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Project PEREGRINE - Dauntless Commando Scout Armor

- - - - - Kelsie Sylvan Project PEREGRINE Dauntless Armor

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Kelsie Sylvan

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Intent: To create a specialized scout armor for the CIS Dauntless Commandos

Image Source: https://www.kisspng....games-6679998/ 

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: Dauntless Phase I Armor




Manufacturer: CIS

Affiliation: CIS, Dauntless Commandos

Model: Dauntless "Peregrine" Commando Scout Armor

Modularity: Customization of color, helmet shape, and various personalized attachments

Production: Limited

Material: Armorweave, hodharium, reinforced duraplast, shielded circuitry




Classification: Scout Armor

Weight: Light


  • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High
  • Kinetic: High
  • Lightsabers: Low
  • Sonic: Low
  • Radiation: Average
  • Elemental: Average
  • EMP/Ion: High
  • Force Abilities: Average
  • Others: Average







Airtight: The suit is completely airtight, with enhanced filtration technology. This keeps it safe from chemicals, diseases, and the like. Pressurization and a two hour air supply stored in the suit allows it to survive in vacuum and underwater.

Strong Armor: The mixture of reinforced Duraplast and hodharium, along with internal armorweave padding, gives the armor high resistance to kinetic attacks of all kinds, such as concussive waves, explosions, slugthrowers, knives, and crushing damage. The two elements also give it more defense than normal against blasters and plasma based weapons. Finally, the shielded circuitry and reinforced duraplast gives it a high resistance to EMP and ion attacks, keeping their technology safe. This gives the commandos and troopers who wear it a feeling of safety while inside.

Powerful technology: Like Project XIPHOS, the Dauntless Commando Armor, Peregrine features heavy use of technology, giving the soldiers a wide variety of abilities, such as advanced sensors, comm units, and even a built in automatic medic.

Maneuvering Array: This armor features a suite of repulsors and other boosters, which are used to greatly increase maneuverability -- this allows for wall running, double jumps, slides, and an absolutely insane cool factor increase overall. Additionally these small thrusters can be used in space. The boosters are placed on the feet, calves, back, shoulders, and hips of the armor.




Sonic Weakness: While powerful, and useful, hodhararium is weak to sonic attacks, and it gives this weakness to the armor, protecting the wearers far less from dedicated sonic attacks.

Training Needed: The sheer amount of technology involved into the armor requires strict training to utilize fully, especially with the advanced maneuvering array. A raw recruit first putting on the armor will not be able to use it well at all.

Stands out: This armor is easily identifiable as part of the Dauntless. While it can hide, it can't blend in.

Lightsabers: Let's be fair. The Dauntless are commandos, not force hunters. If they that close to a lightsaber, the armor can take only minimal damage before failing.

Maneuvering Array: By far the least armored area of the suit, the repulsor generators and other boosters can easily fail or even explode if damaged. Without the boosters, the maneuverability of the armor is decreased drastically.




For a rapid response force, the Dauntless always felt slow on the battlefield -- sure, the Phase I armor was some of the best gear out there, but if you want to be fast you've got to have gear to match. That was the premise behind Project PEREGRINE -- create a highly maneuverable and effective armor for the 117th's scouts and forward parties. Even the first response needs to have someone at the front.

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