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What MMOrpgs do you play?

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    I can pilot! Watch I'll use my nose.

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1. Mabinogi (if you like being social, best game ever. Ok maybe tied with final fantasy they have more players and less difficult to learn the system......and better graphics. But I love it!)

2. Final Fantasy Online (WoW Killer)

6. Vindictus (combat is fun)


Aren't technically mmos but


3. Empiryon Galactic Survival (space engineers but better in almost every way)

4. Ark Survival Evolved (dinos........DINOS!!!)

5. Astroneer (I love the physical presence of resources and it's an over all very calming game) (Edit:Oh wait these last two aren't even large multiplayer games. Fail)

7. Ylands (I don't know I just like it)


Honorable Mention: Conan Exiles (Like ark but no dinos less taming and a better game. Aesthetic not for everyone though.)


You might think I play a lot of games based of this but actually I only spend 3 or so hours a week(depends on who is available to play with). I just like jumping to different games all the time.

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Captain Larraq

Captain Larraq


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Strider Garon

Oi! Add me in Star Citizen. I'll let you fly one of my Corvettes. ;)


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Strider Garon

Strider Garon

    The Hound of Keldabe

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Captain Larraq added. Won't be on tonight. But will take you p on that offer sooner than later.



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