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The Spires

- - - - - Black spire CO. Cantina factory

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Tarken Tarask

Tarken Tarask


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  • Structure Name: The Spires
  • Classification: Palace, Factory and cantina all rolled into one
  • Location: Batuu: Black spire outpost
  • Affiliation: Owner: Tarken Tarask And the Blackspire Company
  • Accessibility: The Entrance\Cantina is open to the public and often boasts a lively crowd, whereas the rest of the building is accessible only to Tarken tarask, workers of the blackspire company, and personal guests of his. though there is a separate, more quiet section of the cantina for business meetings with bounty hunters.
  • Description: The spires appear at first glance as a large stone\metal building built into the cliffside looking over the rest of black spire outpost, with many spires that jut upward from the building's base, as the name might imply.

Tarask's Cantina: Aka, The Rebo Room

The multi level cantina that forms the entrance to the spires. there are two rows of benches and tables made from simple wood that flank either side of the walkway to the main counter where drinks are served. the short staircase to the left of the counter leads to the large dining area where the customers eat and drink. Somewhere up there, there's a small stage for bands, though there aren't that many playing groups on batuu, so the establishment usually just plays some old Max Rebo tapes On the speakers, which has earned the cantina a name: "The Rebo Room".

Around the corner to the left is a kitchen staffed by a few droids and one organic cook. The kitchen is stocked with whatever one might expect to find on batuu, pretty much every drink ever served in blackspire outpost, and of course various imported food and drink.


The Undercroft:

A second room of the cantina just down the winding staircase to the right of the counter in the rebo room. The undercroft is used by tarask and company as a meeting place for business associates and bounty hunters, all manner of shady dealing happens down in the blue hue of the dimly lit cantina they nicknamed the undercroft.

The place is staffed by a few well trusted associates of tarask's, people that will keep their lips tight about what happens down here. Droids aren't permitted to enter without tarask's express permission, as it would be easy for them to record said dealings. not to mention that a droid can't exactly make use of a bar.

There are several holo projectors on top of the central serving station. they usually project holo images of dancers, but they can loop other images with a few changes to the settings on the panel in the central station.


Tarask's office:

Just up the stairs to the left of the kitchen in the rebo room and through the code locked door lies Tarask's office. flanked by pillars on either side and made almost entirely out of smooth stone, the office overlooks the back of the spires the surrounding nature outside of black spire outpost. Near the balcony edge is a dining table that doubles as a desk during some of tarask's meetings.

To the left is a door to the gardens, and to the right is tarrask's own bedroom.


The garden:

A garden that spans the lengthly roof top of the spire's base, located a short walk away from tarrask's office out the left hand door. it is sun bathed during the day, when the many tropical plants are visible. few are permitted to see it, aside from the security team.


the Forge:

A factory built underneath the spires, accessible from an entrance out back. A maze of machinery is operated by a mixture of droids and organic workers, building the various products of the Blackspire company, molten metal is made from scrap and transported throughout the factory around the clock along with crates of materials and finished products to be shipped elsewhere. everything is visible from a balcony at the entrance.



Medium: There are a few security cams in every room, along with at least 3 blackspire security guards. they patrol the the gardens and factory, while the others stand guard everywhere but tarrask's office, where his own bodyguard accompanies him. The door to the office and gardens is code locked, along with tarrask's quarters. the guards in the garden are [url=https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/KX-series_security_droid]KX security droids That were implemented after tarask got tired of having to let his security officers out of the gardens himself. now the droids monitor the garden without complaint, 24/7.

Security is higher in the factory, where at least 30 blackspire company security workers monitor the place at any given time.

Tarask doesn't worry too much about security in the rest of the building, with the kind of people he host's. he mostly lets the locals blaster whoever causes problems in the cantina.
The factory was originally built by the first order sometime after they took control of batuu around 34 ABY. sometime around 60 ABY, the resistance took control of the factory and used it to produce weapons and gear until the war effort slowed down and they had no need of the factory's minor production in the system. the factory came under control of various mercenary organizations from time to time until the most recent of previous owners sold it to Tarken Tarask about 12 years ago. He moved in, set up shop and started making stuff. a few good deals later alongside a new cantina, and it became one of the most popular stops in blackspire outpost.