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United Pantoran Defense Fleet

Vela Pantora UPDF

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  • Fleet Name: United Pantoran Defense Forces
  • Classification: Planetary Defense Fleet
  • Affiliation: Pantora, the Pantoran Assembly, the Outer Rim Coalition
  • Fleet Symbol: Emblazoned on the side of each UPDF vessel is a simple two-stripe insignia. The standard colour is yellow, with a navy blue background, though some variation is present.
  • Description: While largely focused on the defense of Pantora itself, the size of the defense force betrays secondary purposes. The go-to bargaining chip of the Republican party of the Pantoran Assembly when dealing with the Expansionists are military funding bills. The increased military spending and allocation of forces allows for further expansion and defending the interests of Pantora. The entire size of Pantora’s navy is almost double what is usually present above the moon. The fleet is comprised largely of systems patrol vessels and a mix of upgraded cruisers and frigates. Snubfighters and a variety of smaller support craft round out the picture. Above Pantora itself, several defense platforms run customs and offer more stalwart defense for the planet.


  • Headquarters: Pantora’s defense fleet has its headquarters in an airfield a hundred kilometers from the capital city, though there is a main government building dedicated to the UPDF in the city itself.
  • Ports of Call: The fleet’s patrols focus on protecting the Pantora system. Small patrol groups guard against pirates and other villains. The majority of ships return to Pantora after they’ve done their rounds, but two other primary ports exist: Point Rio, a largely secret base hidden in one of Orto Plutonia’s icy canyons, and Glid Station, a space station close to Pantora’s sun.
  • Goals: To protect Pantora and her interests.
  • Reputation: The UPDF isn’t well known outside of the Sujimis sector, but as the fleet of one of the ORC’s members it’s usually regarded well within the space of the ORC and its allies. It hasn’t gone through any major battles or conflicts, and thus is regarded as a simple (if slightly oversized) planetary security force.



Jintus Irn -- Admiral -- Head of Pantoran Fleet Command. A simple, methodical, logical man. He simply serves Pantora and does his duty effectively.

Cho Tat -- Commodore -- Go-to commander of operations away from Pandora. Captains the Chi Cho.


Pantora’s defense fleet has existed ever since Pantora was a united world. For the most part it had consisted of simple patrol craft, meant to protect the system from the actions of illicit nature. At certain points it had been a major regional force -- during the war against the Brotherhood of Darkness, Pantora’s forces patrolled the entire Sujimis sector and kept itself allied with the Republic. With the Ruusan reformations and the time of peace that followed the Pantorans became less concerned with military power.


When the Empire came into power it didn’t matter all that much; they couldn’t stand against an Imperial task force, or even a single Star Destroyer. But the political powers in the Pantoran Assembly didn’t stop acting -- the Expansionist party pushed for subtle expansion of military forces and by extension the ability to claim assets or protect Pantoran interests within their sector. They convinced the Republican party to agree to a sort of coalition, for the most part to avoid giving any sort of power to the Appeasers who wanted to effectively give everything to the Empire. With the Empire’s collapse, Pantora again became a small regional power, effectively the only planet in its group of sectors that had a fully functional defense force. It declared itself part of the New Republic when it was advantageous for the planet, managing to acquire a few vessels created from the New Class Program.


The Sujimis sector, being on the galaxy’s fringe, was largely unimportant despite several resource-rich worlds and asteroid belts within its borders. While the rest of the galaxy went through turmoil and conflict, the Pantorans continued to quietly expand their influence within their and neighbouring sectors, escaping the war with the Yuuzhan Vong and the Corellian Crisis. By the end of the second century ABY, Pantora’s defense fleet had peaked in size, slightly larger than it currently is.


But with more galactic-wide turmoil in store from the gulag plague as well as recent internal conflict such as with the Second Day War on Pantora itself, the planet’s military has become slightly stagnant despite continuing pushes by the Expansionist party for further… expansion. The schism caused by the militarist House Cho was particularly devastating as they had held a fair few command roles within the defense forces.


Even so, the vessels of the United Pantoran Defense Forces continue to serve valiantly, only to be manipulated by the political machinations of the Assembly…

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