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War Fleet Black Iron

TSE Battle Fleet

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  • Intent: Flesh out the Sith Emperor's personal fleet
  • Image Credit: Click - SithAcademy.com
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  • Fleet Name: War Fleet Black Iron
  • Classification: High Imperial Battle Fleet
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Fleet Symbol: The most common symbol employed by the Emperor's personal fleet is that of the Sith-Imperial crest combined with the Eye of Solomon, symbolizing the conjoined nature of the Empire and the Emperor's personal household. 
  • Description: Designated to accompany the Sith Emperor into battle, the Black Iron Fleet was a flotilla comprised of five-hundred-and-eighty-four warships of varying size and strength. The largest ship in the entire fleet was the Emperor's flagship, the Behemoth II. It was the anchor around which the other ships in the fleet orbited, the visible symbol of the Emperor's providence as ruler of the Sith Empire.


  • Headquarters: Malsheem
  • Ports of Call: 
  • Goals: 
    • Protect the Behemoth II
    • Escort the Emperor
    • Destroy the enemies of the Empire
  • Reputation: Those within and without the Empire have come to know the sight of the Emperor's fleet as it hangs in low orbit, silhouetted by the light of the system's star. Planetary governors dread the sight of the Behemoth II appearing over their world, for they know that it heralds the arrival of the Emperor himself, which could entail their destruction if they have somehow displeased his Imperial Majesty. The enemies of the Empire can know for certain their doom should the fleet assemble over their world, for little can withstand the cataclysmic power unleashed by the Emperor's flagship, let alone the other ships that wreath it like a wicked halo. 



  • Darth Carnifex, Emperor of the Sith [Epicanthix Male]
  • AQUILA, First Captain of the Behemoth II [Artificial Intelligence Masculine Programming]
  • Captain Godfris, Secondary Captain of the Behemoth II [Human Male]
  • Admiral Thintith Karr, Commander of the 42nd Invasion Force [Ishi Tib Female]
    • ​Vice Admiral Zanetob Carovit [Human Male]
      • ​Commodore Katedian Farowen [Human Female]
      • Commodore Runar [Sith Pureblood Male]
      • Commodore Aldgian Harbarn [Human Male]
      • Commodore Juajan Parmot [Human Male]
    • Vice Admiral Mirr Vumdess [Nautolan Male]
      • Commodore Gradev Ashste [Vodran Male]
      • Commodore Chrana Kinsaly [Human Female]
      • Commodore Ginbret [Bimm Male]
      • Commodore Slimdi Avrimlik [Rodian Female]
    • Vice Admiral Jackya Corpet [Human Female]
      • ​Commodore Vur-Dak-Bo Fox [Weequay Male]
      • Commodore Zac'bafa [Twi’lek Male]
      • Commodore Iabor'lehac [Twi’lek Female]
      • Commodore Alahar Teabert [Human Female]
    • Vice Admiral Alexanthros Walzar [Human Male]
      • Commodore Kataryn “Kit” Galeway [Human Female]
      • Commodore Quentin Choi [Human Male]
      • Commodore Aniasa [Chiss Female]
      • Commodore Saeko [Chiss Male]
  • Admiral Orok, Commander of the 43rd Invasion Force [Mirialan Male]
    • ​Vice Admiral Horet [Chiss Male]
      • Commodore Iyajan Fosthar - Human Female
      • Commodore Syeram Isabdol - Zelosian Male
      • Commodore Siebian Oberowl - Zygerrian Female
      • Commodore Parari Simswile - Myke Female
    • Vice Admiral Ssetlessh Veksas [Annoo-Dat Prime Female]
      • ​Commodore Vleenre Meaaksoa [Rodian Female]
      • Commodore Aledall Parrken [Human Male]
      • Commodore Jacleon Delvine [Etti Male]
      • Commodore Eleapr Vilari [Human Female]
    • Vice Admiral Sofya Raadsveld [Human Female]
      • ​Commodore Giel Vloedgraven [Human Male]
      • Commodore Nadirr Sosha [Cathar Male]
      • Commodore Obuku [Chiss Male]
      • Commodore Iyzita [Rattataki Female]
    • Vice Admiral Song Kyung-Hae [Human Male]
      • Commodore Raleigh “Rae” Galeway [Human Female]
      • Commodore Amano Joven [Human Male]
      • Commodore Matthys Takashiro [Human Male]
      • Commodore Elaunu [Chiss Female]
  • Admiral Jaidar Calson, Commander of the 249th Escort Force [Human Male]
    • ​Vice Admiral Horox Krul [Anx Male]
      • ​Commodore Haxaath [Yaga Male]
      • Commodore Brentris Conshou [Human Male]
      • Commodore Koules Gullan [Human Female]
      • Commodore Huwo Inee [Rodian Male]
    • Vice Admiral Sin Knaklu [Snivvian Male]
      • ​Commodore Chylah Rak [Chadra-fan Female]
      • Commodore Nesjon Wykealw [Etti Male]
      • Commodore Yulbri Mardick [Human Female]
      • Commodore Matariel [Diathim Female]
    • Vice Admiral Briele Corfei [Human Female]
      • ​Commodore Unnae Solzarr [Rodian Male]
      • Commodore Rum Mhar [Cathar Male]
      • Commodore Niz'wokaw [Twi'lek Male]
      • Commodore Chaleo Harwhe [Human Male]
    • Vice Admiral Jusale Corfei [Human Female]
      • ​Commodore Kadiest Rochtal [Epicanthix Male]
      • Commodore G'haril K'sugrim [Bith Female]
      • Commodore Faarol Lal [Bith Male]
      • Commodore Dravsal Craove [Human Male]
  • Admiral Niclan Clarmerc, Commander of the 367th Escort Force [Human Male]
    • ​Vice Admiral Thutlith Zohseth [Gotal Male]
      • Commodore Collmar [Pyke Female]
      • Commodore Qog Veelg [Quarren Female]
      • Commodore Krabrut [Zabrak Male]
      • Commodore Corely Lor [Quermian Female]
    • Vice Admiral Malfre Saneke [Human Male]
      • ​Commodore Âkosnoir [Sith Pureblood Male]
      • Commodore Tarlea Crosel [Meerian Female]
      • Commodore Zenmaza [Twi’lek Female]
      • Commodore Zantys Oakroll [Human Male]
    • Vice Admiral Talbi Priskhull [Hutt Female]
      • ​Commodore Zukam [Swokes Swokes Male]
      • Commodore Glirec Mirlam [Gotal Male]
      • Commodore Irvidani Girmhai [Human Male]
      • Commodore Meythok Zsuchaicut [Rodian Male]
    • Vice Admiral Braeglen Crujel [Human Male]
      • ​Commodore Vree O'asisk [Pantoran Female]
      • Commodore Naraku [Verpine Intersex]
      • Commodore Cesaant Estilov [Human Male]
      • Commodore Cul'tozeq [Twi'lek Male]
  • Vice Admiral Qinn Traunx, Commander of the 783rd Support Force [Quarren Female]



War Fleet Black Iron's inception dates back to the earliest days of the Sith Ascendancy, when the Sith Lord Kaine Zambrano reigned as Warmaster of the Sith Military. As the sole supreme commander of the Ascendancy fleets and armies, he could assemble as many forces to himself as he could with impunity. He surrounded his warship, theBlade of Fate, with many warships and support vessels to serve as the vanguard of the Ascendancy's expansion along the Braxant Run. It was this fleet that engaged and defeated the combined forces of the Muun Defense Fleet and the Mandalorian Force Hunters at Mygeeto. 


When the Ascendancy transformed into an Empire and Zambrano found himself undisputed as Dark Lord and Emperor, his War Fleet expanded exponentially with the acquisition of newer larger warships. His greatest vessel came in the form of the Sith Dreadnought Behemoth, the first of the Empire's star dreadnoughts. To serve alongside his dreadnought, the Emperor scoured his Empire for the most loyal and competent of the Armada's admiralty. Aided by Supreme Admiral Croscal, the Emperor chose four Admirals to bulk up his War Fleet.


These Admirals were Thintith Karr of the 42nd Invasion Force, Orok of the 43rd Invasion Force, Jaidar Calson of the 249th Escort Force, and Niclan Clarmerc of the 367thEscort Force. Together they formed the Emperor's Tetrarchy of War Fleet Black Iron, each one commanding a quarter of the Emperor's fleet with absolute devotion and loyalty. To command the War Fleet's supply ships, the Emperor requisitioned the ships of Vice Admiral Qinn Traunx's 783rd Support Force.

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