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Polyps of Hunger

- - - - - TSE Coven of Gluttony Darth Voracitos

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Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

    Chaos-God of Gluttony

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  • Classification: Planetary Assault Platform
  • Length: 1000 meters
  • Width: 1000 meters
  • Height: 400 meters
  • Armament Extreme
  • DefensesModerate
  • HangarNone
  • Maneuverability RatingNone
  • Speed Rating: Very Low (when attracting itself to a large magnetically attractive substance using its magnetic clamp, otherwise: None)
  • Hyperdrive Class: N/a



  • "LRBBeam" Super Heavy Beam Weapon (concealed within the inner sphere structure, assisted by 6 Composite Beam nodes on either side of the vessel depending on ship orientation)
  • Ablative Armor


  • Beam Weapon - This ship comes packing serious business, capable of causing colossal damage to ships of equal size, and significant damage to ships larger than itself, with a hefty range to boot. However, the primary purpose of the weapon is to fire directly through planetary shields to strike critical targets to maximum effect, after the Proton Torpedo salvo has created a hole for the few microseconds necessary to do so.
  • Proton Torpedo Boat - Although intended primarily as a siege weapon, the Polyps are equipped with a numerous Proton Torpedo Launchers that can be fired independently of its siege function. This means while it calibrates to find the weak point in planetary shields to fire a salvo of 200 simultaneous proton torpedo blasts, it can still fire Proton Torpedo's at aggressors using its rotating inner ring.
  • Heads or Tails - The unique design of the Polyps allows it the versatility to attach to another ship regardless of its orientation, meaning it can fire just as well "upside down" as it can "right side up"
  • Magnetic Docking Mechanism - Considering that all the Polyps do not move on their own, it becomes necessary for it to physically attach itself to another starship, and this is assisted by a gigantic magnetic clamp that sturdily attaches itself to another ship of comparable or larger size (although it can technically be towed by a smaller vessel with significantly powerful engines and hyperdrive). This also allows the ship to move in a limited capacity by magnetically attracting itself to a larger vessel
  • Ablative Armor - The hull is an ablative design intended to absorb, dissipate energy, and mitigate kinetic impacts through vaporization, chipping and other erosive processes. The entire ship acts as a damage shield for whatever vessel it is docked to and intended to protect.
  • Minor shielding - A Polyp does contain its own native shield system.


  • Immobile - Without its own engines, and dedicating the lion-share of its power to its beam weaponry and its necessary subsystems, the Polyp is a sitting duck until applied to an adequate vessel.
  • Vulnerable Weaponry - Although the weapon system this vessel fields is impressive and powerful, it brings with it a single point of failure. An ordinary ship with a compliment of turbolasers can stand to lose a few, but on a ship that uses a single composite beam cannon at the expense of other weapons, it becomes victim to agile fighters and bombers destroying enough of its supporting composite nodes or the central cannon itself. Once the cannon is decommissioned, it doesn't matter how many proton torpedoes it fires at a planetary shield, it won't be able to hit anything underneath, nor will it be able to deal as significant damage to larger vessels.
  • Fire arcs - Being dependent on other ships for transportation is not always a beneficial relationship for both parties. Being 1000 meters long and wide means that in some cases much of a ship's native weapon systems could be entirely covered and rendered unusable to the ship carrying a Polyp. Given the Polyps other weaknesses, it could potentially just become dead weight on an otherwise efficient powerhouse of a starship. In most cases, it would be wise to carry the Polyp into orbit from hyperspace, and detach from it to defend it while it attempts to break through the shield systems of a planet. This unfortunately makes a Polyp slightly vulnerable. Additionally, its primary weapon systems are extremely limited, pointed only at a single target directly in front, or directly behind it. Its secondary proton torpedo tubes along its inner ring somewhat mitigates this issue, but in general a Polyp is only expected to fire in one direction.

Description: When Voracitos ruled the Sith Empire decades ago, there were a number of projects which he commissioned out of the treasuries pocket, the most significant of which was the Girth of Gluttony, a massive carrier of (then) epic proportions. However, as he envisioned it, it was never fully completed, as it did not include the full fleet he had envisioned the infamous "Fleet Carrier" to hold. To resolve this issue so many years after his death, Voracitos has commissioned the creation of an "attachment ship" to act as ablative armor and weapons platform for a ship that lacked either of these qualities (one of which being the Girth of Gluttony itself by the time of his death).
While it was designed with the Girth of Gluttony in mind, that in no way means it is entirely limited only to that vessel. For example, these "Polyps of Hunger" were created by Vanessa Vantai and were thus commissioned out to other vessels which would act as capable tug boats for these planetary siege weapons with the capability to also defend itself in some limited capacity.


Though they haven't been combat tested, they are expected to improve planetary invasion forces success rate in both combating enemy flagships or puncturing through planetary shields to hit otherwise unassailable critical targets of interest (i.e., shield generators). Where a single Polyp might not be enough, it would be wise to deploy a handful of them for best results, with a sizable escort to ensure they are able to carry out their tasks.




Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

    Chaos-God of Gluttony

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Gir Quee

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