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The Domain of Fire(Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Ord Cantrell)

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Flash Australis

Flash Australis

    Son of Australis

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Location : Ord Cantrell, Aboard the Mandalorian Dreadnaught Never Again
Objective : Blast 'em some more!

The shoe was on the other foot, and the Yuuzhan Vong were recieiving the promised booting from the Mandalorian fleet. Flash held his reserve as the big ship boomed again and again from Coralskippers making doomed suicide runs on the shields. They could handle that.


A bridge officer reported, for the Admiral's benefit. Rerouting auxiliary power to shields.

Flash was unmoved. They could handle the fighters. He saw something on the tactical display that they might want to worry a little more about. A Vongese battleship. Smaller than the Never Again, but massive, a couple of kilometers long. A ram from that, they would not be able to shrug off.


The Captain must have seen it too. Never Again's long range turbolasers sought it out, but the battleship analog's dovin basals ate up the blasts like they were nothing. Flash began calling orders.

Reset forward starfighter defenses for long range dispersal fire. Prepare a time on target barrage with all primary weapons that will bear.

An officer asked a question. Including the Daedalus Cannon, sir?

Flash shook his head. No, not with that many coralskippers out there. If we power up the main gun, and they get a lucky hit, we could lose half the ship.

He looked back to the tactical display. Moments later the officer responded. All batteries standing by.

Flash smiled. Dovin basals can be tricked. Lots of low power shots, and time the heavy blasts for when their defensive singularities expire.

Secondaries, fire, stand by primaries on my mark. Never Again's railguns and particle beams, meant for smaller craft, blasted a torrent of fire towards the incoming Vongese battleship. As expected, the dovin basals sucked up the shots. Flash went for the kill.

NOW! Never Again's big guns spoke, and the dovin basals were unable to respond fast enough. The heavy barrage slammed into the battleship all at once, devastating the front quarter, and noticeably defacing the large organic ship.

Flash grinned.
Fire at will. He said, unnecessarily. The Captain knew the game now, and Never Again's weapons began firing in far more effective patterns.


Livia Maddox Vhei Wasp Naudir Thror Cal Vorn Elafuh Thaal Mig Gred Adenn Kyramud Stardust Solus Skirae Strider Garon




Mig Gred

Mig Gred

    Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

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Elijah looked at the two frigates, quickly turning to the helm.


"Dive! Dive! Power to engines and shields!" The Keros' Kad listed downward, and punched the engines to full throttle. As the smaller vessel dove out of the rest of Gred Fleed lite up the two Vong frigates. The Nebulan-B2s, the Enigmas, the bounty hunters, the CR90s, and the Storms all opened fire on the pair as the MC30 ran. If Elijah had had tractor beams, he'd have tried to direct them into each other. Eh, at least they'd burn.


Livia Maddox


"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."

Elafuh Thaal

Elafuh Thaal


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As Adenn Kyramud reached the chamber where the yammosk was he would start feeling gravity increase as if they where within the pull of a collapsing star the Yammosk's tendrils moved around as a dome of dovin basal's formed a heavy shield around the Yammosk deflecting the bolts sent at it as 4 of its tendrils fired beams of energy at adenn and his warriors as well as sent out telepathic images meant to distract or incite fear or confusion to those that where marching towards it wether it worked or not was not certain but the attempt was made. Anyone else on the field both inside and outside could tell that some of the warriors where less coordinated now that the Yammosks focus was on defending itself more then the battle.


As Nathan Raxis bombarded the vong several coral skippers turned and started doing strafing runs at his position more so intent on trying to destroy the mortar emplacements a small horde of about 80 vong/cazrach combination began there charge towards the hill yet again to deal with the Mandalorians there.



Vhei Wasp Naudir's turrets took out a couple of the vong speeders but some kept on her but backed off when she set up her defense emplacement as they regrouped for another attack, The vong began to dig into trenches and start firing there blastbugs at the complex while the Chazrach wild as they are did there suicidal charges in the hopes of some breaking through to get to wasp before she activates the base's power supply.


 As Stardust Solus Skirae's flames set off the eels each ones radius was like that of a thermal detonator on high yield making quite the light show and vaporizing a few of the horde that got caught in the blast radius shed notice something much bigger had its eyes on her, one Rakamat let out a loud ground shaking roar before it made its slow march to her, Plasma cannons from its body fired in a hail of bright cyan color'd plasma rained down like a hail storm of flames upon her. It was clear that she earned there full attention and she was getting what she asked for...More blood and carnage as the rakamats basals lifted several rocks and threw them towards her after the plasma set them a blaze like meteors.



As Thror Cal Vorn dispatched the vong and began taking sniping positions 2 vong took positions above and began firing upon him tosuppress him at the least, to kill him at the most as the Thralls devoid of anything but pain and the urge to kill charged at Adenns forces crazed from the Yammosk's mental abuse and then some the only merciful thing to do to them is a bolt through the head

Stardust Solus Skirae

Stardust Solus Skirae

    The Emerald Dragon/The Judge

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She held her arms out to the sides laughing victoriously, rocks flying by her face from the explosion so massive and caused a massive casualty on the vongs side. Letting a breath out she felt the shake wave hit her and looked around at the ones around her and hit her chest plate and roared

best you got! Hah! Weak all of you are!

Then something caught her eye, a massive beast roaring at her in challenge, a grin slowly formed on her face as she rolled her shoulders and started walking forward picking her pace up slowly before she was in a ful run towards it. Her demeanor changed from having fun to taking it seriously as she watch the rocks and plasma fly towards her, taking a breath she jumped up and focused on a rock, clearing a decent sized space for her to jump on before leaping off and barely missing a plasma bolt ad she jumped towards another. It was hot! Even for stardust this was taking a lot of concentration.

She grabbed onto a a rock and then hopped to the ground, that wasn't going to be a option with how fast they were moving, so she had to switch gears. Bounding forward and to the side she watch as a meteor came towards her, she reached out with the force to grab it and then stared right into the yes of the beasts as she roared and threw it back before panting and began charging again