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Blackspire Co.

Arms Armor Blackspire Co.

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Tarken Tarask

Tarken Tarask


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  • Corporation Name: The Black spire company
  • Headquarters: Company building in Black spire outpost on Batuu
  • Locations: Space station\Asteroid mining operation over Adrathorpe and an outpost on Jakku Used to hire salvage and scavenger teams, and of course their headquarters and primary factory on Batuu.
  • Operations: Weapons, armor, small space craft, and various gadgets.


The Black spire company was founded by Tarken Tarask some years ago as a way to fund various projects. the company produces various weapons and gear designed for, and sold to bounty hunters, though some contracts have extended to various mercenary companies from time to time. the Black spire company has a no questions asked policy unless said questions pertain to better suiting the order to the customer's needs.

The company utilizes droids to work most of factory and mining operations, and hire salvaging and scavenging teams to collect materials on jakku and even battlefields from time to time.

They have no official allegiances, and are under the authority of no specific faction as of this time. they do business with whoever they please, as long as it remains profitable to do so.



Tarken tarask and a few friends started the group when one of them had an idea for a blaster rifle they wanted. they bought a small factory and it's droid workers that was going out of business, and made blasters for each member of the group, who were all bounty hunters at the time. the money from previous hunts was enough to buy the factory and set up temporary suppliers for materials and the like. While hunting local bounties on batuu, a gang took notice and decided to make a very simple deal with them: Produce blasters for them, or have the factory destroyed.

They made weapons for the gang for awhile until they had decided they'd had enough, and organized a force to remove the gang, supplying them new, Better weapons and even droids. it wasn't long before the gang had been removed, and other groups noticed the effectiveness of their weapons, and wanted in. Seeing the error in provoking a company that deals in violence and the tools involved, they decided to pay like everyone else. most of those contracts have continued to come from local organizations, but tarken has made efforts to expand, however the best equipment is being saved for another project.


Parent Corporation: N\A

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