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Enyo Typhos Archangel Clone Siobhan

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Enyo Typhos

Enyo Typhos


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Intent: Expand on the Typhos clone family.

​Image Credit: Here.

Role: Second clone of Siobhan Kerrigan, 'sister' of Enyo Typhos and Amara Zarides.

LinksBreaking ElysiumArchangel Research and Design, Moira Skaldi, Siobhan KerriganIron Fist Consortium.



AgeLess than a year. But being a clone she has the body of a woman who is about twenty.

Force SensitivityKnight

Species: Cloned Human.

Appearance: Caoimhe resembles a younger Siobhan Kerrigan. She is a human female of above average height with an athletic build and a toned physique. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Though she is strictly speaking not even a year old, she has already seen battle. Her confrontation with Enyo and her followers have left her with scars. In terms of attire, she favours practical clothing. Trousers, tank tops, button-down-shirts, tank tops, leather jackets, boots and simple blast vests for protection are typical for her. She will don armour or some sort of combat suit when she expects a fight or is walking into a potentially dangerous situation. 


There is a small white scar in the spinal area though because Archangel implanted her with a chip there to control her and if need be terminate her. When Caoimhe broke free from her brainwashing, Archangel triggered the device. Fortunately, it was possible to save her and the implant has been removed. However, Thuella had to put a mechanical implant into her spine to replace the damaged area. Caoimhe always carries at least one weapon on her person. She is no fashionista, but less of an ascetic Spartan than Enyo and sometimes wears accessories such as chain necklaces, chokers and studded belts. She is fond of carrying a wrist blaster that is carried as a bracelet and looks like a mundane piece of jewellry, and of a poison ring.



Name: Caoimhe

Loyalties: Herself, Enyo TyphosTyphos Clone FamilyAmara Zarides, Chiyoko Mitzutam.

Wealth: Low to Moderate. Enyo sends Caoimhe some money, as she does for all her siblings. However, while Caoimhe does not turn it away, she is reluctant to make use of it. This is partly because she wants to be self-reliant. But she is also broadly aware of some of Enyo's more questionable ventures and reluctant to profit from them. Thus she often only draws upon these funds for emergencies. As a result, her actual income fluctuates very strongly and is dependent on how lucrative her contracts are.

Notable Possessions

Skills: Caoimhe is a Force-user and has inherited some of the skills of her 'sisters' Siobhan and Enyo. Like them, she is a Force-User. She is less powerful or experienced than her templates, but has a strong Force connection. This especially applies to telekinesis. She has a broad spectrum of telekinetic powers and a natural affinity for it. As is common for many Force-users, she can use the Force to enhance her physical capabilities. Archangel's experiments on Caoimhe caused her great pain, so she manifested an ability to suppress and control her pain from early on.


She can mask her Force presence and use Force Stasis. In addition, she has some mental abilities, such as Force Horror, Drain Knowledge, Force Illusion and the power to manipulate memories. This stands in contrast to her older sisters, as neither Enyo nor Siobhan is much of a mentalist. Caoimhe has received training in melee and ranged combat, including lightsabre use. She is quite fast and quick on her feet.


Caoimhe has little formal education. Archangel just needed her to be a living weapon, so they only taught her what she needed to play her role. This does not make her stupid, just behind academically. She is aware of this and has become a bit of an autodidact to catch up. She is a decent pilot, enjoys painting, mountain climbing, bungee jumping and participating in speeder races in her free time. She has a thing for extreme sports. They give her an adrenaline rush.


Personality: Caoimhe is still very young. Indeed she is about a year old, though she has the body and memories of an adult woman. Most of her memories are not her own, as she received flash conditioning. However, she has been through her shara of trauma. Created to be a living weapon, she was not permitted to make her own choices or even express emotions. Until she broke free from her shackles, she was essentially lobotomised.


She was never meant to live after serving her purpose, and yet she has. What she has endured has left deep scars on her. Having been raised on bondage, she never wants to be at someone's mercy again. She is determined to be strong and has a formidable temper when provoked. She also has little patience for people who have been given a bad lot in life, but do little to improve their circumstances and seem to expect others to hold their hand. This can make her intolerant, but from her perspective she managed to free herself, so others should be able to. The life she has led so far has not left a lot of room for idealism.


This is in line with the mentality of Enyo, her elder sister. However, their personalities diverge a fair bit. Enyo is stoic, calculating, domineering and aloof. She seldom expresses emotion in her voice or body language. There is rarely any malice in what she does. She just treats most organic beings like pieces on the board to be used and discarded if need be. She is fiercely protective of her family, but only feels empathy for few organics outside of it.


In contrast, Caoimhe is a good deal more emotional and impulsive. Perhaps the fact that he was not allowed or able to indulge in emotion until recently means that she is more determined to express herself now. She is tough, but more inexperienced than Enyo or Siobhan, which can make her reckless. She also lacks her sisters' drive for power. Both Siobhan and Enyo are absolute rulers of large corporations. Siobhan acts like a queen and expects to be worshipped. Caoimhe lacks the desire and is considered too unambitious by Enyo. This is in sharp contrast to Alexia and Valerian, who are both very ambitious and vie for the position of being Enyo's second.


Caoimhe has an adventurous spirit and quite big on her personal freedom. The clone finds formal structures and large organisations restrictive. She dislikes sadistic treatment of prisoners and needless slaughter. But she will not go out of her way to right wrongs and help random strangers in need just because they have a sob story. If someone wants her help for something, they better offer something in return because she is no one's white knight. Due to what she endured, Caoimhe is not fond of thinking machines, especially HRDs.


She craves challenges and excitement, which is one of the reasons for her affinity for extreme and adventure sports. Life is short and she has already missed out a good deal because she was born with the body of an adult. Moreover, she almost died way before her time. Now that she is a free woman she wants to live it to the fullest. For this reason, she is reluctant to get invested in grand causes. 


Caoimhe is aware of Siobhan, her template, but knows very little about her as an actual person. Archangel imprinted a desire to kill Enyo on her, much like the thought of killing Siobhan had been imprinted on Enyo. Caiomhe knows that her genetic template is a corporate bigwig who has a ton of money and pulled down a Star Destroyer down once, but little more. She also does not care about her one way or the other. Instead her issues lie with Enyo. It does not help that she actually faced Enyo in combat and was saved by her. This leads to conflicting emotions. On the one hand she feels grateful, on the other she is also ashamed and wants to assert her own independence.


Caoimhe regards Amara as a whimsical idealist. She approves of Alexia because she is self-reliant and tough, but thinks she has been seduced by violence and crime. Thuella she sees smart but not assertive enough. Thalia is a rebel without a cause - literally. As for her 'brother' Valerian, Caoimhe thinks he needs to pull his head out of his butt and stop being such an arrogant snob. She likes Chiyoko's drive, but thinks she's a bit of an idealistic zealot. Despite her issues with her family, Caoimhe has a bond with them. Enyo does things she disapproves of walks a darker path. But she is still her older sister, the closest thing she has to a mother and the woman who saved her.



Weapon of ChoiceLightsabre | Guns | The Force

Combat Function: Like Enyo and Siobhan, Caoimhe has a strong Force connection. She can draw upon the Force to fuel herself, manipulate the world around her and smite her enemies. However, as is so often the case with clones, her skill set has diverged a bit from that of her template. Like Siobhan, she is a formidable applicant of telekinesis. She is able to utilise a variety of telekinetic techniques. However, unlike both of her 'sisters', she is also a capable mentalist. She is can use mental techniques to powerful effect to confuse, sway, terrify, deceive or torment opponents.


Her mechanical creators had her trained with mental techniques in mind because it had negated Enyo's physical prowess and extreme tankiness. Moreover, it has zero effect on droids. It also helped that Enyo had received little formal training to counter it and had a host of issues that could be exploited. Caoimhe also has some good support powers to debuff or stun enemies. She has been trained in the use of conventional weapons and lightsabres.


Her lightsabre use focuses on Form I and Form III, as she does not expect to get close often. Her technique is decent, but not exceptional. The implant in her spine makes lightning and the like dangerous for her. Caoimhe has flash learning to draw upon and has actual real world experience from battling Enyo and her syndicate, but she is still very young and thus may misjudge situations, act on impulse and bite off more than she can chew. Caoimhe often operates in concert with Chiyoko, the clone of Sumiko Tanaka. The Atrisian clone specialises in sneaking, shadows and the like. Using her agility and aptitude for stealth, she can get close to a target and launch lightning fast strikes before retreating. Her lightsabre style is aggressive and fast-paced, which complements Caoimhe's approach.



  • Like her template and Enyo, Caoimhe has a potent martial capabilities and a strong Force connection. She is particularly strong in telekinesis and mental abilities. Can use the Force to suppress her pain.
  • She is also trained in the use of blasters, blades and explosives. 


  • Spinal implant makes her more vulnerable to lightning/electricity. This also makes it risky for her to use electricity-based powers such as Force Lightning.
  • Her lightsabre skills are decent, but unexceptional. She also has a preference for light armour. This gives her mobility, but leaves her more vulnerable to heavy attacks. Losing the Force would deprive her of her biggest advantage in combat, leaving her more vulnerable.



Siobhan Kerrigan rose from humble origins to become a Master of the Force corporate queen who runs a megacorporation with millions of employees, vassals and zealous acolytes who worship her with almost religious awe. Two of the enemies she made along the way were Maelion Liates and Moira Skaldi, two HRDs who desired to wipe out all organic life and usher in a mechanical dystopia populated by well-ordered machines. This would create a tidy Galaxy of logic and straight lines.


The two HRDs realised that Force-Users would be the biggest threat to their plans, as droids cannot use the Force. Thus they plotted to create Force Clones who would be obedient to them and serve as living weapons to bring about the Age of Steel. One of their choices for a genetic template was Siobhan Kerrigan. Through the use of an HRD masquerading as a courtesan, they were able to obtain a DNA sample. The clone was called Enyo Typhos and raised to believe that her template was an evil warlord who had created her as a disposable host to one day house her essence so that she could live forever. Archangel, she was told, had saved her and was a force of good that wanted to save the self-destructive, chaotic organics from themselves.


Another was Kaelin Isandros, who had once been a cruel and sadistic Sith trained by Darth Shadow. She had met her end at the hands of Siobhan after pushing her too far by torturing her wife. This clone was given the name Amara Zarides. Unfortunately, both clones eventually started to question their indoctrination and rebelled. By the time she broke her chains, Enyo had been turned into an organic-machine hybrid.


However, by then Archangel had started growing the second generation of clones. Most of these Force clones were liberated when Enyo and Amara stormed Archangel's secret base with the help of the Contingency and a force of mercenaries. Their freed siblings were thus saved from a life to servitude to genocidal HRDs. All except Caoimhe, the second clone of Siobhan Kerrigan. Archangel had started working on her before the other ones. By the time the dynamic duo stormed the base, their sibling had been moved to a more secret facility. 


Her name was Caoimhe and she had been given the best conditioning and flash memory induction that Archangel could produce. This ensured she would awaken knowing everything she needed to know, and could be trained to be a living weapon. Her creation assumed a higher degree of urgency because Enyo's insurgency had evolved from a nuisance into a serious threat.


Having determined that organic emotion and unruliness was the cause of its slaves' rebellion, Archangel was not content with simply indoctrinating Caoimhe. Enyo and Amara had been allowed to form emotional bonds with one another. Indeed, they had been raised in what passed for a familial environment. Amara had partly created to anchor Enyo and give her a sister figure she would want to protect, thereby binding her close to Archangel. This obviously backfired when Amara went rogue and a brainwashed Enyo rebelled after being ordered to kill her. By then the bond was strong enough to overcome the emotional lobotomy the brainwashing forced on her.


Caoimhe was not allowed to form ties. Instead of being allowed to express emotions and form bonds, the indoctrination process kept her in a state of near lobotomy. There was no time for Caoimhe to fully develop her powers through a conventional training process. Archangel was at war and fighting for survival. So instead the HRDs used experimental drugs to artificially increase her strength in the Force, at a cost to her health. Moreover, dark magi hired by Archangel employed alchemy to augment her. The experiments were very painful for her.


There was a high risk that Caoimhe would eventually burn out with potentially fatal consequences. But this was judged to be acceptable if she had fulfilled her purpose by then. And if she burnt out, Archangel could just create another clone and use the data it had acquired from the experiment to improve on the design. Caoimhe played an important role in Archangel's counterattack. Working with the Lurkers, a unit of HRDs that specialised in scouting and espionage, as well as Team Mirage, she helped locate Enyo's base of operations. The fact that she looked like Enyo came in handy, as it allowed her to pass as the insurgent.


This was especially useful when dealing with contacts and associates of Enyo who did not know that the Dark Master was more machine than woman. Where persuasion and bribery did not suffice, she and the Archangel agents used coercion. It helped that Enyo had made her share of enemies in the underworld. Some of her subordinates were bothered by her fixation on her crusade against Archangel. Others (rightly) feared that she would purge them once she got what she wanted. Moreover, Archangel had succeeded in persuading some remnants of the Contingency to join their cause since Enyo had betrayed them at Tartarus. The machines launched a devastating attack. Caoimhe was part of the assault, unleashing her powers on Enyo's minions.


She made quite an impact, tearing through the ranks of soldiers and droids. Some war machines and dropships were outright crushed by her. However, it proved quite draining for her. Indeed, her power expenditure caused her to suffer a seizure near the end. While they suffered significant casualties, Archangel destroyed the insurgents' base and forced them to flee. Caoimhe was returned to Archangel, where she underwent medical procedures to stabilise her. 


It all came down to the rebels gambling and launching an all-out attack before Archangel could fortify its position and build even more machines. Archangel's top general Gunther Stahl used Caoimhe as bait during the fight. He rightly suspected that Enyo's desire to save her sibling would override her machine logic - and make her try to save Caoimhe rather than kill her. The two clones fought. Enyo's reluctance to seriously hurt her sibling allowed the younger clone to gain the edge initially. Moreover, Caoimhe specialised in mental assault. Enyo had little experience in shielding her mind and a lot of trauma her sister could torment her with. Caoimhe launched a full battery of mental assaults. However, intruding into her sister's mind also revealed some of Archangel's manipulations to her. With Enyo fighting back, Caoimhe's health worsened as she drew more and more upon the Force. Gunther ambushed Enyo with a unit of droids when she was weakened, using heavy firepower. 


While Gunther did not possess Force powers, he had a Phrik skeleton like her and the damage Enyo's organic coverings had suffered impeded her ability to use the Force at full capacity. While Enyo decimated most of the droids, her body sustained severe damage and Gunther was able to maim her. However, as he was beating on her Caoimhe turned on Archangel and blasted him with Force Lightning. Though she was also damaged by the electrical blast, Enyo was able to rip out of his power core. As Caoimhe's limbs convulsed, Archangel activated the implant that had been embedded into her spinal column.


This induced extreme pain. Combined with the damage the experiments and her own expenditure of Force energy had done to her body, it put her into a vegetative state. A prisoner in her own body, she completely lacked cognitive function. However, her older sister did not give up on her. Enyo was an amoral warlord, but cared about her clone family. They were among the very few people she truly felt empathy for.


A minion who said the clone should just be euthanised met an unpleasant fate. With the help of Thuella, the resident scholar of the family. Enyo was able to bring Caoimhe back. When the second clone of Siobhan Kerrigan regained consciousness, she found that a lot had changed. Moira Skaldi had been destroyed, the war was over and Archangel was now under the complete control of Enyo. Her own Force potential had also been dramatically reduced. She needed to recover from what Archangel had put her through. It took a good while for her to be be able to even feel the Force again and she was rather reluctant to attempt to do so in the first place.


It was a strange, brave new world. Caoimhe did not feel at home in the corridors of the Archangel base. To be here brought her back to what she had endured, suffered and done. She got flashbacks of the experiments her creators had conducted on her. Enyo was welcoming, as much as an emotionally stunted, domineering cyborg with a serious mother bear attitude could be.


But Caoimhe shared her face and her DNA and it had been drilled into her skull to regard her older sister as her foe. Now that this had been taken away and the veil had been lifted from her eyes, she was free, but also lost. Archangel changed after her sister took the reins of power. Enyo abandoned its genocidal schemes, halted several of its more vile projects and purged her own crime syndicate, though the latter had more to do with getting rid of unreliable elements than morality.


Caoimhe helped Enyo in her purge by providing intelligence on Iron Fist Consortium figures she had managed to bribe or turn to Archangel's side while she had been working against her sister. But though these changes made an impact on Archangel, the basic business model remained unchanged. Enyo wanted to create an technocratic, machine civilisation run by the clones and insulated from contact with the organic powers. Caoimhe found it difficult to find a place there, felt too judged by herorigins and disliked some of the 'associates' of Enyo and their methods.


Her elder sister seemed to have her future all mapped out for her. Naturaly it involved her one day assuming a position of leadership in Archangel. Caoimhe resented this. The young clone decided to make her own path and leave Archangel to find herself. Much to her surprise, Enyo let her. As it turned out, the 'brood mother' was serious about wanting her siblings to be free, though she did not seem to extend this to anyone else. Indeed her younger sister's surprise offended her.


Enyo gave her a ship, some supplies and money. She also made Caoimhe take her 'sibling' Chiyoko with her. The young Atrisian, a clone of Sumiko Tanaka, is a woman with a strong drive for justice, which causes issues in Enyo's enterprises. Caoimhe did not want to take on an HRD 'bodyguard' and Chiyoko wanted to go off and become independent, so Enyo made them go together. Caoimhe has not fully cut ties. She still answers calls from her elder sister and sometimes does jobs for her. Enyo keeps her away from missions that are too sensitive. Time will tell where her journey will lead.

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