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CFF-01 "Krayt" Armor

- - - - - TSE Rhen Var Invasion reward Sith

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  • Classification: Multipurpose

  • Weight: Average

  • Resistances:

- Blasters: Extreme

- Kinetic: Extreme

- Lightsabers: High

- Elemental: Average

- Sonic: Very Low

- EMP/Ionic: Average

- Acid: Very Low









  • Hermetically sealed

  • Vacuum sealed



  • Hardened: Reinforced duraplast, Tynzo crystal sectioned plating, VT- Kinetic Impact Gel and VT-Shark Skin armorweave. The mixture of different minerals and materials creates a shell of armor not easily broken down by kinetic attacks nor energy based attacks as well. Its biggest feat is the balance of incredible resistance between energy and kinetic based attacks. Energy resistance extends to the strikes of a lightsaber, as the armor is able to withstand several strikes before falling apart and kinetic resistance delves into protection against shatterguns, railguns and slugthrowers due to the absorbing nature the armor has. This has its limits though as only so much can be absorbed by the armor and its materials before it shatters apart. Overall integrity is strictly limited to a couple shots from said weapons.

  • Closed off: Coated in Reflec and flexible in design. Sensors and most signals are boggled allowing the suit to pass undetected. The armor is well suited for almost any type of environment and is of average weight. The VT-Shark Skin armorweave acts a weapon itself against flesh by shredding it, this makes the armor a great ally for melee and grappling. Able to absorb energy, dissipate heat, paired with advanced systems such as infrared vision and a targeting system to aid in combat.



  • Hardened Shell: Extremely resistant to a range of kinetic attacks before being compromised

  • Cool off: Extremely resistant to various types of energy based attacks and is able to absorb the energy throughout the armor as well as dissipate heat.

  • Barbed: The armorweave can catch or rend objects that rub against it. This can include swords, organic technology and weapons of similar nature.  

  • Confusing: Sensors and signals warp around the armor and provide some optic camouflage

  • Glowbat tough: Has limited lightsaber resistance within the range of several strikes

  • Online: The armor is able to fight off the assaults of Ionic energy and EMP for up to one strike before the armor can be compromised completely and the internal electronics are damaged.


  • Trauma: The armor is able to withstand extreme kinetic and energy based assaults thrown its way, but this does not specifically mean its wearer can do the same. Internal trauma can still harm the body if an attack is strong enough. This could mean internal bleeding, fractured bones, over heating and varying degrees of burns

  • Sonics: While equipped with a sonic dampener, the armor itself cannot protect against ultrasonic sounds. Ultrasonic sounds hold the potential to not only ignore the armors protections and directly strike the wearer but also could shatter the armor itself.

  • Goop: Acids is one of the armors biggest weaknesses as the suit has very little defense against its dissolving effects.

  • The Elements: With resistances against the elements of nature comparable to stormtrooper armor. The CFF-01 would not be the best pick for extreme environments with heat or cold.

  • Zap!: Though reinforced to withstand Ionic attacks and EMPs. This does not cover the electronic systems completely. The systems can be overloaded and fried if under sustained attack.

  • Too Hot: When subjected to extreme heats and energies the CFF-01 is subject to overheating which can pose a threat to the wearer inside.



War exacts a heavy toll on the morale and very lives of those who participate in it. A game of life and death. Rhen Var was no different. In the end the Fell star was claimed and such sacrifices are not without reward. After the battle had ended and several days later the infernal machine of Sith Imperial Research and Development began to turn once more. Immediately designs, blueprints and ideas were tossed back and forth throughout research teams and scientist. In till at long last a suitable design was agreed on as a whole. The CFF-01 Combat suit was born.


The CFF-01 "Krayt" Armor was designed to be comfortable, flexible and of average weight for the soldiers that wore it, similar in design to The Sith Empires infantry armor. The CFF-01's feel was found to be very familiar. Constructed out of Reinforced duraplast, VT-Shark Skin armorweave, VT-Kinetic Impact Gel and Reflec. The CFF-01 proved to be very resistant to energy based attacks, including that of a lightsaber. On the kinetic side of things the armor was suitable and could be managed in combat but found lacking. A new material was added with the assistance of the Sith lord, Darth Ledgermayne. Tynzo crystal was able to be shaped into the armor with the purpose of being used as ballistic plating. This new addition greatly increased the armors resistance again kinetic blows and impacts. When tested the armor was noted and documented for its high than average resistances against blasters, kinetics and lightsabers with the trade off being in sonic sounds, extreme elemental sources, acids and Ionic assaults.


All of the latter able to degrade the CFF-01 "Krayt" Armors overall integrity. Whatever the case may be the newly designed armor would serve the Sith Empire well in its upcoming conflicts.


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