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Tien Ulinesque - Dauntless Legion Master Sergeant

- - - - - Dauntless Commandos CIS Dauntless

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Luna Terrik

Luna Terrik

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Intent: To create one of two master sergeants within the Dauntless Commandos, as well as giving Luna someone to react off of in certain situations.

​Image Credit: http://www.starwars-...ce-keshiri.html (French Version of Wookiepedia)

Role: Master Sergeant in the CIS’s premiere NFU legion, the Dauntless, and member of Luna Terrik’s personal squad, the Omegas.

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Age: 38

Force Sensitivity: NFU

Species: Keshiri





Name: Tien Ulinesque


Height: 2.2 Meters


Eye color: Black irises


Distinct markings: trio of black dots on forehead


Loyalties: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Dauntless Legion, Luna Terrik


Wealth: About as wealthy as any military member. That is, not at all.


Notable Possessions: Ceremonial Keshiri dagger, given to him by his father. Carried on his person at all times.

Skills: Skilled trainer, heavy gunner, bodyguard, demolitions specialist, and combat driver. The heavier ordnance focused of the pair of master sergeants.  


Personality: Contrary to the fact he is a heavy gunner, explosives expert, and quite a large man, Tien is typically very reserved and quiet. He is one to allow others to speak first, though when he does speak, his voice commands a room. While he is technically ranked below Luna, she still finds time to listen to the man’s typically wise words. Overall, he has a kind heart, and is typically one to push the solution that saves the most lives, even if it is riskier or might end up costing the Dauntless larger. Luna typically goes to him as her voice of empathy, while Q’aria is the voice of reason.



Weapon of Choice: Dauntless version of the DLT-19 heavy blaster, grenade launcher, and typical explosives ordinance. Isn’t the type of solider to carry blaster pistols, instead being the solider carrying a backpack full of extra magazines for his primary blaster.

Combat Function: The Dauntless commandos are regarded as some of the best NFU fighters the CIS has to offer, and it would only make sense that their master sergeants would be the cream of the crop. In fact, Tien might even have more combat usefulness at times than Luna Terrik. While both her and Q’aria are more tactically minded, Tien is not afraid to jump into a firefight that might look like it’s a losing battle, only for his heavy blaster and bandoleer of grenades to swiftly turn the tide. Typically, Tien can be seen providing covering or suppressive fire, while also being one of the first to breach and clear a building.



  • Tide turner: A man with undoubted combat prowess, seeing the hulking Keshiri on the battlefield is reason enough to the Dauntless commandos to turn it up to another level. Tien’s presence creates a more unified squad, as they know that no matter what, the hamster sergeant will be by their sides through it all.
  • I got something for that: Tien has a grenade for seemingly any situation. Covering smoke? Got it. Acid grenade to eat through a metal door? Two of those. Regular boom booms? 3 different kinds. Tien is a necessary addition to any battlefield team.


  • Bleeding heart: Even if Luna regards Tien as one of her closer friends in the Dauntless, she acknowledges the fact that Tien sometimes makes decisions that puts squadmates in danger to save the lives of another. It seems as though it’s a compulsive thing, trying to save every life he possibly can.
  • Less of a thinker: Tien is the less tactically minded of the pair of master sergeants, leaving most of the planning up to Q’aira. While he is capable of devising a plan if absolutely needed, he’ll be the first to admit his plans aren’t exactly the best, and are better left to those that have a better mind for the stuff.



              When Tien and his family came to Naboo as refugees, he certainly couldn’t have imagined that he would end up one of the highest ranking officers in the Confederacy’s Dauntless Legion. Yet that’s what happened, having been raised to protect the lives of others in Naboo’s police academy. The man spent eight years working for the police force, eventually rising to the captain of the SWAT unit for the planet. It was at this point, after three years of working at an impressive level, that he was recruited into the Dauntless, swiftly rising up the ranks. His moment of glory, the reason why he became such quick friends with Luna Terrik, was during the battle of Eshan. He was one of the officers that rescued the commander after she was hit on the head by a piece of falling space debris, and from that moment on, the relationship between the pair, and so did Luna’s trust level of the massive man.  



Neri Rashal

Neri Rashal


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Luna Terrik


Couple things: We need a link to CIS. Does the Dauntless Legion have a sub? It doesn't need one, but if there *is* one, a link to that would be a great addition. 

Also since you name a specific blaster if you could include a link for that it would be great. 


Neri Rashal

Neri Rashal


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