Other species had proven to have no immune system, and dying from a common cold, or for unknown reasons, been unable to support it's own body structure, others had suffered random bouts of insanity, and destroyed themselves. The Perfect Hunter line was created by GenTec to prove that a perfect hunter is possible, the XX006 is the mysterious and shady company's first sample of proof in this. 


One of the main challenges in creating the species was obtaining the DNA necessary. A rough list of DNA includes Lylek, Rancor, Nexu, Summa-Verminoth, Pink Peyote, Wolf, and Human DNA. This is not a complete list, as many of the features of the specimen came from DNA splicing and mixing. For this reason, this species is 100% unique, and another exact copy could not be made without cloning.


Another of the challenges encountered during creation was getting them to be force sensitive, as the species is unholy, or Abandoned by God, as many of GenTec's workers referred to it as. However, with enough manipulation, and the inclusion of Human DNA, they eventually became force sensitive, and humanoid. Other challenges included the hallucinogen in the blood, which was eventually controlled and normalised with the help of refining the Peyote DNA used in the creation, instead of the rough samples originally used. The glitter saliva was entirely accidental, and how it came to be is still very much unknown, even to the Head Researchers of the project. 


Specimen 6, or the Loch Nessa Beast, named as such due to it's monstrous nature, while feminine in appearance. It is the Perfect Hunter, and the Perfect Companion. This specimen is only roughly four months old, still a baby, still learning, still perfect (and pink).



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