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Morskoj Rail System Weapon (M.R.S.W)

- - - - - Morskoj Rail System Weapon M.R.S.W

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Haon Hafey

Haon Hafey


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  • Intent: To create an anti-capital ship system that is mobile and can shoot into the outer fringes of system.
  • Image Source: (x) (I had to personally capture the image through an old video due to no longer being allowed to play and get proper images)
  • Video Source: (x) (To best show how it works)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Have Gun Will Travel (Designer) (x), Outer Rim Coalition (Manufacturer) (x)
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition (x)
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
  • Duralloy (x)
    Transparisteel (x)
  • Classification:: Rail/Holo-Rail
  • Role: Surface-To-Space Artillery
  • Size: Very Large
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Minimum Crew: 36
  • Optimal Crew: 125
  • Propulsion: Rails/Holo-Rails
  • Speed: Average
  • Maneuverability: Very Low
  • Armaments: Extreme
    Surface to Air Cannon (Ballistic)
    Four Twin Turbolasers (Anti-Vehicle)
    Sixteen Repeating Blasters (Anti-Infantry/Air)
  • Defenses: Low
    Shield Generator
  • Passenger Capacity: 300
  • Cargo Capacity: Small (Twelve Baradium Bullets)
840.z Holo-Targeting Suite: In conjunction with the targeting computer, the 840.z Holo-Targeting Suite allowed improved accuracy for firing at the selected targets. This was needed to balance out the amount of missile targets it acquires and so much so, it required two of these to be installed. (x)
Life Support

  • One Shot, One Kill: The firepower of the Surface to Air Cannon is attributed to the Baradium Bullet, almost the size of a regular repulsorlift tank. One shot is enough to destroy a frigate with full shields to crippling a Star Destroyer in one shot or at least, lose all of its shields.
  • Extremely Fast Bullet: Its classification is a Surface to Air Cannon which in reality, it is more of a railgun. It is extremely hard to destroy the bullet that is coming towards the target.
  • Time to Move: With it being purposed on the rails/holo-rails, it can move with easy after undeploying and moving forward to its next destination. This allows the ability to move a surface to air cannon to a different destination.
  • Moving Fortress: In addition, it can supply for a small period of time, rations and supplies on the go given its transportation nature. Can also be used as a holdout point if required.
  • Limited Baradium Ammunition: It can only hold twelve shots of the large Baradium bullets before requiring a full reload. Issue is, it must be at a depot station nearby and requires four hours to reload due to the volatile nature of the ammunition.
  • Exposed Ammunition Process: To reduce the need of moving parts, most of it is conducted outside with many personal to help move the process along. A simple crack or a stray blaster bolt can destroy the entire Morskoj in a single blow.
  • No Rails, No Travel: If the rails are destroyed, it can no longer go to a destination. If both sides of the rails are gone, it can no longer move and may crash.
  • Cannot be Transported Off Planet: it is impossible to transport this off-planet. There is not psychical way to transport it onto a ship.
  • One Model per Planet Only: Only one can exist on each planet. Moons are excluded.
  • Defense Grid Issues: Having on to defend a planet requires a lot of upkeep, restocking and training. Not including electrical power, it costs a lot to keep one maintained and training a several crews to cycle out and be ready on a moments notice is not cheap which also include the planets different forms of weather, gravity and conditions. This means only one can be on planet at all times.
  • Deploy to Fire: The Morskoj must be deployed for fire the main Surface to Air Cannon.
  • Long Loading Procedure: In approval to fire the Morskoj, it requires ten minutes to load the first bullet as they are kept apart until the main process and loading procedure along with charging the Surface to Air Cannon system.
  • Long Targeting Process: When a target is marked for destruction, it takes upwards of five to fifteen minutes to adjust the Morskojs cannon into position to fire the main weapon. This is done by size of the craft as the Corvette taking the longest to a Super Star Destroyer the shortest amount of time.
  • Authorization Procedure: Before firing, it must be approved by a member of High Command in the region. Furthermore, two Officers of the six on board must be present to insert their command cards to authorize the use of the Morskoj Surface to Air Cannon.
Over a year since the Sal Kar project has reached its conclusion, Haon Hafey had started working on a project similar in a lot of ways but not enough to make itself unique. The known problem is that there are many surface-to-air batteries but none of them ever move and as such, are always the target of sabotage early on. With this Haon Hafey had started the blueprint plans to Project M.R.S.W or better known as the Morskoj Rail System Weapon. After the First Order denied it and had him shunned to Dagobah, he continued his work till running into the Underground of the Outer Rim Coalition which approved of the vehicle project.

As production started well over a few months since he had ran into them, only one prototype had been developed completely and reported back on from the Terminus system. It had reported from several tests done from the afar region that stationary targets were destroyed in one to two blasts with velocities exceeding Mach 20. However there was a massive setback to the project as the previous design exploded due to improper handling conditions of the Baradium Bullets. Due to this and the worries of takeover, an Authorization Procedure was put into place along with a 840.z Holo-Targeting Suite to prevent misfire issues and target ghosting. Life Support was also added as a means for a moving fortress, a hidden feature in the design.

When Haon Hafey was allowed to come to the underground, one month before the accident on Dagobah, over four of these designs were now deployed on commerce worlds and hidden throughout their many rail systems, ready to be fired whenever the need arises.

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