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Cherub Class Luxury Frigate

- - - - - Luxary Frigate

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  • Intent: To create a luxury frigate for personal use and sale.
  • Image Source: Willem van Biljon
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Alpha Corp.
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Model:Lux-01
  • Production: Mass-Produced. 

  • Material: Durasteel and Gold



  • Classification: Transport
  • Length: 250 meters
  • Width:  500 meters. 
  • Height: 500 meters. 
  • Armament: LowOnly a few small blaster canons mostly used for clearing debris
  • Defenses: Average: Shields and armor plating built to withstand a beating but not to deal with any real firepower.
  • Hangar Space: Average: 1 Squadron 
  • Hangar Allocations: 6 fighters, 4 transports, 2 science/scout fighters
  • Maneuverability Rating: High: Two massive independent engines with full rotation capabilities and even able to rotate to face away from the ship means that it is able to fly in any direction at any given times and change direction rapidly.
  • Speed Rating: High: The two engines, which make up most of the mass of the ship, are made of some of the best technology that Alpha Corp. can afford. 
  • Hyperdrive Fast: 1 





Travel the Galaxy in Style: The ship is built for speed and comfort, built to travel the galaxy as quickly as you could need and in the style befit of aristocrats. 




Pirate Loot: The obvious rich vibe that the ship gives off and its lack of armaments make it a prime target for pirates.


Description: The Cherub was something specifically requested for by the new CEO Myra Raltel. She saw the need for a luxary frigate for her own personal use but also for similarly minded CEOs and even Nobles who were constantly on the move throughout the galaxy. It needed style, it needed speed, it needed a name, and her designers gave her all three.

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