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Ring around the Space Docks (Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Ringo Vinda)

- - - - - Mandalorian Ringo Vinda

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Vhei Wasp Naudir

Vhei Wasp Naudir

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His strike connects, she was fast, fast enough to see it coming, but she's no jedi, she doesn't rely on some super human crutch, however helpful it may be.

With a loud clank, the blade hits her breastplate and slides across the VT sharkskin undersuit, slowing it down as it slide harmlessly across her armor. With a low growl she grabs the blade with her cybernetic hand, jerking it forward and activating her jetpack while detaching the mag boots, aiming to slam into him with as much force as she could possibly muster, however painful it would be, no thanks to his previous stunt.


"People- She started with a pained grunt, raising her fist again "Depend on me" She swings as fast and hard as she possibly can, probably injuring it



"You're people are out here dying, No use feeding the dead" She pulls her fist back yet again


"And We're- Instead of going for a straight up right hook like last time, she suddenly curves low aiming for a gut punch, using the same vacuum and lack of gravity as her foe had -doing the same!" She screams, pulling her fist back yet again "Fighting the damned Silver witches- and the confederacy!" She lets out one more scream through her vocal enhancer before bringing her knee up towards his chest with as much force as she could bring to bear before reactivating her left mag boot to try and stabilize herself


Ardgal Raxis

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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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Adenn watched Aditya, looking closely into her eyes and sees her hesitate. The pause nearly kills him, he doesn't want to wait, he needs that answer or he'll die. She says his name and sniffles, prompting Adenn to hold her closer. She tells him to take off his helmet, and so he does. Then she says to say the vows again, so he does that too. But his joy at what she says is indescribable, his true love will marry him. Grinning wildly, Adenn pulls Aditya closer before kissing her.
"I love you c'yare, now and forever more. My love, my hope, my wife." Adenn kisses her again, as words are too difficult in that moment. He pulls her closer, wrapping her in a warm embrace, showing his love to her in that way. He'll need a wedding gift, and a suit of beskar armor should do it. Smiling lovingly to her, Adenn is lost in happiness as he kisses her again before leaning his forehead against hers.

Aditya Fitz Kierke

Aditya Fitz Kierke

Aditya Fitz Kierke

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The moment he takes his helmet off, I know the decision to say yes was the right one. He’s nervous, concerned and this matters. Failing him would hurt, and hurt more than Adenn Kyramud. The way he holds me, secure and scared, is heaven. 
Lips against mine, sweet and loving, is heaven. 
Thing about heaven is, I’ve seen it from afar. Never able to get there, or touch it as much as I reached and boy oakey, I reached. Heaven isn’t a state of mind, but a state of energy. A synthesis and communion. I can feel in the back of my mind, that slim connection which guides my mind back to its’ origin point. To Prazutis. 
How long have I got, before he decides to yank the chain and pull me into his bidding? Nothing I could ever say, my lips sealed by this body’s creator. For a moment I try, my silence almost lingering sweetly in the pause before he restates the simple, Mandalorian vows. 
Maybe if I’m really lucky, the devil won’t yank me out of heaven until my life is over, and I’m good and ready to go. Let it go, my heart says, just enjoy this best moment of life so far. I cuddle into him, my husband, as our babies wriggle in my belly. 
I repeat them after Adenn, simple tongue twisters meant to give ease to folk in battle so they can connect in the dark. My heart flutters in my chest, a hummingbird against the bars of my ribs. Forehead to his, I grin and laugh and cry. 
“I love you… I love you… I’m not being Aditya Kyramud… oh gosh… how do we tell Yash?”