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Errai Munin

mandalorian mercenary

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Errai Munin

Errai Munin


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WEIGHT-80 kg
SKIN-Pale Tan
Primary Allegiance(s)-Clan Munin
Current Status-Active
Languages Known-Tognath, Galactic Basic, Huttese
Languages Spoken-Tognath




(1)Sawed-Off WESTAR Blaster Carbine

(2)SR-22 Blaster Pistol(s)

(2)Beskar Vibroswords

(1)Set of Mandalorian Beskar'gam with a breathing system and attached CPD-ES03 Energy Shield

Agile: Errai possesses enhanced agility due to years of training and practice. This factors into his fighting style and allows him to cross large distances quickly and through difficult terrain easily.
Battle-Minded: Errai lives and breathes combat. He's practiced extensively in order to fully take in his battlefield conditions and prioritize targets appropriately. It's a large part of why he's still alive.
Painless: Due to his unique Tognath physiology, Errai is incapable of feeling pain. This is a definite plus in the midst of battle where he can push his body far past it's limits, it also keeps him from knowing when and where he's injured.
Ground-pounder: Errai has virtually no experience behind the controls of anything larger than a speeder, and he has no desire to learn. Due to this, he's all but useless when starfighters come to blows, and he has to rely on others for trans
Sadist: While he wouldn't consider himself one, Errai seeks out battle and thrives on killing. It's his primary motivation, and his self worth is determined by how many people have 'paid' him with their lives.

Errai is a fairly typical looking Tognath with pale skin and green eyes. However, his body is covered in scars where he's come close to death in battle. A prominent one runs across his chest horizontally where he was nearly cut in half. He's most frequently seen in his mandalorian armor, which is custom built for his needs. A breathing apparatus connects through his helmet, allowing him to work in any atmosphere. The suit itself is black and grey, with several red crosshair symbols on the helmet and shoulder pads.

Similar to most Tognath, Errai was born on Yar Togna. He never had a bondmate, which is something he resented during adolescence. At the age of 6, his home was raided by slavers. They took his entire settlement and sold Errai off to a corporation working off of the planet Lonesome in the Outer Rim. He'd call this place home for the next two decades. Every day, he was instructed to run, fight, and kill by the corporation. As he grew older, the company's ideals of predatory capitalism began to seep into Errai's subconscious. Day in and day out, he acted as their heel, and after a time, he began to savor the work. Soon enough, he'd begin to see each battle as a negotiation. Each kill as a transaction. He accrued 'wealth' through the lives he'd taken. Just after turning 25, Errai killed his handlers. Soon after, he killed their handlers. After the corporation he'd been subservient to for most of his life was nothing but dust and bones, he booked a transport off-world and began his own 'sourcing'. For the next 5 years, he traveled the galaxy searching for a group that could help him acrue his own wealth as efficiently as possible. it soon became apparent that Clan Munin was his best option. While he'd never believe in something as inane as gods of war, a crusade was just what he needed to follow a path of death and destruction. And that was something Munin had in spades.

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