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Dyson Technobeast

- - - - - Sithspawn Order of Shadows Technobeast

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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  • Name: Dyson-series Technobeast
  • Designation: Sentient
  • OriginsNar Shaddaa
  • Average Lifespan: 250 Galactic Standard Years
  • Estimated PopulationRare
  • Description: At a glance, in its base form, the Dyson Technobeast appears to be a humanoid figure made of metal. However, this base form is generally not seen as the Dyson Technobeast will take on different forms that it needs for any missions it is dispatched upon.


  • Breathes: Does not need to breathe, but will simulate breathing depending on its disguise
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.75 meters in its base form, but can change heights depending on its disguise
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Silvery-gray in base form, can change skin tones depending on its disguise
  • Hair color: No hair in base form, but can change hair and hair color depending on its disguise
  • Distinctions: The unique physical traits of the Dyson Technobeasts are its entirely metallic body, including simulation organs, and its ability to shift its shape to take on the appearance of any two-legged humanoid being. This shifting ability also allows it to shift parts of its body into blades or other weapons it can use during the course of its mission.
  • Races: No other races
  • Force SensitivityNon-Sensitive


  • Dyson Technobeasts are incredible shapeshifters and mimics due to the metal resin that makes up their body being able to be manipulated to any humanoid form. The resin produces an outer "skin" that simulates the exact feel and look of flesh, including skin pigmentation and complexion and hair. Eyes and other parts of the body can equally be exactly replicated, even internal organs are simulated accurately within so as to fool lifeform scanners into believing they are living breathing sentient.
  • Dyson Technobeasts are incredibly strong and fast, deceptively so. They can easily lift a being four times their own size and weight with one hand, and run for many kilometers at top speed in pursuit of their targets. They can also use their shifting abilities to create bladed appendages that can slice and stab through armor easily, and flesh with no problem what so ever.
  • Dyson Technobeasts have an incredible regeneration rate, being able to repair conventional damage done to them within moments due to manipulating the magnetic field that hold their bodies together. Kinetic and blaster weapons are next to useless against them, merely slowing them down, and lightsabers are only minimally effective as they reattach severed parts of their body easily.
  • Perhaps most insidiously about Dyson Technobeasts is their ability to infect other sentient beings with the Talos Seeds that created them in the first place. Through either touch or be releasing a particle cloud from their mouth, they can release small Talos Seeds that a victim absorbs through inhalation or through their skin, and then it becomes only a matter of time until the victim is a new Dyson Technobeast themselves. (PC infection requires permission)


  • Extreme heat can melt away their outer "skin" and severely damage the Dyson Technobeasts, enough that they can be destroyed if subjected to the heat long enough.
  • Extreme cold, such as a carbonite weapon, can slow them down and freeze them in place until they dethaw. If they are shattered while in this state, they can only pull themselves back together after the blocks of ice melt.
  • Disruptor weapons are particularly effective against them as they disintegrate matter, and if attacked with them, the Dyson Technobeast can be defeated easily.
  • If they are subjected to a stronger magnetic field than the one that hold their bodies together, they will be frozen in place and be pulled apart until that field is shut off. Even then, they can take days to bind themselves back together after being subjected to that.
  • If enough damage is suffered, it can lose its ability to manifest its outer "skin" and won't be able to hide its true form until it is able to have the damage repaired, either at a Order of Shadows facility or by ingesting and changing organic matter.


  • Diet: Does not need to eat, but it will simulate eating while it is in disguise. Any organic matter it ingests will be turned into more of the metallic resin that makes up its body in a manner similar to digestion.
  • Communication: Can speak and understand Basic or any other language it needs to use in the course of its mission (other languages need to be uploaded into its memory banks first)
  • Technology level: Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: Due to their droid-like nature, although they are sentient, they have not developed a system of beliefs or religion in the traditional sense. Instead, they view such things as easily exploitable weaknesses of their targets and attempt to keep themselves detached from even wanting to develop such ideas of their own.
  • General behavior: Dyson Technobeasts are cold and methodical when in their base forms, although they can simulate emotions well enough to pass themselves off among other sentients. They focus solely on the missions they are sent on, and do not believe in downtime. When not in use for any particular mission, whether that be espionage or assassination, they are put into standby mode in the main facility deep in the Nar Shaddaa Undercity or other facilities of the Order of Shadows where they are debriefed or have information uploaded to them on their next tasks.


Over the years, Taeli Raaf, the Lady of Secrets had noticed that upgrades to the ancient technovirus developed by Belia Darzu had been... lacking at best. While she was by no means an expert in the art of mechu-deru, several of the alchemists in her employ were, none more so than Hyson Whita. Combined with the voracious knowledge of the Anomid Doctor Votoc of Aurora Industries' Droid Division, work began on developing a next generation technovirus known as Talos Seeds. The result of the technovirus research being done in the Order of Shadows' Nar Shaddaa facility, the Dyson Technobeast is the next step in infiltration.


Once a subject is infected with the Talos Seeds, they will undergo a rapid transformation into a metallic resin-like material that is bound together by a magnetic field that is emitted from each "cell." Most subjects do not survive the process, but those that do, become the new technobeast and gain advanced abilities for espionage and assassination. They are able to shift their bodies to become any humanoid form they desire or ordered to be, or generally that of a being they have killed and replaced, are immensely powerful and have incredible regenerative abilities. The Dyson Technobeasts can also infect other beings with Talos Seeds, turning them into another Dyson Technobeast if they deem that reinforcements are needed or are ordered to do so by their master.


The Lady of Secrets foresees that the Dyson Technobeasts will be a useful tool against the Jedi and their allies, but has potential use in other operations. She also knows they are just the first step in Votoc's and Whita's work on Nar Shaddaa, prototypes for what may come later.

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Taeli Raaf You never cease to amaze me with your submissions. This is very interesting, well-written, and holds solid, straight-forward weaknesses to balance out the strengths nicely. 




But, Approved