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E.Z.S Epiphany

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Tykar Valkroin

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Out of Charecter Info
Affiliation: Eternal Empire Of Zakual, Lord Marshal Tykar Valkroin
Manufacturer: Eternal Imperial Shipyards(TBA)
Model: Resurgent-class
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Material: Alusteel, Durasteel, transparisteel, glassteel, Cortosis, and other star destroyer construction materials
Classification: Carrier, Star Destroyer, Military Transport, Command Ship

Length: 2,915.81m
Width: 1,500m
Height: 650m


Over 3,000 turbolasers and ion cannons
Tractor Beam Projectors
Point Defense Turrets
Point Defense Missile Emplacements

Hangar Allocation: Very Low
Prefabricated Ground Bases
1 wing of starfighters

Special Features:

III-a1a primary hypermatter-annihilation reactor
3x KDY Destroyer Ion Engines
8x Gemon-8 Ion Engines
Hyperwave Comm Scanner
Phrik armor plating
Kyber Focusing Crystals (weapon power boost)
Secondary emergency bridge

Maneuverability Rating: 20
Speed Rating: 20
Hyperdrive Class: 1.0


Heavy guns - The vessel features over 3,000 turbolasers and ion cannons as its main armament. These weapons have been boosted by Kyber Focusing Crystals, allowing the ship to field a devastatingly lethal barrage of weaponry.
Cortios armor plating - The ship is plated entirely in Cortois armor, giving the ship unparalleled defensive capabilities and the ability to resist the occasional pesky Jedi boarding party.
Command ship - Capable of operating as a flagship, the vessel can also operate as a central hub for starfighter wings and planetary assaults. With one wing of starfighters and thousands of Marines at hand, this ship can easily mark the beginning of the end of any adversary.
Ponderous - Though heavily armed and armored, the ship is heavy and slow. Even though the phrik is lighter than standard armor plating, the ship is still heavy; the extra space allowed by the armor being taken up by extra war materiel, ammunition, or supplies. As such, the ship is easily the slowest ship in the fleet.
Command Ship - Though highly resilient and difficult to destroy, the destruction of this ship is almost guaranteed to send the rest of the fleet into disarray as the chain of command must adapt. Any fleeter worth their salt should do their best to destroy or neutralize this ship to gain a massive advantage in the engagement.


Essentially a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer with added Phrik plating, the Eidolon series is admittedly a stop-gap. With the knowledge that many factions possess powerful and far larger ships than the powerful Resurgent-class, First Order engineers sought a way to bring about a ship that could go toe to toe with these naval giants and win the day.

With resources currently drained in the production of more Resurgent-class Star Destroyers and a substantial amount of Phrik on hand, First Order R&D decided to upgrade the ships at hand instead of creating a new line that would arguably drain more resources in its production.

As such, a small handful of Resurgent-class Star Destroyers were pulled from the line and retrofitted. The standard armor plating was removed and the Phrik plating was installed. While lighter, the extra space the retrofit created was quickly replaced with more war materiel and supplies meaning there was no change in the ship's speed or agility.

In all respects, it is simply a Resurgent-class with rare, expensive, and durable armor, but with luck and skill, the new Eidolon series ships can take on and survive encounters with the Leviathans of Space, perhaps even emerging victorious in the process.

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