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Thanta LSX Landspeeder

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Visanj T'shkali

Visanj T'shkali
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Intent: To sub a custom personal speeder for Visanj T'shkali

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Manufacturer: Visanj T’shkali

Affiliation: Visanj T’shkali / Select PCs

Model: Thanta LSX Speeder

Modularity: No

Production: Semi-Unique


Material(s): Solarium Glasteel, Segroth Shocksteel, Chromium, Programmable Paint, speeder components




Classification: Landspeeder

Role:Personal Transport

Size: Average

Weight: Average

Minimum Crew:1

Optimal Crew: 1

Propulsion: Repulsorlift / After-Burning Turbofan Engines (2x)

Speed: Fast

Maneuverability: Very High

Armaments: None


  • The entire surface of the vehicle is extremely resistant to blasters (and other plasma energy weapons) and the vehicle is hardened against EMP/Ion threats.
  • Programmable Paint enables changing colors between metallic silver, glossy black, metallic red, and pearl white, granting the ability to 'hide' in plain sight.
  • Particle Shield Emitters offer protection against debris and kinetic attacks, but two or three heavy precision strikes will exhaust this shield quickly and require several minutes to recharge.

Passenger Capacity: 2

Cargo Capacity:Very Small (Roughly only 22.7kg)

Consumables: 1 day



  • Luxury interior includes surround sound, ergonomic heated seating, climate control, digital audio/visual system with HoloNet connection, concealed bar in rear console (Contains decanters and tumblers), closed air filtration system with scent infusion, and noise-cancelling sound dampeners.
  • Pilot's HUD displays real-time GPS and traffic system, linked to onboard Graph 18 location system as well as holo-projected vehicle information, instrumentation, and encrypted communications system.
  • All-terrain repulsorlift system, inertial compensators, vibration baffling, retractable stabilizers, and enhanced repulsorlift and ion thruster system provides excellent handling; a smooth, quiet ride; and considerable speed.
  • Polarizing tintable windows.
  • Gelieg Multi-Spectrum Headlights
  • Engine Boosting System
  • Supercharger
  • Slave-rigged auto-piloting system
  • DNA-encrypted anti-theft system


  • Precision craftsmanship and attention to detail ensured the highest degree of comfort and luxury.
  • Closed-air filtration system enables vehicle to operate even inside non-breathable environments.
  • HUD provides real-time information and uses HoloNet connection to update regularly.
  • Provides significant protection to pilot and passengers, making it the perfect choice for diplomats, high-ranking political figures, CEOs, and others needed a deceptively protective, comfortable, and fast transport.
  • Programmable paint and standard EWAR/ECM system provides some protection against electronic warfare and detection, however this is not stealth technology.
  • Slave-rigged auto-piloting allows user to 'summon' vehicle to his or her location, up to 32 km away.
  • DNA-encrypted security prevents theft or unauthorized operation.


  • Unarmed, the Thanta has no offensive capabilities whatsoever.
  • This is not a simple speeder, and due to its impressive speed and maneuverability it is not well-suited to inexperienced pilots.
  • Particle shielding can only sustain a few large hits before it gives out, requiring several minutes to recharge.
  • ECM/EWAR system doesn't negate detection, but offers only baseline countermeasures.
  • Can only be piloted by humanoids.
  • Only those individuals programmed to access / operate this vehicle, meaning that if none are able or available the vehicle is useless.
  • Very expensive, making it cost-prohibitive for average buyers.



A sleek, fashionable luxury landspeeder that combines cutting-edge performance with excellent driver / passenger protection and comfort, this is the perfect speeder for the CEO, celebrity, statesman, or anyone who wants peace of mind coupled with a fast, nimble, and luxurious means of transport. With it's rugged all-terrain repulsorlift system, closed-air filtration system, and notable protective qualities, this is truly a "go anywhere" speeder, able to even glide over bodies of water, riding up to 3m over the surface.A comfortable interior, with rare wood paneling, ergonomic heated leather seating, surround sound audio / visual system, encrypted communications, on-board navigational assistance, tintable canopy and noise-canceling sound dampeners together with an 'en suite' bar concealed in the rear console offers passengers a smooth, quiet experience and promises relaxation and comfort over long journeys. It has a small storage compartment, using DNA-encoded security, allows cargo up to roughly 23 kg.


[OOC: 9/16/2019, Segroth PGA Coating removed from this submission per Factory Suggestion]

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Runi Verin

Runi Verin

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Visanj T'shkali

Visanj T'shkali
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Runi Verin[OOC: 9/16/2019, Segroth PGA Coating removed from this submission per Factory Suggestion]



Runi Verin

Runi Verin

    Two pounds shy of a bomb.

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