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Emily [Droid]

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Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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  • Intent: To create a personal droid companion for Yula
  • Image Source: Mech Concept Art, color edited by me
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source:  N/A


  • Manufacturer: Yula Perl
  • Affiliation: Yula Perl
  • Model: N/A
  • Production: Unique
  • Modularity: No
  • Material: Flexisteel, electrical components, droid brain



  • Video/audio recording capabilities
  • Able to transmit live video/audio feed
  • FrictionGrip on feet
  • Built in commlink to receive remote commands


  • Quick, agile
  • Relatively light


  • No room for EMP resistance on this little droid.
  • Occasionally shorts out/overheats.


Emily is a spider-like companion droid built from spare parts that Yula had either salvage or bartered for in the Outer Rim. This project initially out as a way for Yula to learn more about the basic mechanics of droid engineering and to explore her technopath abilities, but soon became something more personal as Yula spent much of her spare time tying to get the droid to function. Despite numerous failures, Emily eventually became a fully functioning droid, though she has a tendency to short out at random intervals. Yula and Emily are bonded to one another, and as such, the droid often latches onto the young woman’s back for transport. She loves belly rubs.


A small bot, Emily is more of a sentient toolkit rather than a battle droid. She’s good at detecting lifeforms and objects with her various sensors and scanners, and can use her small blaster and projectile stun netting to defend herself. The small plasma beam built into the droid is generally not suitable for combat purposes, and is intended to cut through objects such as walls and barricaides, albeit slowly. Though Emily has a basic deflector shield built in, it occasionally malfunctions as it’s a drain on her power source. Similarly, Emily has no EMP resistance and can power down after being hit with EMP weaponry. Because of her ability to live stream audio/video, Emily can be used as a scouting droid.


Emily accompanied Yula with her grandfather Zef Halo and uncle Mav Vohaloveer onto Rhen Var in search of the Fell Star. Emily attempted to lead the group to the Fell Star, and they eventually stumbled upon what appeared to be a rather convincing fake. After losing a leg to an ensuing avalanche and pulling Yula to safety, Emily helped the team navigate out of the ice tunnels to the planet’s surface.


Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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