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Taking Candy (Hostile Takeover/ Resurgent Banking Clan/TJE)

- - - - - TJE Anvil Interstellar Holdings Rishi

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Zarchas Kitza



What was better than money?


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The Jen'ari Empire had faltered. Their leadership was in disarray. So here her goons were. Yeah Anvil Interstellar had a rep to protect, but a little known fact was they had Backwater Security Corp on their payroll about two echelons down.


So today was strictly about the money. Using Jast Whisperlite Shuttles her mercenaries had infiltrated into the planet, and were on the move. Down this alley and into the next, until they were just above the main hub of the bank. Yes Resurgent Banking Clan held the funds for the Jen'ari.


She wanted the funds and the rights. This was more than cloak and dagger. This was a naked force, brute takeover.


Two squadrons of 25 men were on the rooftop, strong pointing that momma with Deck Sweepers and Wild Space Outback Rifles. A few had thehacking rigs. If this went down right they;d steal the codes that the top execs had, and take the company out from under their own feet.


"Team one set."


"Team two, locked in."


"Team three slicing."


A malicious code went against the banking clans firewalls.


Would they resist? Or would their entire company become the fruit of a hostile takeover.


Choice was theirs....



"Sue me....wait no don't. I need the Credits."

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