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Colonialism: What could go wrong?

New Mandate

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Valiens Nantaris

Valiens Nantaris

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Perhaps a limit on the number of hexes that can be connected without also being connected to the capital.

Or something like unlimited allies for someone attacking said disconnected hexes, to represent their relative vulnerability since you dont have clear lines of communication with the capital.


This has potential, or something like it.


I'll discuss this with the staff team.



Kor Vexen

Kor Vexen

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A simple way to just waltz around the issue of the territories being separate and the cloud break rule is just have it so that while you have the mandate on, any colony you start outside your faction's main influence cloud can designate a secondary capital hex, though that secondary capital hex can be invaded like a normal one and doesn't need to be in contact with another major faction's influence cloud to be invaded.


Valiens Nantaris


I really do like the idea of colonizing territory far outside your main influence cloud, especially if they can be used as staging grounds to start border dispute invasions with other factions. Perhaps these colonies would be limited as far as their size goes the further away from the main territory they are. If you want to colonize an area of space 5 hexes away from your main cloud the max size it can grow is 15 hexes large, and if you want to colonize 10 hexes away it can only grow to be 10 hexes large. This could be justified as "It's harder to get resources to a colony farther out that needs to be developed, therefore they won't grow as quickly as something that is closer to home". Maybe add that if you don't have the mandate on and the capital of a colony cloud gets invaded, that colony just gets entirely wiped.


I think it has a lot of potential, and opens up a lot more as far as interfaction interaction goes while breaking away from the monotony that is the current map game.

Edited by Kor Vexen, 06 June 2019 - 03:50 PM.