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Luke Varian's armor

- - - - - Personal armor

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  • Manufacturer: Luke Varian

  • Affiliation: Luke Varian

  • Model: N/A

  • Modularity: Not easily

  • Production: Unique

  • Material:  Mandalorian_iron alloy, Agrinium.


  • Classification:Multipurpose

  • Weight: Average

  • Resistances (For each category choose from:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very high

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Extreme

-Sonic: Low (except helmet)

-Force: None

-Radiation: Extreme

-Heat: Average

-Cold: High

-EMP/ION: High




  • Environmentally sealed and controlled with temperature regulation, allowing it to work in most environments including those of higher or lower temperatures, underwater, in space, or around extreme radiation.

  • heads-up display

  • Flamethrower on wrist

  • wrist rocket launchers

  • Rangefinder built into helmet

  • Electrobinoculars built into helmet

  • 360º view

  • Can be operated by voice commands, certain facial expressions, or the gauntlets on either arm

  • EMP resistant technology

  • Encrypted commlink and two antennae for signal boosting.

  • 2 hour reserve oxygen tank

  • Helmet operates as rebreather

  • Helmet has sound sensors that pick up higher and lower frequencies, as well as very quiet sounds, and direction, and interpret it to give to Luke. Likewise shielding Luke from extremely powerful sounds hitting his ears or head.

  • Can hook up to most ships and even operate them to some extent if pre-connected (usually requiring manual work)

  • Jetpack based off the Z-6 can be attached or detached. This jetpack operates on around the same level but has a beskar and agrinium exterior to avoid failure. Can be operated by gauntlet or helmet.

  • Mandalorian_vambraces

  • Crushgaunts

  • Armorweave flight suit underneath helps deal with gaps between armor

  • Agrinium layer makes the armor functionally immune to radiation.


  • Extremely capable of going in many environments, and has a particular resistance to radiation due to an agrinium layer

  • High tech helmet and system permits use of many of the suits functions, and can even connect and operate a ship if it was set up beforehand

  • Beskar armor makes it highly durable, armorweave interior helps avoid gaps being too easily exploited

  • EMP resistant to avoid failure of technology

  • Most technologies used in Mandalorian armor including mandalorian vambraces, jetpack, and crushgaunts.

  • Picks up almost all sounds and direction, interpreted to give to Luke, while cancelling out dangerously loud sounds.

  • Less easily exploitable gaps and somewhat thicker armor


  • Sound can still damage him elsewhere as only the helmet gives additional protection

  • There are gaps that can be exploited such as the inner thighs, armpits, and parts of the joints, where mostly it’s an armorweave that protects him. These are however small.

  • Because it’s an almost full set of armor encompassing most of his body, can occasionally feature limitations on stamina or maneuverability. It’s on the somewhat heavier end of average weight as a result of using more armor, and being somewhat thicker


Luke Varian’s armor was a necessary matter, his family had failed to provide him with one, shockingly, as they had thus far taken very little part in mandalorian culture. Luke changed this himself by learning the technique and creating his own, though he did still get technology from others in order to properly have all the tools he needed. In particular something important to him was to have a multi-environmental armor that could stand up to heavy onslaught, but also still be movable. It had fewer gaps and was a little thicker than usual, though as a result, was also a little heavier then usual. But Varian believed it was a good payoff. He fully intended on using the jetpack during battle, as well as the many other systems that the armor gave him access too.


There are really two things that make Varian’s armor stand out aside from the red and black (somewhat grayish) color scheme. Though they only make his armor somewhat notably different. His use of an agrinium layer to provide him a practical immunity to radiation, which while usually pointless, lets him go to almost any environment as a result. And his use of sensors to retrieve sounds of higher and lower frequencies than humans can manage, while also getting weaker sounds and magnifying them, and stronger sounds and weakening them, all in order to give him as much information on the sounds as possible without having to risk hearing damage.

Unfortunately, the armor still has it's issues, the weight and maneuverability usually being them as the longer a fight lasts, the more it can wear him down. And while his head may be able to take more sound weapons, the rest of his body does not feature the same protection.

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